How to make Peace with the Twin Flame Journey 

Have you made peace with your Twin Flame Journey? Or are you still angry or upset, and actively rejecting your Twin Flame?

If so, do yourself and your Twin Flame a favor… it is time to change your thinking, actions, and attitude!


Have you realized that once you’ve met your Twin Flame, your life changes FOREVER?

In case you didn’t get the ‘memo’ – Your life will NEVER EVER be the same again.

You simply can’t go back!

  • You can’t un-meet your Twin Flame.
  • You can’t un-see all the signs and synchronicities, through which the universe is conspiring to direct your every move.
  • You can’t forget about your Twin Flame, nor can you try and return to your old, previously un-awakened life.

Meeting your Twin Flame changed you

This Twin Flame spiritual journey, once started, can’t be reversed.

But, as Twin Flames we definitely try…. and this is where a lot of pain and suffering comes into our lives.

We try to continue to live our ‘current’ and ‘new future’ life, based on how we previously lived, up to now. But it isn’t possible anymore because that was a 3D existence only, and you are no longer just in 3D.

Most importantly, your old life was destroyed BECAUSE it doesn’t serve your best interests any more.

Twin Flames need to be aware that in seeing signs and synchronicities everywhere, they have already changed their frequency, and have already changed and made the energetic move from 3D to 4D. …..Even if, at this early stage, it is just one foot in each camp.

It is a bit like the analogy of stepping out of a cave into the sunshine. It is a bit overwhelming and the comfortable thing to do would be to go back to our old ways. (‘Play small’ and follow the OLD rules designed by other people).

But, as Twin Flames, we wouldn’t have been ‘freed from The Cave’ of 3D just go right back in.


Finding peace within Twin Flame uncertainty

Your Twin Flame Journey will flow a lot easier if you make peace with all the uncertainty that you are currently expereincing.

Whilst if feels uncomfortable there is nothing to worry about.

In all truth, your Soul has completely got this whole Twin Flame Journey MASTERED.   (THIS TRUTH !!!  is all you need to know and understand – right here!!) 

You don’t need to understand it with your mind Your Soul has it MASTERED!

But, how do we help our EGO and rational mind make peace with the fact that we are on a Twin Flame journey? A journey that we can’t get off, reverse, or get away from?


Look forward not back

A good place to start is to realize and 100% commit to the fact that you can’t go back, only forward.  

  • To acknowledge that your life is permanently changed.
  • To know that you can’t go back (and be honest you really wouldn’t want to anyway now that you realize how ‘asleep’ you were…)
  • That focus your efforts on the fact that you can only go forward.
  • To consciously recognize that it isn’t REALLY a loss of your old life (and family, and add friends, etc), but rather a very exciting and endless invitation to the ‘NEW’ you.

Now, this will be scary because we don’t know what the path is… but that is the point!

We are going to go off the beaten track to find our joy, reunite with our “other self ” (ie our Twin), and show others by how much we love all life (& others) that they can do the same.

Doing this successfully means you need to question everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Every thought or ideas you’ve had, everything your mind comes up with, every action you wish to take.


Monitor your thoughts… Are they even yours?

Did you know that most of the thoughts running around in our head, aren’t even ours?  That we are simply ‘parroting’ what we have heard elsewhere, or what other people have told us – (based on their own limiting beliefs or what their parents and grandparents told them… or even worse the untruths that ‘mass media’ tries to spread!!)




Next time you think of something yourself this:

  1. Where is the thought coming from?
  2. Is it a brand-new inspiration, or long held dream?
  3. Or is it something that you’ve always done…. and perhaps is time you didn’t?
  4. VERY IMPORTANTLY – Is it your thoughts or that of the society that you are in?

Because trust me, this whole journey will go a lot easier when you stop trying to get back what you had before. When you stop trying to return to something previous.

You can’t.

It is gone.

Over and done with.

…But you CAN set yourself up to align with the good and the new.

Is your ‘mindset’ at peace?

But the trick to making peace with the Twin Flame Journey (and where you currently are at), lives not only in your thoughts (or should I say most often, other people thoughts that you are just ‘hearing’ in your mind). But, also in your attitude.

Are you ‘resisting’, ‘waiting’, ‘staying stuck’, ‘hiding’ or desperately trying to push or keep things at bay?


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You know the saying that ‘what you focus on grows’.

              • Focus on lack and you will get more lack.
              • Focus on separation and you will get or stay separated.
              • Focus on what is wrong and you will get more of that.



