Want your Twin Flame to change

Want your Twin Flame to change?   (Realize this….)

 Hi there,

Do you want your Twin Flame to CHANGE?

  • To WAKE UP?
  • To CHOOSE you?
  • To LEAVE their existing relationship?
  • Or perhaps, STOP what you might consider an unsavory habit?

I’m sure you experienced at least one of these thoughts or desires, if not all.

But wait!

Aren’t Twin Flames all about Unconditional Love???

One of the most challenging aspects of the Twin Flame connection is unconsciously loving them on a 3D level.

We ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS love them on a Soul level and THEY LOVE US.

But loving them unconditionally on a 3D level, can sometimes be a bit harder to grasp, as our EGO gets in the way.

We want our life to look the way we want it to look.  Forgetting that our Twin Flame, our soul incarnated in another body also came to earth at this time, so life could be seen and experience from another (different) perspective.

Twin Flames Same But Different

So, how do we learn to love our Twin Unconditionally, and accept them as they are?  Without feeling conflict within ourselves?


Pay attention and the way forward will be revealed to you…

If you watch closely the universe will give you signs.  You just need to pay attention.


The most important thing to note is:

What you **RESIST** most – is the area you need to work on

Solving your resistance to this area is crucial for both you as well as the development of your Twin Flame relationship.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘What your Resists, persists’.   So stop ignoring it; shoving it under the rug; or actively fighting against issues.  Face them and address it.

If it keeps coming up, then it is an unhealed issue, just calling out for some attention and resolution.

A personal example of ‘Resistance’

Let’s take a simple example.  One, I’m not too proud off, but I am willing to share if it will help others.

[I have to laugh as I type this, an unusual black and white bird just knocked its beak on my windows, as if to say, ‘Hey, stop picking on myself’ (.. a trait my Twin and I both share) ‘Life isn’t always black and white…’😊]

So here goes – Full transparency….

I often get frustrated whilst driving on the road, when other drivers do silly, or plain stupid things (to ‘MY’ way of thinking).

Whilst I would never confront them, I do occasionally toot my horn, if they cut me off, or don’t seem to have seen me.

Mainly, I just mumble under my breath something rather ‘non-complimentary’ about them

…. and here is the important bit – (via the ‘Mirror’) about MYSELF!


The key part here is “to myself”.

The upset is WITH MYSELF. —>   My belief that LIFE *should* be different, and others *should* behave differently.  (ie.  It isn’t PERFECT… yet!)

But since our external world, reflects our internal world, any frustrations I may have with anybody else’s driving ‘antics’, tells me something important.  It tells me I still have negative thoughts and beliefs about MY OWN behaviors (yes, my own behaviors) that needs changing or modifying.

(SIGH!   All this work to date and I’m still *SHOULDING* all over myself…. 🤣🤣🤣 Arrgh!)


Life itself (and our Twin Flame) are always mirroring things to us

Don’t forget abut the Twin Flame mirror, folks!

Whilst it is strongest with your Twin Flame, it also occurs during **ALL** of your life, if you are awake and aware enough to see it.

So, what have I learnt about my ‘driving frustrations’…???

What my driving experience is telling me, is that I “should (ha ha)” have less ‘SHOULDs’ in my life.

Often many of our beliefs or behaviors (conscious or unconscious) come from our early life experiences.  Digging DEEP through my past memories, I realize that as a young child, following all the RULES and being an ‘obedient, miss goody too-shoes’ kind of kept me ‘somewhat safe’…..

However, as an adult, I need LESS RULES (mine or others peoples) about what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. I need to be less black and white (as the bird indicated) and to be less rigid.

Just because ‘my personality’ or ego still gets some weird  satisfaction about always ‘doing the right thing’ and driving down the correct lanes of an almost empty car park at 10:30pm at night, doesn’t mean others need to do the same, as well.  Especially, if they deem it safe to do otherwise.

  1. I also need to be less judgemental of myself, especially when I instantly feel remorse for having acted in such a non-compassionate manner to myself. (Mistakes are part of being human)
  2. Like all of us, I’m having to learn to forgive myself, let go of the judgement and unrealistic expectations, and ❤❤ love myself ❤❤  – regardless of any ‘perceived’ faults.

It is an ongoing process.

What you need to do for yourself you also need to do for your Twin Flame (and visa versa)

We need to do the same with our Twin Flame.

Forgive them for what we ‘perceive’ them to be doing ‘wrong’, or contrary to our ‘expectations’, and LOVE them regardless.

Judgements, conditions, and expectations around behavior, have no a place in a Twin Flame relationship.

Twin Flames are in many ways identical, but also in many ways ‘deliberately’ opposite.  You just need to learn to live with that.

But, how can we?

One Soul, but with **TWO** Personalities

The secret is to realize that our Twin Flame (Human) is their own person, and will always have their own preferences on how they do things.  So instead of trying to change them or correct them to our way of thinking, perhaps we need to try and meet them in the middle instead.

**Always remembering that any contrast or conflict we feel, is the Twin Flame Mirror as work, asking us to re-look at ourselves.**

It isn’t our TF being nasty or difficult.

