Twin Flame Readings can delay Twin Flame Union

Watching Twin Flame Readings can DELAY your Twin Flame Union? Here is why!

Have you ever thought about the impact that listening to a general online Twin Flame Reading may have upon your Twin Flame Union?

I have, and it isn’t always good.

Do I believe Twin Flame Readings can delay a Twin Flame union? Yes I do.

Here is why…

(Note: It took me a while to come to these realizations.  But when I started to concentrate on vibration, it became as clear as the nose on my face.)


How and Why Twin Flame Readings can delay your Union.

Let’s look at this from three different perspectives; Motivation, Actions, Outcome.  Why do we watch them. What action do we take as a result?  What outcome does it have towards reaching our Twin Flame Unions faster?

1. Are you Aware of your Subconscious Motivations for watching a Twin Flame Reading?

Why do we watch online Twin Flame YouTube videos?  You know the ones that YouTubers put out each week to encourage people to watch their channel, and as a way to practice their gifts.

Like all romance novels and good movies, we are looking for a good and happy outcome.

We intently listen to this week’s Twin Flame tarot reading in the hope that THIS will be THE WEEK that our Twin Flame does:

  1. Come back to us
  2. Unblock us
  3. Return our phone call
  4. Share their undying love for us
  5. Ask us to marry him or her.

Please pick all of the above that apply. 😊

We want to know that all our Twin Flame prayers will be answered, and for some reason we think a generic Twin Flame reading, often done by a non-Twin Flame, will help us manifest in our life, the ‘happy ever after’ outcome we are seeking.

But, do you realize that in doing this, you’ve put yourself in a position of ‘powerlessness’?  ….Waiting for some ‘external party’ to consider you worthy enough to grant your ‘dreams?

Powerless is not a good vibration to be at.

We can’t force Twin Flame Union before it is our time, but we can be taking active steps to get our self ready for Physical Twin Flame Union.


2. Do you Unconsciously Allow 3rd party beliefs to Influence your Actions?

What actions do we take when listening to a Twin Flame reading?

Not much really. Short of pressing the play button.

These Twin Flame Readings however can “play” with our energy and that can be a bad thing.

  • If we hear “the Divine Masculine is going through a dark night of the soul and may continue to block you”, we feel desperate.
  • If we hear “they will be knocking on our door and wanting to be in our life”, we cynically say to ourselves ‘yeah right, no sign of that’, based on past behaviors or negative beliefs we may have about our Twin Flame.

** Stay Conscious Twin Flames! **

WAKE UP!  Be aware that most collective or community Twin Flame readings most of the time, won’t reflect YOUR JOURNEY.

Listening to group readings can keep you stuck in a land of hope / hopelessness that keeps you from taking the personal action needed to move forward in your life.

Instead you fall into the “perhaps next week mindset” and you can wait, and wait and wait.

** Don’t Get PROGRAMMED !! **

Worse yet, they can give you a cognitive bias of negativity towards your Twin Flame, if your Twin Flame hasn’t yet done/said/arrived in the same way that the Twin Flame Reader indicated.  (And heart-breakingly, your Twin Flame can feel your aversion, or unhappiness towards them.)

NOTE: If you do feel you’ve got some cognitive biases towards your Twin Flame, this article might help you uncover them‘Trigger Warning: Are you hoping for a Replacement Twin Flame? Lets Discuss’

The best way to get guidance for your Journey, is to stop looking externally for help, and start taking the time to listen to your own internal guidance – the whispers of your Soul. 🧡💥🔥😍

Other Twin Flames’ current experiences are not necessarily the same as YOUR Twin Flame Journey.

Keep your eyes, heart, and feelings firmly focused on your own Twin Flame Journey path, as you listen within, and proactively take one spiritually-guided step after another.


Twin Flame Psychic Reading

3. Are you Actively Working towards the Twin Flame Outcome you Desire?

If you are just watching Twin Flame Readings, and not actively doing your Twin Flame work, you won’t get to Twin Flame Union, anywhere near as quickly as you would like.

As I said earlier just ‘waiting and waiting’ for Twin Flame Physical Union doesn’t actually get you anywhere.

Dear Twin Flame, you have work to do.  Things to purge and clear; new actions to take; and energies to balance. Waiting doesn’t serve you, and it will keeps your Twin Flame in limbo too.

Step out of the powerlessness and feeling that you need outside advice in order to move forward.

Take the time to question what beliefs you have around Divine Timing and your Twin Flame union.

