Change your view of Twin Flame Divine Timing! (3 Misconceptions that you need to drop)

What are your thoughts or beliefs around Divine Timing?

[As a mindset and behavioral coach, it is very clear to me that a lot of the suffering of our Twin Flame Journey comes from what we THINK and how we have been taught to VIEW the world.  If we can change those thoughts by adopting better and healthier thoughts about our Twin Flame Journey, the whole process will be much easier.]

Today, I want to share new viewpoint around Diving Timing, to help you question your Divine Timing beliefs.  Are they helping you or hindering you?

Misconception #1 –  That YOU somehow NEED to make Divine Timing Happen

Some people believe that you need to physically do things in order to MAKE Divine Timing happen.

This comes from the 3D belief system that we need to physically ACT and work hard, in order to achieve.  The old saying, ‘If is has got to be, it’s up to me’, is a very human-effort-focused 3D-concept and doesn’t allow space for the grace of Divine Timing.

*** Divine Timing happens on its own when the timing (ie. all required components) are right. ***

You can try and resist or force Divine Timing (ie. row upstream against the flow of water in a river). Or, you can go with the flow of the Universe (floating downstream with the current), and a have a much better experience.

How to fix Misconception #1

  • Surrender your Ego – your BELIEF that you know best or it must occur in your preferred manner, or time frame – and just ALLOW.
  • Stop trying to force your will on the world.  Get rid of your ‘Zena Warrior Princess’ or ‘William Wallace/Braveheart’ thoughts and attitudes.

Surrender isn’t about giving up, as some people mistakenly believe.   Surrender is more about laying down your weapons, and stop fighting against circumstances beyond your control.

Surrender is about FAITH and HOPE and BELIEVING in a grander plan, and TRUSTING and ALLOWING the Universe to show you how beautiful life can be when you go with the flow.

Imagine a pregnant woman trying to control how her foetus grows, tapping on her tummy and reminding it that at ‘x’ weeks of development it should be concentrating on growing fingers, and toes.  Crazy, Right?  Then why do we try so hard to control our Twin Flame experience…?

The Universe/Life/DNA is so much more powerful that Humans could ever understand.

We need to apply that same level of faith and trust to all areas of our life, and ALLOW Divine Timing the space it needs to create miracles.


Some affirmations you might find useful:


‘All is working out for my highest good’

‘My life is always divinely guided and I am grateful’.

All is working out for my highest good - Twin Flame Affirmation My life is divinely guided and I am grateful - Twin Flame Affirmation


Misconception #2 –  Divine Timing is conditional on what YOU DO or how good you are


As children we are taught a very conditional version of love. Such as,

  • We need to do our homework first, before we can go and play.
  • Santa Claus will only get us presents if we are good.
  • We are taught to behave in a way that pleases others.

As a Twin Flames, we are told we need to do lots of WORK (ie, FIX what is wrong), in order for Divine Timing to deliver our Twin Flame Physical Union.

These are all very much ‘if – then’ approaches.

*** In reality, Divine Timing will ALWAYS ensure we get to Twin Flame Physical Union – when the time is right. ***

Please note that doing the ‘Twin Flame WORK’ (and DROPPING what you don’t need) will make the trip easier.  If you don’t understand what I mean about ‘dropping’ versus ‘fixing’, don’t worry.  As you progress on our Twin Flame Journey and look back, this will make more sense to you.

How to fix Misconception #2

Try to alter your perspective:

  • View the Universe and Divine Timing as ‘supportive’, and not ‘punitive’ or ‘punishing’.
  • KNOW and understand with every cell of your being, that everything happens FOR YOU (your benefit), rather than TO YOU (as punishment).
  • Be confident that you are exactly in the right place on your Twin Flame Journey, even if it doesn’t seem so.


Some affirmations you might find useful:


‘I am always in the right place at the right time’

‘Life supports me in all I do’

I am always in the right place at the right time - Twin Flame Affirmation Life supports me in all I do - Twin Flame Affirmation



Misconception #3  –  Divine Timing is some force outside of you

We can’t always change our physical reality whilst on our Twin Flame Journey. It is what it is.

But, we can change how we THINK about it.

We can STOP RESISTING and FIGHTING the status quo, and ACCEPT where we are instead.

As a child, religion often teaches us of a vengeful GOD.  A God that needs to be worship and pleased, else bad things will befall us.

That thinking isn’t helpful, as it leaves us feeling powerless, and always trying to ‘people please’.

