Replacement Twin Flame

Trigger Warning: Are you hoping for a ‘Replacement Twin Flame’? Let’s discuss….

How is your Twin Flame Journey going?  Are you hoping for a Replacement Twin Flame?

The Twin Flame Journey can be challenging.  It is a about Love, but not the way we are used to it.  Twin Flame Love doesn’t follow normal relationship patterns or rules, but has a series of Twin Flame Stages instead.

When things don’t go has planned, such as when the Divine Feminines (DF) gets impatient or Divine Masculines (DM) may walk away in confusion, the desire for a replacement Twin Flame (or just someone else altogether) can pop-up.

Has this happened to you?   Let’s discuss….


Is your Twin Flame an “Energy”, or a specific incarnated person who shares your Soul?

How do you view your Twin Flame:

  • As A Person like you? Your ‘shared’ Soul having incarnated into a SPECIFIC human ‘body’,


  • More as an ‘Twin Flame Energy’ that can keep ‘jumping’ bodies over time, which would make any ‘replacement’ person your *new* Twin Flame?


* ———————– *

The reason I write this article, is because in the Twin Flame Community at the moment, there has been an increase in people talking about the ‘Twin Flame Energy’, and the idea that your Twin Flame is an Energy, rather than a person who shares your same soul.

* ———————– *


Viewing the Twin Flame experience from this ‘free floating’ ‘energy-type’ perspective, they believe that if things aren’t going well with your current Twin Flame, you can change ‘WHO’ is your Twin Flame, by allowing a ‘new person’ come in to your life as a REPLACEMENT Twin Flame.

This “viewpoint” is sadly rather common to a lot of semi-awakened Twin Flames who, based on false 3D appearances, mistakenly assume (‘ass of out U & me’) that their existing Twin Flame (often the DM) isn’t doing the work; is being resistant; or is too reluctant to jump onboard their ‘Marry me now Train’.

Is this true that the Twin Flame Energy can jump?


Could it be possible that you may have a Replacement Twin Flame?

Well, you could definitely get another person to come into your life to help you heal and achieve with your Twin Flame Mission, but they wouldn’t be a ‘replacement’ for your True Twin Flame.


As someone with the Divine Soul Gift of ‘Divine Truth’, I want to share another perspective, a BIGGER PICTURE, as to WHY some Twin Flames may feel this way, and why it is NOT the WHOLE STORY.

Keep reading…..


The Twin Flame Journey towards Divine/ Unconditional Love & Self-Acceptance

The Twin Flame Experience is a spiritual journey and involves MAJOR increases in Consciousness. Your comprehension and understanding of what is happening within your Twin Flame Journey changes and deepens over time.

You both literally and figuratively GET the BIG PICTURE!

As you grow, heal, and successfully progress on your Twin Flame Journey, you LOSE the 3D compulsive emotional attachment and heavily co-dependent NEED to HAVE another person (ideally your Twin Flame) love you and validate you, via the 3D standard of a romantic relationship or marriage.

Your sense of self-worth and self-validation, no longer hinges on your Twin Flame returning to you or for you. You’ve stopped looking externally for love, and instead have turned and are looking within.

As you look ‘within’, and not ‘without’ (ie. externally) for love, it allows the Runner/Chaser ‘energy’ dynamic to stop.

Successfully Achieving your Twin Flame Healing brings a Different Perspective

When you have reached this stage in Consciousness you KNOW that you are ENOUGH, and you truly love yourself and your True Twin Flame from a Divine Soul level.  You, therefore, would never interfere with your True Twin Flame’s wishes or desires about what they want to experience in this Earthly incarnation.

At this level of Consciousness, if your Twin Flame wants to currently be with another person in a romantic or sexual way.  We are OK with it.

  • We don’t see it as our Twin Flame being ‘nasty’ or ‘mean’ or ‘uncooperative’.
  • We don’t blame a Karmic for ‘getting in the way’, or supposedly ‘manipulating’ or ‘controlling’ our Twin Flame.
  • Nor, do we see its as if we have failed, are unlovable, or that we have ‘lost’ our Twin Flame forever.

