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17 Common Twin Flame Signs that I experienced with my Twin Flame!

What are the Twin Flame Signs or indications that you might actually be a Twin Flame?

If you are a Twin Flame, one of the first things you do when you realise or think that you might be a Twin Flame, is to search for Twin Flame Signs or Twin Flame Symptoms.

What is a True Twin Flame Sign?

Working out if you are a Twin Flame or not, can be confusing.  As you search online, you will find pages and pages of Twin Flame signs, but not all will resonate.  Why is this?

Here are some possible reasons:

1.  The signs aren’t 100% Twin Flame specific.

Coming together with your Twin Flame puts you on an advanced Soul Ascension path.  What is confusing is that many Twin Flame signs and symptoms lists often contains general Ascension symptoms felt by Light Workers helping with the Ascension of Gaia, but who aren’t necessarily on the Twin Flame path.  Whilst there is a similarity between symptoms, they aren’t 100% the same.  Many ‘supposed’ Twin Flame signs and symptoms are also written by people who are with their soul mate or a false Twin Flame and not their true Twin Flame, hence the signs are not true and authentic Twin Flame signs.

2.  Not time yet.

Not all Twin Flame signs and symptoms occur the instant you meet or talk to your Twin Flame. There is an activation process that occurs at a particular point in your Twin Flame Journey.  Some signs won’t happen for you until after your activation stage.  (As an example: For me the ‘Activation’ communication and mutual agreement between our souls was done via our eyes, and didn’t actually happen until 6 years after our first meeting.)

3.  You and your Twin may not have a romantic relationship yet.

Not all Twin Flame Connections are romantic straight away, many instead start off platonic.  So, overly romantic signs and symptoms can be confusing in that scenario. Rather than meeting your Twin Flame in a normal ‘romantic’ way, some Twins meet via work situations, as their social circles wouldn’t overlap any other way, ie due to living in different countries, practicing different religions, or because of age gaps etc.


My 17 Common Twin Flame Signs

To help you identity what is a True Twin Flame sign or symptom, here are 17 common Twin Flame signs, and a short explanation from myself, on whether or not I (as a True Twin Flame) experienced them.


Common Twin Flame Signs Did I experience it? Comment
A feeling of recognition or “something” about your Twin Flame.  You are just drawn to them.  You know there is some  kind of ‘connection’ between you two, but you may not necessarily, be able to explain what it is.


Yes I first saw my Twin Flame at a distance, at an event in a foreign country with 2000 people.  Something about him stood out despite him being much younger than myself. On seeing him, I felt very joyful and a bit like young girl with a her first crush.  I so needed to find out who he was that I asked the people around me for his name.   I had 3 quick ‘at a distance’ sightings of him within 2 days, and many synchronicities occurred to put me in that exact place at that time.
Being with your Twin Flame feels like being ‘Home’, and being ‘Complete’. Yes OMG, Yes. It is hard to describe the feeling of being ‘Home’, yet when you experience it you will know it. I definitely had a feeling of ‘Home’, that there is nowhere else I want to be than with my Twin Flame.  Complete peace, tranquillity and happiness.   If I died that very second, I would have wanted for nothing and been perfectly 100% happy.
You feel overly comfortable and familiar with your Twin Flame like you have known them forever (even if you’ve just met). Yes It is crazy, but I tell my Twin Flame things I’ve never told anyone else.  It feels bad to not tell them everything or to hold things back.  Your Twin Flame also knows you better than you even know yourself. It is like they see straight through your soul to the true essence of you!
Your Twin Flame is so similar to you, that they feel like you ‘in another body’.  They might even physically act like you or look like you.


Yes My Twin does feel like a male version of me, or what I would want to be like if I had incarnated in this lifetime in a male body.  We are so similar in behavior and thought that he is definitely like a ‘male version of me’.  We don’t look alike or even have similar physical builds, but we think very much alike.
When you are with your Twin Flame it feels as if time stands still.  You can be in middle of a busy room, or a large group of people,  and yet everything else fades away.