  1. A. Do you consider Twin Flame Divine Timing to be like a vengeful God where you really need to say the right things and behave correctly to get blessed with Twin Flame union?
  2. B. Or do you see Divine Timing as it is, truly, a bigger part of your non-incarnated soul self who is always working on your behalf to bring you and your Twin Flame together. #alltakencareof


If you chose option 2.B, take heart.

This means you can move forward, and focus on other things.  To live a great life, in complete confidence that Divine Timing is looking after your Union (better than you ever could)…. so you can stop trying to ‘force’ (a non-spiritual 3d concept) your Twin Flame Union.

Instead you can work on BEING the version of yourself – joyful, happy, loving – that you believe you would be whilst in Physical Union with your Twin Flame.

If you chose option 1.A,  take a deep breath. 

You have some long rooted and complicated belief systems to clear.   (Keep reading, and I will explain how you can use Twin Flame Readings more positively, to help you identify and change your beliefs)

You will also benefit from my article  – Change your view of Twin Flame Divine Timing: 3 misconceptions that you need to drop.

Getting to Twin Flame Union isn’t just about Divine Timing. It is about the CHANGE you had to undergo to get there!Click To Tweet

And,  the only person who can do this is YOU!  (No Magic Wand until your Twin Flame Work has been done)


Should you avoid all Twin Flame psychic readings?  

Does this mean you should avoid all Twin Flame Readings, both general and personalized?

No! That would be very hypocritical of me as I offer personalized readings on this website.  😊


What I am saying is be aware of your subconscious motivations for listening to Twin Flame readings, and don’t listen to endless ‘general’ or Twin Flame community readings in the hope of a magic wand or some other miracle that will improve or fast-track YOUR TWIN FLAME UNION.

Let’s be very clear: You need to have DONE the work and be at the right frequency and vibration to move towards Union.

‘Twin Flame Community’ readings tap into the general Twin Flame collective of thousands of Twin Flames, and the current issues or challenges THEY are facing.

For YOU to succeed, you need to focus on what is right in front of YOU, your next challenge/healing.   You may have already addressed what others are working on, and it is time to move to something new… so don’t keep going around in circles.

The best case scenario would be for you to listen to your OWN personalized advice, intuited by you.

But, if you can’t quite do that yourself easily yet, or you want some confirmation, get a PERSONALIZED reading instead, that comes with specific actions that can help you move forward, and step out of the stuck energy of ‘waiting’.


How to identify a good Oracle or Tarot Card Reader?

What makes a good card Reader for Twin Flames?

If you still want to watch general or public Oracle or Tarot Card Twin Flame readings, here is how I recommend you go about it:

  1. Only watch readers who are uplifting, and leave you feeling better afterwards. Doom and Gloom, and very negative criticisms not allowed.  (Realize I am taking about attitudes and energies here… Our Wounded EGOS can very easily ‘label’ just about anything as criticism.)
  2. Find a Twin Flame Tarot Card reader or Twin Flame Oracle Reader who you resonate with, then use your discernment about what they say. They may resonate with you for some months, and then not for a couple weeks, and then you may resonate with them again. This is normal, as we all go up and down in vibration.  Also, not everything they are talking about (topic-wise) will be relevant to your situation. Again, go with your gut instinct.

Twin Flame Pick a Card

3. Try and go for ‘pick a card’ or situation type readings where you feel guided to a particular message, as this is more likely to be relevant to you. Also realize that what you need to hear from that reading may just be a single word (an ‘ah-ha’ or something for you to think about later). It is highly unlikely that the entire contents of the whole one hour plus of a ‘general’ reading will apply to you, so don’t try and make it ‘fit’ if it doesn’t.


Make sure a Twin Flame Readings is done by a TRUE Twin Flame

As a Twin Flame, it is important that you get advice from another (happy!) Twin Flame and not a some random person who has NO CHANCE in understanding the Twin Flame Energy, nor the Twin Flame Journey of Transformation.

If after watching 3-5 videos by a Oracle or Tarot Card Reader on YOUTUBE, you can’t shake the feeling that something just feels off, or just not quite right, then you are probably correct.  There is a really good chance they aren’t a Twin Flame and your Soul is bringing this to your attention via this ‘unaligned’ feeling.   A good way to double-check is the spend some time looking at the comments below this YouTubers videos, and you will most likely see someone call them out as not being Twin Flame.

This goes for ‘fake’ Twin Flame Teachers too.