We know that our Twin Flame is choosing their current experience, just like you would choose from a menu in a restaurant, and tomorrow they could choose something completely different.

We love them. We love ourselves.  And, we are OK with the Divine perfection of it all!


The Shift from Desiring Love to BEING LOVE

In gaining this BIGGER PICTURE perspective, and level of Awareness and Consciousness, we start to emanate more and more Unconditional Love for our Twin Flame ….and also for others.

And, it is here, with a wide-open heart-chakra, where things MIGHT start to go wrong…. (especially if you DOUBT your Twin Flame, and your Twin Flame Connection together.)

Please STAY AWAKE and AWARE at this time.  This is where things get VERY confusing when you don’t understand the Twin Flame Journey!.


Are you confusing feelings of ‘Unconditional Love’, with Divine Twin Flame Love?


The Twin Flame Journey occurs in conjunction with a Spiritual Awakening, which if you haven’t already experienced it,  includes multiple instances of Kundalini Rising and Heart Chakra Awakening.

This new open-hearted and Unconditional Love awareness allows us to express our love more readily to OTHERS, rather than just being completely fixated on the idea, that love must come, and can only come from our Twin Flame.

But, if you aren’t aware of this heart-opening effect you may ‘mistake’ the feelings of this new Unconditional love bubbling up within you, and towards someone else, – as being the same as the Divine Blissful Twin Flame Love you felt with your Twin Flame…….. When it ISN’T!

This inadvertent mistake can cause you to view this *NEW* other person as:

  1. a new romantic interest or potential partner – because an ‘adult relationship’ is ‘THE’ accepted way of expressing ‘love’ on this planet, and/or
  2. as a ‘replacement’ for your Twin Flame – due to the intensity of the Love feelings.

Your thought process goes along the line, of:

The only time previously that you had felt a similar level of love was with your Twin Flame, so you assume this new person is your True Twin Flame, and the old one must have been ‘False Twin Flame’. 

Or, if your Consciousness level is a bit higher:

You realize that you can feel love for many people, who are at a similar vibration level to yourself, and you don’t need to ‘wait’ for your Twin Flame to finish their healing, in order for you to be loved and receive love from another person.

Or, if you are a Divine Masculine and not aware of Twin Flames at all:

You may just view this new someone as a person you have an amazing amount of love for, or perhaps even love at first sight.  

(In all 3 cases, you are actually experiencing yourself BEING LOVE, rather than feeling LOVE, but you may not realise this yet)

Keep reading….


Are you: A) Loving Yourself? B) Loving Your Twin Flame? Or C) Loving both of you?

Our societal programming runs deep.    Please be aware of this.

Because our society prefers ‘one-to-one’ relationships, over ‘one-to-many’, some Twin Flames will unconsciously ‘reject’ their existing True Twin Flame by labeling them as ‘unawakened’, a ‘False Twin Flame’, or not their real Twin Flame. So,  they can romantically ‘be’ with a new person and still meet societies ‘norms’ of one-to-one adult relationships.

Many societies don’t allow people to love two people at the same time, do they?


Are you abandoning Spiritual Truths to fit in a 3D belief system?

Some ‘still wounded’ Twin Flames reject their original Twin Flame, to try for a more harmonious relationship elsewhere.

(This behavior can occur in both Twin Flame, the ‘not yet fully Divine’ Feminine,  and ‘not yet fully Divine’ Masculine.  Note:  We don’t get the full ‘Divine’ label until we’ve done all our work and healing and function as our Divine Authentic Self.)

When a Twin Flame rejects their True Twin Flame for another, they limit LOVE to an old belief system.  An old belief that ‘love’ between adults can only be expressed as (and via) sexual intimacy with each other, one person at a time.