Yes You and your Twin Flame can become so focused on each other in the present moment, that nothing else matters but your conversation.  I very clearly remember one work occasion where my Twin Flame and I were chatting 1 on 1, and was so absorbed in each other, that I totally forgot we were surrounded by 20+ work colleagues.
You and your Twin Flame will have huge commonalities within your life experiences. It might be passion for the same sports, or leisure activity; very similar careers or family/religious upbringing; or a shared experience with an illness, problem, or family dynamic. Yes We are both first-born children, with a large gap to our siblings.  Our biggest commonality is that My Twin Flame and I have spent our entire careers working in the same industry and have worked in very similar job roles/departments.  Our skill-sets are very complimentary as well as similar.
You can feel your Twin Flame’s emotions or feelings.


Yes Oh Yes.  It took a while to work out, that ye, I was feeling his feelings, as they feel like  yours.  But, Yes. I can feel my Twin Flame’s emotions and feelings.  A big hint for me was waking up in the morning, and going from fast asleep to instantly feeling angry.  Then when I remembered that my Twin Flame gets up earlier than me each morning, it all made much more sense.  I wasn’t waking up angry.  I was feeling his angry emotions instead.
Your Twin Flame seems to know you better than you know yourself.


Yes This happened for me very early on.  My Twin Flame seemed to be able to see deeply inside of me and knew all my secrets and motivations without me saying a word.
You truly love your Twin Flame in a million ways (even if you don’t yet really know them).  You experience true unconditional love for them, where you love them regardless of whatever they physically might say or do.


Yes With most relationships you have that moment of recognition when you realize you have fallen in love with someone.  With Twin Flames you get a similar moment.  But you realise, instead, that you have ALWAYS loved them (across the whole of eternity) and always will. I certainly did!
Doing things at the same time.  Often you and and your Twin Flame will think of each other at the same time, or do some activity such as checking Facebook at the some time.


Yes As I met my Twin Flame through work, working with my Twin, involved lots of shared communications.  It was so funny to suddenly get a thought about checking my email very late at night, and then 3 seconds after looking at my email, suddenly an email will popup from him.  Logging into Facebook, I could often also see he had only checked his Facebook account 1 minute prior.  My heart also flips every time he thinks of me.
You keep bumping into your Twin Flame in the weirdest of circumstances/situations


Yes It doesn’t matter which door you use to enter or exit work, or the time of day or night.  If you are meant to bump into your Twin you will.  The number of times I would be waiting for an elevator, and the doors opened, there he was…
You feel a genuine sense of equality, even if you admire and adore your Twin Flame.


Yes Twin Flames aren’t competitive between each other, and always treat each other with the greatest of respect. My Twin is amazing and has achieved so many more things that I ever have (although I am older).  Whilst I look up at him and adore him, I’ve never felt less than him, and he has never made me feel less than either.
You two are stronger and better together than apart


Yes Yes, We make an awesome team working together, leveraging each other strengths, and finishing each others thoughts/sentences.  Two people working together harmoniously and seamlessly as ONE.
You Twin Flame doesn’t try to change you, but will mirror to you your faults.


Yes My Twin Flame is very accepting of me.  The only time he really tried to question what I was doing and why, was the very same day I had been asking myself and same questions earlier.  Even being rejected by my Twin Flame was simply him mirroring to me to my lack of self-love and rejection of myself!
Separating or being apart from your Twin Flame can be physically and emotional painful.


Yes OMG!   Being apart is so painful, after we found each other.  As we were work colleagues, I started to hate weekends (!!!) and trips away, as it meant we would be apart.  Our work schedules meant we often had 2-3 weeks apart, being short periods of separation.  Many of these felt like my heart was being ripped out each and every time we temporarily parted.
The Eyes! Seeing through your Twin Flames eyes into their very soul.  Sometimes being unable to look your Twin Flame in the eyes.


Yes Definitely had a period of looking into my Twin’s eyes early on, which signaled our ‘activation’.  His pupil and iris kind of disappeared, and I was literally seeing deep into the soul inside.  Just before we had a period of separation, I couldn’t look into My Twin Flame’s eyes, because I knew they would tell me what was about to happen.
Some kind of weird situation, or multiple synchronicities brought you and your Twin Flame together.


Yes Multiple synchronistic events enabled my Twin Flame and I to meet, and eventually work together.  When I first saw him across a room, we lived and worked ½ way around the world from each other.  Yet only 5 years later (with neither of use realizing we were Twin Flames) we ending up working on the same floor, of the same company, in the same country. Yay, Divine Timing!

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What are your True Twin Flame Signs?  What did you and your Twin Flame experience?   Please put them in the comments below, I would love to find out.


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