Divine Feminine Twin Flames: Are you ‘guilty’ of impatience?

If you are the Divine Feminine Twin Flame, or the 1st awakened Twin Flame, one of your biggest lessons on this Twin Flame Journey is to learn patience.  Twin Flame Union occurs in ‘Divine Timing’ rather than according to your own calendar.

If you are like most 1st awakened Divine Feminines (DFs), you just want your Twin Flame to “wake up” to the divine nature of your connection so you can both go straight to physical Twin Flame Union.

But as I outline in my short course “6 Common Twin Flame Journey Types“, it is not that simple.  Each Twin Flame couple has a different journey type that involves a different length of time and lessons to be overcome or learnt. This is what you and your Twin Flame agreed to before incarnating.  Each step and length of your process is part of your mission and helps achieve a bigger picture on the planet at this time.

Whilst I know the word ‘patience’ can perceived as a ‘dirty’ word, patience isn’t something to be abhorred, but rather embraced.

Cultivating patience is what calms your mind and soul, and carries you through on this journey.

You can’t use 3D methods to affect change in the 5D

As I embody my 5D self more and more, I understand why the Divine Feminines (DFs), are so guilty of impatience.

As those aware of the divine nature of your Twin Flame connection, the answer to us appears to be obvious :

  • “Go Straight to Twin Flame Union”
    • You know it is inevitable, so why wait?
    • You’ve found YOUR ONE, so let’s just cement the deal. Right?

But what you don’t realize is that you are applying 3D action-orientated concepts to a spiritual situation and trying to FORCE something to happen.

Every time you keep over-sending your Twin Flame emails, and go out of your way to like and comment on EVERY social media post your Twin Flame makes, you are trying to physically ‘wake up’ your Twin Flame yourself.

It doesn’t work, but sadly your 3D ego-focused self doesn’t (or won’t) recognize this.

Embody your Divine Feminine Energy

As an awakened Divine Feminine, you need to adopt the Divine Feminine principles. Get out of the Masculine energy. Stop being so impatient.  Trust, go with the flow.

You can’t go and ‘get’ your Twin Flame union, in the same way you would purchase something from a shop.

You also can’t ‘wake’ your Twin Flame up to the connection before it is time.

What is that old saying? –  You can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink”.

There is another saying I also like – “God’s delays aren’t Gods’ denials”. In other words, it is still coming for you, but not just yet….!

Have Patience… 🙂


Understand the Divine Masculines are undertaking an important role

Many of our Divine Masculines are in a very important role, actually waking up the sleeping collective, as they themselves wake up to their divine nature, and their sacred connection to you – the part of them that lives in your body.

This role they have, and creating your Twin Flame union with you, isn’t much different to giving birth to a child.  It is a predefined process and takes time.

If you aren’t already in union, your Divine Masculine Twin Flame most likely has other priorities at this time. It is not a judgement or reflection on you, but more of a clearing up of things on his plate, so he can be with you when it is the time for you both to birth your union.

¬  Unsure if you have a long or a short wait? Check out my Twin Flame Journey Types course to get a greater understanding of  why some Twin Flame unions take longer ¬


What should DF Twin Flames do?

The only action a Divine Feminine Twin Flame should be taking is to look at and focus on yourself.  Let your union will look after itself.

Keep bugging your DM Focus on you
Overload your DM Focus on you
Try and Push your DM away Focus on you
Try and Force your DM to do anything Focus on you


Your Divine Masculine Twin Flame has his own role in this Twin Flame process, which whilst different to yours is equally important. You can’t rush or force early union without creating some serious 3D challenges.

  1. Focus on you, and your part of the Twin Flame Journey. You need to keep healthy, balanced and well-nourished, because how you feel also affects your Twin.
  2. Trust in divine timing and you own intuitive guidance to get you through this process.  When you are ready to give birth to your Twin Flame Union, your Divine Masculine will come running.
  3. Above all….Have Patience,  Love Yourself, and Love Your Twin.


You’ve got this.

x.  Kristina

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  1. Im grateful that there are people out there experiencing the same thing Im going trough. This is a strange experience , and I feel lonely and confused as I can’t share this with anybody. Sometimes I feel I’m going crazy , but reading these articles helps me to realise I’m not alone on this and I’m not going crazy. Thank you 🙏🏽 for this.

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