Please note: I am not promoting polygamous relationships here, but simply stating how trying to stick to our subconscious societal ‘rules’ can cause us to not see the Truth: – that we are Divine Souls made of LOVE and expressing loving feelings towards other is both NORMAL and NATURAL for us as Souls.


Instead, of recognizing our Divine natures, Society has told us, that if you feel ‘love’ towards a non-family member it MUST be sexual relationship, because you can’t just ‘love’ everybody out there.)

Why can’t Humanity take the open mindset of a small child, and say well ‘why can’t I express love to everybody?’ (Non-sexual, of course) ‘. If we all did this, the world would be a nicer place!’ 😊

For those not truly recognizing and keeping their True Twin Flame, and choosing a ‘Twin Flame Replacement’ instead.  They have also not remembered and chosen their purpose as a Twin Flame  to BE LOVE, to always EXPRESS and EMANATE LOVE, to all people and all things… not just your romantic partner.


The Twin Flame Journey is about BEING LOVE, not just giving or receiving love.
It is about emanating ‘LOVE’ as WHO YOU ARE.
ALWAYS BEING ‘LOVE’ rather than BEING ‘in’ LOVE.


IMPORTANT:  When you emanate love, you attract more love to you

There are some questions you might be asking yourself:

QUESTION 1:   Does a new person showing interest in you and you in them, mean you have previously incorrectly identified your Twin Flame?  ANSWER: No. Not necessarily.

QUESTION 2:  Does it mean the new person is now your Twin Flame, and the previous person a False Twin Flame? ANSWER:  No.


As I always I suggest to all Twin Flames, you NEED TO BE REALLY SURE of the identify of your Twin Flame.   Twin Flames are a very deep SOUL connection. You can feel it.  It is unmistakable.  You just need to get out of your head and focus on your body and soul.  Ignore your mental thoughts about what your Twin Flame should look like, their age, or where they come from.  Your Soul will tell you who is your Twin Flame.

If you aren’t 100% sure who is your True Twin Flame yet, here are some articles to help you confirm :

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How to Recognize your Twin Flame? 4 Authentic Spiritual Twin Flame Signs from a True Twin Flame


When a new person is showing interest in you, what is happening, is that that as you are being more loving and open-hearted, you are simply attracting more people of a similar vibration or frequency.  You know the saying ‘like attracts like’.


QUESTION 3: COULD or SHOULD you get romantically involved with this new person, a potential ‘replacement’? ANSWER: It is up to you.

A very powerful lesson that my Twin Flame taught me, is ‘How beautiful it is to share love with someone else, even if it is only for a short-time frame’.  It is the sharing of LOVE that is important, and that is what we as Twin Flames are here to do.

But do you really want to?  (Do yourself a favor and take the time to really think about this!)


Still Tempted to go with a ‘Replacement’ for your Twin Flame?

Other questions I suggest you ask yourself are:

  1. Do you really NEED a relationship? Or, are you just following society’s rules, and programming, rather than thinking for yourself?
  2. Will a relationship with this new person, benefit you, or detract you from your spiritual path or journey?
  3. Is the reason that you are interested in this new relationship because you want to avoid being alone, or doing your own internal work?

(I know these questions might seem a little bit harsh, but if you are ‘napping’ or still asleep, I want to JOLT you awake!)


Your behavior towards your True Twin Flame is simply a Mirror (for yourself)

How we treat others is often how we subconsciously feel about or treat our own self.

Grab a piece of paper (or an electric device) and write down your answers to the following questions:

  1. What are you feeling towards your original (one and only) Twin Flame?
  2. Do you still see them as the old unimproved version of them, from when you first met them?
  3. Or, do you see and believe they have changed and grown in the same you way have?
  4. How are you viewing yourself?
  5. Do you consider yourself worthy of Divine Love? Or, is taking up a ‘replacement’ another option or way out?
  6. If you don’t consider yourself worthy of Divine Love, why not?

(NOTE:  If you answered NO to the last question, this is something you need to fix.  Your TWIN FLAME can’t love you FULLY, until you LOVE YOURSELF FULLY! SELF LOVE COMES FIRST.)


