8 tips for staying sane during Twin Flame separation

If you have just entered Twin Flame separation, or been in Twin Flame separation for a while, trying to stay sane with all the emotions, fears, and worries bombarding you, can be tough.

Twin Flame Separation Tips

Here are my tips on how to stay sane during periods of Twin Flame separation:

1.  Know it isn’t your fault

Twin Flame separation didn’t occur as a result of something you said or didn’t say.  Or something you did or didn’t do.  If you and your Twin Flame had pre-agreed that your Twin Flame Journey toegther would involve periods of separation (short, long, frequent or one-off), then separation will happen because it needs to (for your growth, mission or purpose). Not because of any mistake you might have made.

2.  Don’t blame your Twin either

For all the of the reasons listed above, don’t blame your Twin Flame for periods of separation either.  And, NO, your Twin isn’t nasty, self-centred, a narcissist or anything like that.  Be conscious of the Twin Flame mirror, and be careful what you say about your Twin Flame, because they are you! Stay in a space of unconditional love for your Twin Flame.


3.  See the gift in Twin Flame separation

  1. You are able to focus on yourself, learn who you truly are and what you need.
  2. It throws you into a healing period & dark night of the soul, so you can growth and evolve.
  3. It is much easier to find and re-define yourself when you have no, or limited, outside interruptions.
  4. It strengthens your 5D connection to yourself and your Twin Flame.

4.  Recognize you aren’t being punished

Know that Twin Flame separation isn’t a punishment. It may instead be a vital part of YOUR Twin Flame Journey!  Find out more about role of separation in Twin Flame Journey in my short e-course.

Understand that all the ongoing synchronicities and signs, as well as,  feeling your Twin’s emotions, are always proving to you that you are still on the right track.


5. Learn from your experience with your Twin Flame to date

Time gives you perspective to actively review events that occurred with your Twin and perhaps realize what you could have done differently, ie.  explain yourself better, asked more questions, or not jumped to conclusions.   See this as a learning experience to gain wisdom and to help you do better next time.


6.  Change your thoughts about separation

Remember that your level of suffering during separation is up to you. If you dwell each day on how you are missing your twin and what you don’t have, you will struggle during separation. If however, you see this time apart as a necessary part of growth, it will be easier to bear.  A lot of our suffering is how we mentally think about our time periods of separation.

I’ve had 3 x 3-year separations from my Twin.

  a)  The first 2 didn’t hurt because I didn’t know that I was a Twin Flame.  I hadn’t formed hopes, expectations, fears and uncertainties.

  b)  The third period of separation hurt A LOT, because I did have those expectations.

But once I realised that Twin Flames are a ‘process’ and how my thoughts were making the process harder, it made it ‘mentally easier’ to cope with separation every day.

It is all how you picture it in your mind.  It is a bit like the quote:

‘If you love something set it free. If it comes back it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be’

Put a halt to any anxious thoughts about not getting together with your Twin. When you are meant to cross paths again, you will!..


7.  Focus on you

Focus on you and your growth during this time frame.  Journal your thoughts, feelings, and ‘ah-ha’ experiences. See this time as one of preparation, similar to the lead-up to school exams. Not that you will have an exam, but if you are in the ‘learning/observer’ mode of what is happening, rather than drowning in despair, it will be easier to cope.  You’ve got this time period apart for a reason, use it to focus on you!


8 . Trust Divine Timing

Twin Flame separation is part of destiny, or diving timing.  It started when it was supposed to, and will stop when it needs to.

You have a huge team of helpers working behind the scenes to get you and your twin back together. So don’t panic.  You don’t need to do anything to force yourself or or your Twin back together.

Let it all happen naturally, the way you both originally designed it.



Still want to know more about Twin Flame Separation?

I explain more about how Flame Twin separation works as part of a Twin Flame Journey, and why some people experience longer periods of separation than others, in my short e-course.

Hang in there! xx

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