People brought up with concept of a vengeful God (and/or very demanding parents or authority figures), ‘learn’ that in order to feel safe, they need to make sure everyone else is happy and pleased.  They are always looking outside for guidance, and acceptance from others as justifications of self-worth, and success.  They can forget that THEY matter, and that THEIR happiness and needs are just as important.

This ‘pleasing others’ first mentality is one of the many patterns that Twin Flames need to ‘release’ to truly love themselves, and eventually come into Twin Flame Union.  We need to stop applying this principle, of needing to please an outside person or force, to Divine Timing as well.

How to fix Misconception #3

Did you realize that when we are incarnate on earth, only a PORTION of ‘us’ incarnates.  (Well, two portions of us, if we are a Twin Flame..!  😉)  

A much larger, bigger, all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-loving part of us, doesn’t incarnate, and remains (fully awake, aware, and 100% loving)  located outside of earthly reality.

Sample Kirlian photo of Aura

Kirlian photo showing how the Aura extends way beyond the human body

[Note: If you are having trouble with the above sentence, think of any Kirlian photograph you might have seen, where a person’s aura is clearly visible, extending, outside our physical body. A sample Kirlian photo is shown on the right.  The physical part of ourselves which we can see (our body) is only a small part of us.  Your psychic abilities that all Twin Flames have, “the Clairs” (i.e. Claircogizance – clear knowing and Clairsentience – clear feeling) and even Women’s intuition, come from that larger part of our soul – outside of our human body.  Our human bodies only have 5 senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.]

It is this, larger, bigger, all-knowing, all-loving part of you – the extended part of your soul – that works with the Universe or Source energies to CO-ORDINATE DIVINE TIMING!

It is this, smarter, more loving, and intelligent part of you that helps get everything in alignment.  And because it is YOU, there is no judgement, or external person to please.

Your ‘human YOU’ might be rather self-critical of your appearance, and achievements, etc. But, the ‘Soul YOU’ is never critical, and always totally loves and accepts you.

This greater or higher part of you is ‘completely on your side’.  Always whispering advice and lovingly watching over you, in the same way a loving parent watches over a toddler start to crawl.

So please, please, please understand…..

There is no reason to feel powerless, you don’t need to please anyone outside of you. You simply need to stop arguing and fighting with the wiser ‘Extended Soul’ part of you, and drop your EGO.

This ‘Extended’ part of you, knows and understands the bigger picture.

It is guiding you from a point of greater wisdom, to ensure your dreams come true.   Think of it as your own inbuilt satellite navigation system!

You didn’t think it was a coincidence all those times you ran into your Twin Flame did you?  It was completely “By Design” and arranged by that ‘Extended Soul’ part of you, that you share with your Twin Flame.


Some affirmations you might find useful:


‘I am always connected to my Divine Guidance’

‘My life flows with ease and grace’

‘Life loves me and I love me’


I am always connected to my Divine Guidance - Twin Flame Affirmation My life flows with ease and grace - Twin Flame Affirmation Life loves me and I love me - Twin Flame affirmation

Speaking of Misconceptions… How are you viewing your Twin Flame and Divine Timing?

How you THINK affects your Twin Flame Journey.

It might be time to ask yourself, ‘ How do you currently perceive your Twin Flame?’

If you and you Twin Flame haven’t reached harmonious Twin Flame Union yet, don’t panic.

Take note of the following:

  • You or your Twin Flame are NOT responsible for any ‘delay’ in Twin Flame Reunion Divine Timing.  It simply isn’t time yet.  Full Stop. No arguing.  There are no unnecessary delays, I promise, and as you look back over your Twin Flame journey you will know this to be true.


  • Your Twin Flame isn’t broken, wrong, un-loveable, or the cause of all your pain and suffering (and neither are you). Don’t judge them or make them wrong.  They aren’t, and neither are you.  Simply go within and listen to your internal guidance system, and your Twin Flame will do the same…When this happens consistently, your Twin Flame Journey can speed up.


  • Trust in the ‘Extended Soul’ part of you (that can see the bigger picture) of you to help you navigate and put you in the right place at the right time.  Because you always are in the right place and the right time, whether you recognize it or not. 🙂  It is much more fun when you are consciously aware of it.


A couple of final affirmations for you:

‘All is well on my Twin Flame Journey’

‘My Twin Flame and I are ONE’

All is well on my Twin Flame Journey - Twin Flame AffirmationMy twin flame and I are ONE - Twin Flame Affirmation

You can do this.  Hang in there!

Kristina x


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PS.  Please forgive any typos or grammatical errors. I’m trying to teach myself  that ‘imperfectly finished’ is better than ‘never published’. 🙂

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