Let’s have a look at a Twin Flame Relationship example.

Let’s say you love to always be EARLY to things, but your Twin Flame prefers to not be early.  (Ie. what you might call ‘late’, even if it really is ‘on-time’.)

You might be more of a tightly strung, A-type personality.

  • You might be a bit more rigid or controlling.
  • You might worry about being late, missing out, getting stuck in traffic, or not getting a carpark, etc.

Whereas, your Twin Flame is much more easy going.

  • Ready to go when they are ready to go.
  • They might seem more relaxed and less concerned about any ‘consequences’.

They are in a much more balanced and flowing toward 5D state, than always trying to control.

How to solve your dilemma

So, what can you do, if you and your Twin Flame seem to be on opposite sides of something?

Aim to meet in the middle, or at least a little closer to center.

Remember you can’t change anyone else, only yourself, and moving a little closer to a ‘middle’ , perhaps a more balanced stance, will reduce the divide between you.

So instead of wanting to be ½ hour early, perhaps aim for 10-15 minutes early instead.

  • If we are talking bout going to the movie, you might be screaming to me and saying only 10-15 minutes is not early enough.
  • Perhaps you could take advantage of the fact that there are two of you.  One can queue for tickets, the other can queue for food.

You will be surprised at how often you meet at the entrance door to the movie at exactly the same time.  And if you don’t that is perfectly OK too….

It always comes back to ❤ LOVE❤ (Self Love and Love for Others… including your Twin)

The Twin Flame journey is the greatest personal development journey you will ever go on, and also the greatest love you will ever experience.

But, in order to experience unconditional love, you need to GIVE it also.



Remember to use the Twin Flame Mirror

Are you ‘guilty’ of the behavior of blaming your Twin Flame?

If so, start remembering to use the Twin Flame Mirror to find out what the Universe and your Soul is really trying to tell you.


What you WANT Action What you really NEED to LOOK at
If you want your Twin Flame to ‘wake up’.. Use the Mirror

·      Do you still need to wake-up MORE yourself?

·      What is it, that you may not be aware of?

·      What 3D programs or rules regarding life and living, might still be running unconsciously in your mind?


If you want your Twin Flame to choose you
(or when your Twin Flame
rejecting you)
Use the Mirror

·      Well, are you choosing yourself?

·      Or are you letting outside tasks and other people’s needs first, so that you are always self-sacrificing or putting yourself last?


If you want your Twin Flame to come back or your Twin flame to return?  Use the Mirror

·      How much attention are you paying to yourself?

·      Have you returned to YOURSELF  – the real authentic Soul Self YOU?  Or, are you still trying to people please, or deny your true self?

·     Have you stepped into being a Human BEING yet?  Or are you STILL a Human DOING?


If you are wondering why your Twin Flame ignores you?


(Note: Also applies if your Twin Flame being distant, or your Twin Flame avoiding you)


Use the Mirror

·      Are you loving and accepting yourself as the beautiful person that you are?

·      Or are you still treating yourself like you are not good enough, or truly deserving of love?

·     Are you listening to that voice inside that tells you what you really WANT to do with your life?

If you want your Twin Flame to change his/her habits…. Use the Mirror

·      Do you too, have an ‘unhealthy’ habit?  If so, now is the time to come out of ‘automatic pilot’ mode, and gain true awareness of it.

·      Ask yourself, are your existing habits something you still want in your life?

·      Do those behaviors correctly reflect the TRUE you?


If you want your Twin Flame to give up a long-term relationship Use the Mirror

·      Well, what about you?  Are you in a long-term relationship?  (Note: It doesn’t need to be an intimate or sexual one.)

·      Are you ‘married’ to your work?

·      A long-suffering carer to an aged relative?

·      A stay at home parent who is 100% dedicated to their children and forgotten about themselves?

·      Have you accidentally handed the reins of your life over to someone else…. A very-demanding boss, a narcissistic partner, or an over controlling parental figure?

·      Are you open to the idea of a long-term relationship? Or, are you physically and emotionally closed off, because in your experience men and women only want one thing  (ie. sex or your money).


BOTTOM LINE:  Don’t expect your Twin Flame to change their life dramatically, if you aren’t willing to change yours.  (And HINT HINT – you might need to change yours first….)

Dear Twin Flame, Your rules and ideas around your life and relationships may need to change

There is no right or wrong way to life your life, unless you THINK there is.

What is most important is that it STILL feels right to you as YOU grow and YOU change throughout your Twin Flame Journey.


Still wanting your Twin Flame to change?

Stop looking outside of you (for external events to fulfill you or make you happy), and look inside instead.


You don’t need your Twin Flame to change.  (external)

What YOU need to is change YOUR RESISTANCE to what your Twin Flame does – in all areas of life.  (internal)


Who knows, when you stop being so opposite to your Twin Flame in some manner, and aim for a more balanced middle, they may meet you there!


Hang in there!  You’ve got this..

Kristina x

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Copyright © Kristina and Twin Flame Stages. All Rights Reserved






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