Can your Twin Flame’s Energy permanently jump into a new person?  Unlikely!

The idea of the Twin Flame Energy jumping from your ‘current’ Twin Flame to a new (permanent)Twin Flame Replacement is against the whole definition of Twins and one Soul, Two Bodies.

It is my firm viewpoint, that the person you met and CORRECTLY identified as your Twin Flame (BECAUSE they held your shared Soul Energy) is always your Twin Flame, and this can only be changed by death, when one of you is no longer incarnated.

🔥  Once a person is born with YOUR Twin Flame Energy / Soul they are always your TRUE TWIN FLAME. 🔥

You can’t replace your Twin Flame, with some who your EGO think for feel may be more suitable!!  (Did you know EGO stands for EDGE GOD OUT!)

The Twin Flame Energy of your Twin Flame spends 99.90% of (non-sleeping) time in the human body in which you originally met it – your Twin Flame…..

…In case you are wondering about the missing 0.09%  (I said 99.90% of time and not 100%)   It is rare, but YES, your Twin Flame’s energy can TEMPORARILY ‘body jump’, as I explained in my post ‘Twin Flame Recognition:  Six3D reasons why identifying your Twin Flame is harder than you think’ .  Temporary, not permanent.

But that doesn’t mean you should start a relationship with the person/body temporarily housing your Twin Flame’s energy.  The energy was just delivering a message, it isn’t a permanent new address!


Remember Your Eternal Twin Flame Connection;  One Soul and Two Humans

Some important things you need to always remember about your Twin Flame Connection.

Within your Twin Flame Connection, you are ALWAYS CONNECTED to your Twin Flame Human, a connection you can completely and utterly feel.   This connection doesn’t go away, or ‘miraculously’ jump or change to another person.

  • When my Twin Flame Human thinks of me, my heart flips.
  • When he physically throws up, I throw up (even if he is half-way around the world).
  • When he really wants something and goes to buy it, I often unconsciously find myself purchasing the same thing.

Your Twin Flame is YOU in another body, and simply observing your Twin Flame’s words, actions, and behaviours as they awaken (even if you both aren’t at the same stage) will scream to you over and over again – ‘This my Twin Flame.  They are ME, in another body’.

Your spiritual and energetic Twin Flame Connection and love for each other doesn’t go away.  Overtime, as your perception of Unconditional and Divine Love grows, what does leave is the ego’s desperate NEED to be with your Twin Flame in order to feel loved and complete.

When you get to the right level of consciousness, you will still WANT to be with your Twin Flame, but Physical Twin Flame Union becomes the ‘icing on the cake’ rather than the cake itself.


So, what the point I am making here?

  1. Always keep an eye on the BIG PICTURE, and stay aware and awake.
  2. Question your own thought/beliefs, and know that even if you resonate with something people have said, that it may not be the full picture. So, don’t accept their (or your) view as gospel – dig deeper.
  3. Once you have correctly identified your Twin Flame Human, they will always be your Twin Flame Human. Remember that Twin Flames are a spiritual journey and Soul-based connection, manifested through the physical body on earth.
  4. Realize you can’t just focus on Twin Flame Energy and forget the Human (your Twin flame) who encompasses it. To do so, is to also abandon who YOU are, and to continue to reject part of yourself.
  5. If you wish, (by all means) go with the *new* love feelings and enter into a new relationship with the so called ‘Replacement Twin Flame’ or new holder of the ‘Twin Flame Energy’……if that is what you perceive it to be.
  6. But let me be VERY, VERY CLEAR …….. The desire to be romantically involved with other people doesn’t mean your Twin Flame Human isn’t your True Twin Flame. It just means you aren’t ready for Harmonious Twin Flame Union yet.


Hang in there!  Much Love.

Kristina x


PS. If you want my advice of your own personal Twin Flame Journey, I am happy to help.  Just fill out a 2 Twin Flame Question and Answer Order form, and I will reply to you within a couple of days.



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