A) Either they are Soulmates who think they are Twin Flames (but don’t know any better). In which case – RUN… because what they say will be harmful to you as a Twin Flame. (Their advice will be based on 3D ‘manipulated relationship rules’ which Twin Flame are here to change and don’t apply to a Twin Flame Connection.)

B) Or, the reader is a Twin Flame… but not with their true Twin Flame yet. So, tread with care and bring a truckload of salt, not just a pinch when listening to them. They haven’t truly started their Twin Flame Journey yet. They will most likely be talking about toxic circumstances with a False Twin Flame, and we all know how that ends.  So, they won’t be giving you true loving helpful advice either.

Only True Twin Flames understand and get to experience this amazing journey.

Please, please, please…..Make sure you find a TRUE Twin Flame to do any reading, as a non-Twin Flame doesn’t understand the energy.

To give you a tangible example:

  • A non-Twin Flame tarot reader may interpret your life “falling apart” as a tragedy to be avoided at all cost, where as;
  • A true Twin Flame tarot reader knows this a normal part of you Twin Flame Journey, and will ask you to embrace it.

How to use Twin Flame Readings positively on your journey

Looking for some good news?

General or ‘Community’ Twin Flame readings CAN be used positively.

IF, if, if, if ….You know how, and you do so CONSCIOUSLY and actively, as part of your Twin Flame Work.  Rather than just hopefully looking for a *SIGN* to indicate union is near.

Here is what I do:

 (Yes, I do still watch the odd Community or Public Twin Flame Reading, but to a much smaller degree. 😉)

When I do watch the odd YouTube Twin Flame Oracle or Tarot Reading, I do so for two reasons:

  1. To get confirmation around any current energies that are currently affecting the Twin Flame collective, and hence clarify my current experience. It helps to feel a little less alone on this path, and confirms my intuition about what I have been experiencing. 🥰


  1. I use the readings (and learning about Other Twin Flame’s stories) to help me uncover any biases and faulty thinking I might have about the Twin Flame path.
    1. Taking what each Twin Flame reader says with a grain of salt, I look at where I agree with them, and where I do not.
    2. If I don’t agree, I take the time to sit down and work out why I have a different opinion. Is it old programming, or is it just that my Twin Flame Journey Type  (** check out my inexpensive e-course on this **) is different to theirs?
    3. If triggered, I also take the time to work through the pain or trigger and understand why.


(Hmmm… The Twin Flame work and this wonderful transformative journey of coming home to ourselves (our ‘combined’ Soul) never really finishes.  Glorious isn’t it!)

Personalized Readings are best.  Especially if they are yours!

Twin Flame Readings can but useful, but you need to use them consciously.  ‘Mindless’ general or community readings put you into powerlessness and can set up resentment and disdain for the Twin Flame Journey, as you endlessly ‘wait’ for your turn to reach Union.

If you must get an external reading, private personalized readings are the best to help you move forward on your journey as they are specific to you (healing/wounds/issues/priorities), and give you much more accurate confirmation.

Ultimately, the best option is to use your gifts and read for yourself.  All Twin Flames have gifts and with a bit of practice you can learn to correctly discern spiritual messages.  Your heightened clairaudience and clairvoyance gifts and abilities will help you tune in what is right for you.

If you’d like to read more about your Twin Flame Gifts have a look at ‘Your Twin Flame Gifts: Have you discovered them?   (Twin Flame Telepathy and more…)


Prioritize your own Internal Twin Flame Guidance over 3rd Party External Twin Flame Reading

As I said above,  using your own guidance is best.

Q. Will using your own gifts to read Oracle and Tarot cards for your own Twin Flame Journey, always work?

No, not always.  Not everyone can read for their own Twin Flame Journey, and there may be times when your intuition for reading cards is blocked.

This is often a sign (yet again) to stop looking for external guidance (cards, angel numbers, synchronicies, etc) and instead to trust in, and move in the direction of, your FEELINGS of LOVE, PEACE, JOY and HAPPINESS !

Feelings (not your EGO) are the guidance system for the next part of your Twin Flame journey.  As you follow ‘Good feelings’ you are definitely heading upwards and in the right direction.

Follow your Heart Feelings Twin Flame

Hope this advice helps you to get unstuck and moving forward…

Much love.


Kristina. x




PS. Please forgive any typos or grammatical errors. As a recovering ‘perfectionist’, I’m trying to teach myself that I help more people with an ‘imperfectly finished’ post, than a ‘never published’ one. 🙂

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Hang in there!

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