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6 Common “Twin Flame Journey Types”: Which type is yours?

The Twin Flame Journey is a Process

Whilst everyone’s Twin Flame journey is a unique, did you notice that there are different types of Twin Flame Journeys?  Knowing which Twin Flame Journey Type you and your Twin Flame signed up, for can help you understand and better navigate your journey together.

We all want to reach Twin Flame Union instantly, but it doesn’t happen that way.  Often Twin Flames can take decades to get together.  Realising this was both confusing and down right scary to me.

I wanted to know why it could take so much time to get to Physical Union, and if I could fast track it.

In researching this topic for my own use, and after communicating with hundreds of Twin Flames, I noticed there were some similar patterns in people’s stories of how their Twin Flame journey evolved.

The Twin Flame Journey Process wasn’t as random as I thought, and I didn’t need to try and steer and control it.  It wasn’t an out of control car, but more like an exquisitely timed ‘joy ride’ or roller coaster, with certain events at particular times.

In understanding my own journey better, I found it so much easier to relax, surrender into the process, and trust Divine Timing.


6 Common Twin Flame Journey Types

Though my research, I have identified “6 common Twin Flame Journey Types”, that explain the possible paths to Physical Twin Flame Union for incarnated Twin Flames.

These Twin Flame Journey Types are high-level and I am sure there are more than 6 but these are a great place to start.

Understanding why your Twin Flame Journey might look different to someone else’s, is soothing to the soul and calming to the ego mind.  It can help you better understand and accept what comes next on your journey, including any periods of separation.


Here are 6 Common Twin Flame Journey Types that I have identified:

Twin Flame Journey Type - Off and On Again Relationship

TWIN FLAME JOURNEY TYPE 1 – Off and On again relationship

Your relationship with your Twin Flame probably is a volatile one.   You aren’t sure how to live together or how to live apart.  You might be in and out of each other lives often, for short absences, but one thing is sure you will always get drawn back….


Twin Flame Journey Type Cant forget You RelationshipTWIN FLAME JOURNEY TYPE 2 – Can’t forget you relationship

Similar to number 1, you and your Twin Flame have probably been in and out of each others lives at least once or twice.  Your Twin Flame is the one you measure all current and future partners against and no one else measures up.  No matter what you do you just cant forget them, and if they were to suddenly ring you…


Twin Flame Journey Type Committed to Staying together

TWIN FLAME JOURNEY TYPE 3 – Committed to Staying together

This advanced partnership state is what all of us want, a quick pathway to physical union. But it is only possible when both twins have 100% awareness of the sacredness of their connection, and are committed and strong enough to ride out all the waves together.


Twin Flame Journey Type Long Distance RelationshipTWIN FLAME JOURNEY TYPE 4 – Long Distance Relationship

Whilst this couple might realise the importance of their connection quickly, the logistics and challenges, geographical differences, and pre-exisitng relationship commitments, may mean many periods of time during which they are physically  (but not emotionally) apart.


Twin Flame Journey Type Early Meeting


Never been able to get a certain someone out of your head? The girl you went school with, or the boy next door.  Maybe this early-on meeting was your Twin Flame, but you just didn’t know it. Are your paths destined to cross again…?


Twin Flame Journey Type Restricted AccessTWIN FLAME JOURNEY TYPE 6 – Restricted Access

This is one of the most challenging pathways,  as you fall totally head-over-heels for someone you don’t even really know, and can’t really access. Often starting platonically, you may experience large age gaps, huge religious differences, or feel certain that your Twin is a celebrity.  No, you aren’t crazy, this is just the Twin Flame Journey Type you and your Twin chose.



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Understanding your Type of Twin Flame Journey makes your experience easier

Each of these Twin Flame Journey Types are unique and have a pathway to union that looks a little different.  Some are shorter, some happen faster.

For example:

  • If you are both fully aware you are Twin Flames and are fully committed to staying together, then logically any separation periods should be short.
  • Where as, if you are on ‘restricted’ access during your time with your twin, expecting a quick re-union would be very unrealistic.
  • If you are currently in separation from your twin, having an idea of which type of union pathway you and your Twin Flame might be on (and time periods for separation), allows you to better manage your expectations.

Knowing your Twin Flame Journey Type pays off!


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It will help you better understand the Twin Flame Journey you are on, so you can stay in a peaceful loving communication with your twin, and not react from a place of fear and doubt.  Invest in yourself and your journey today.


Wishing you all the best! xx.

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