The best thing to do, is :

  1. to pull out a clean slate,
  2. put your previous ways of living (and all its 3D goals and plans) into the past,
  3. and create your dreams, hopes, and passions again.

Create for yourself a new life – a new stage of your life, and a new plan.

Accept that you are a Twin Flame.  Own it ! Raise your standards, and plan a brand new and amazing life, based on that spiritual fact.

Actively plan and live your newest and best life

To help you understand this fully, let’s use the example/analogy of leaving everything and moving across the country to start a new life with someone you love….  (aka, YOU….. and ultimately your Twin Flame).

What does that look like?

Well, you will be living differently in a new place, visiting new sites, exploring new hobbies, meeting new friends.  You might need a new career or a new job, something more aligned to you.

Do you understand what I am saying here?




THIS my fellow Twin Flames, is how you need to approach your Twin Flame Journey

  1. You’ve moved
  2. You’ve changed
  3. You can’t go back –  Remember the ‘old’ literally you no longer exists in this new place.
  4. You are literally a different person (or two!! 🔥🔥 ha ha )
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Seriously now… just as if you have moved ½ way across the country, or to a new country altogether….. from this point onwards you get to chose a new life.

Now pay attention here:

  • This won’t be another version of what you had planned before.
  • Nor, one a life that is necessarily physically planned step-by-step, or the next 10-20 steps.(That kind of 3D planning isn’t always in harmony with your Soul. Your Soul wants you to follow what ‘moves you’ and NOT some previously, ‘set in concrete’ and thoroughly thought out and meticulously executed plan which  is often more aligned with others desires.)


🔥 But, perhaps a commitment to you to just “live each day in your best and most enjoyable way for you”.  And, if what feels like is ‘best’ and ‘most enjoyable’ for you happens to change day-by-day – that is all good too.

🔥 To be open and available to whatever appears.  No need to run full-tilt into a long-term commitment, but there is nothing wrong with ‘testing’ or ‘tasting’. Whether it is a new hobby, career, type of housing, way of living, or a new friend or lover in your life.


Why is wholeheartedly adopting a new ‘Soul-led’ life is so important

Deliberately adopting a ‘new life’ is very important.

Why I hear you ask?

  1. Because the secret is, that when you follow your Heart and Soul you are living YOUR life and moving in the direction of the life you incarnated here on the Earth to live.
  2. You are not replaying out some old past life karma or obligation, nor repeating the errors of the past.
  3. And as you forge a new path with each step it will become lighter, and you will become brighter, and it will be far easier to leave that old life behind. THAT old life that was run by your EGO (and all of societies ‘preferences) and not that of your Soul.!!

Follow your Heart Feelings Twin FlameThis is how you make peace with the Twin Flame Journey. You accept the challenge and amazing freedom that the Universe has given you, to recreate and experiment yourself ‘a new’ each day in joy, and to enjoy.

You agree to leave your 3D-based ‘Pre-Twin Flame’ life and 3D-hopes and 3D-dreams in the past, and now work on being the best version of you. (Note: you are not doing this in some manipulative 3D way to try and influence your Twin Flame, but because your ‘brand new life’  feels true and authentic to you.)

And what feels authentic to you, fells authentic to your Twin Flame, and this is where all the fun begins.  Stay in the vibration of love, baby!





OK, One more Final Clarification


Am I talking about turning your back on your Twin Flame and forgetting you ever met, her or him.  NO.!!!  That is the whole point of this article.  You can’t do that.

What you need to realize instead is that on the day you met your Twin Flame –  you started a brand new life.

The ‘you’ you were previously up until then, is now gone.  There is a new YOU (2 of you 🔥🔥) and you need to create and plan and action a totally new life (even if your Twin Flame may not yet be beside you at this exact moment in time).

Forgot what the ‘old you’ had planned, and dreamed, and wished.   Don’t accidentally still try to live your ‘old-life’ on autopilot.  Instead, discover what the ‘new you’ wants (besides getting together with your Twin Flame 🤣🤣)… and go and get that.

Be the person your Twin Flame will want to join and be with in the near future… (not bitter and twisted in the meantime because you can’t let go of your OLD 3D plans)  Be the best and brightest YOU that you can be, and trust me your Twin Flame will definitely want to join you.

And in the meantime you will be having so much fun and living such a great life, that you really will have achieved peace on your Twin Flame Journey, and be ready for whatever new and exciting phase comes next. 


Yours in love.


Kristina x.

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