11 Reasons Why Twin Flame Relationship Dynamics are Different

“Twin Flame Relationships are a Relationship like no other”. 

Do you agree?

Hang around your Twin Flame long enough, and you will ultimately discover all the ways in which Twin Flame Relationships Dynamics are different to any other type of relationship, you’ve experienced.

The spiritual nature of the relationship plays a BIG, and often completely overlooked factor.

Today, I share: 

’11 Reasons why Twin Flame Relationships Dynamics are so different’

1.  Spiritual Attraction First

Your Twin Flame Relationships is based on a spiritual connection first; not physical or sexual attraction.  A level of physical attraction to your Twin Flame will obviously exist. But, it is the spiritual connection that attracts you FIRST to your one and only Twin Flame!


2.   A New Template for Relationships

Like ‘Chalk and Cheese’, your Twin Flame Relationship Dynamics won’t be like any normal ‘relationship’, you may have had up until now. This is because your Twin Flame Relationship follows a different rule set – one of higher consciousness, 5th Dimensional spiritual rules of love and connection.

Your Twin Flame Relationship or Twin Flame Union CANNOT exist alongside old 3rd Dimensional (3D) relationship patterns of co-dependency; and the desire to control, manipulate, fix, change, and/or improve the other.  So, to stay with your Twin Flame, you will need to change how you approach and act within relationship to others, especially your Twin. 

Meeting your Twin Flame will force you to change how to ‘do’ relationships.  No ‘games’ allowed.  Only your open, honest and vulnerable self can gain admittance.


3.  Not your Normal ‘Type’ of Romantic Partner

Your Twin Flame might be nothing like what you thought you were looking for in a person. Yet, your Twin Flame is everything that you need.  😊

One of the purposes of the whole Twin Flame Journey is to make you question everything you thought you knew in ALL areas of your life.

  • To discover what YOU really want.
  • To find out what is Authentically you.
  • And, decide what is NOT!

Your ‘relationship’ with your Twin Flame will show you what is truly important in relationships, both romantic and otherwise.  They will clearly point out, it is about ‘WHO a person is INSIDE’ that is important.  Not how that person physically appears in the 3D world – their ‘externals’ (age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc).


4.   Eternal, Everlasting Love

I am sure you will remember all those previous times in your life, when you suddenly realized that you had fallen in love with someone.  Well, you don’t suddenly FALL in love with your Twin Flame. The difference is that you suddenly realize that you have ALWAYS LOVED your Twin Flame across all time, space and reality – past, present, and future.  

Meeting your Twin Flame cracks open your 3D reality, so you can remember your multi-dimensionality as a loving Soul.   A Soul that has always existed; never dies; and is ONE with all that is… including your Twin Flame.


5.  ‘SELF – LOVE’ is Key

A Twin Flame Relationship is a LOVE relationship…. but not in the way you would expect.  It is more about learning to love yourself first – SELF LOVE – before you love another person, such as your Twin Flame. 

An important point to your Twin Flame Journey is to remember (re-Member) that your Twin Flame is after all, YOU (Your Soul), incarnated into a 2nd body.  You can’t GET love from your Twin Flame until you give it to yourself, first.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t get to harmonious Twin Flame Physically Union, unless you have mastered Self Love, and completely and utterly love yourself first.  


6.   ‘Healing’ yourself to realize you are already WHOLE

A Twin Flame Relationship will be the hardest, and yet most healing relationship that you ever experience.  …[*** IF *** you are willing to dig deep into your feelings, beliefs, wounds and behaviors, and do the so called ‘Twin Flame WORK’].

Most people spend their lives looking outside of themselves for ‘THE ONE’ to complete them.    Yet when we meet our Twin Flame, we discover (after doing all the Twin Flame work) that we were ALREADY whole and complete, but that we couldn’t see it earlier, because we were too busy looking outside of ourselves for someone else to ‘complete’ us.

Your Twin Flame helps you steer through this process by “mirroring” to you, the wounds you gained during your upbringing, to help you see your long-term wounds and heal them.  

This ‘Twin Flame Mirroring Process’ helps you drop any false identity, beliefs, & behaviors, and return to your True Soul Self.

[*** If you have CORRECTLY identified your True Twin Flame ***]  YOU will eventually wake up enough to realize your Twin Flame isn’t being bad, horrible or narcissistic.

Instead, your Twin Flame helps you re-align into who you truly are, by mirroring to you (via their behavior) what you are not at a Soul Level… although you might mistakenly be acting as if, or believing that you are, at a Human level!

Why would you be ‘acting’?? Because you haven’t yet re-membered how to live as your true, authentic soul self.  You are most likely still believing and following societies rules of what you ‘should’ be doing and thinking, etc.

Your Twin Flame, who knows you better than yourself, and can see through all your walls, barriers, and self-protective lies.  They re-introduce you to the REAL YOU, so you can stop lying to yourself, and living small.  Your Twin Flame intrinsically knows how great you are, because they are…..well, YOU!


7.   One Soul – Twin Physical Bodies

Your Twin Flame is YOU, your shared Soul, in another body. This unique connection means that you can physically FEEL your Twin Flame – their feelings, thoughts, emotions, and desires.   The stronger your Twin Flame Connection gets, and the more you and your Twin Flame ‘MERGE’; the more you ‘feel’ each other, and start to act, and think, and do, as ONE.

Note:  This feeling another person so strongly you don’t know where THEY ‘End ‘and YOU ‘ Start, can be cool, but a bit freaky.  That is, until you learn Discernment and the ability to work out whose feelings are whose.  Make sure you take the time to learn this one.  The skill of discernment is a very valuable skill for your journey ahead.


8.   Always ONE

Twin Flames, as One Soul in Two Bodies, are always spiritually and energetically ‘connected’ to each other.  Yet Twin Flame Relationships often go through periods of separation in the 3D world. Why is this?

One of the purposes of Twin Flame Physical Separation, is because physical separation will force you to focus more on your internal, spiritual & energetic connection to each other, and less on the 3D human person who is your Twin Flame.  The ability to Twin Flames to FEEL and HEAR and SEE each other, even when physically separate teaches us that ‘separation is an illusion’, and that Twin Flame are never separate from each other.   We Are One !

Shown in a New Year’s Fireworks display on 1 January 2021.


9.   Part of The Divine

Every human is a piece of the Divine; created from Source; a child of God; (or whatever you want call it…) whether they are aware of it or not!

Meeting your Twin Flame (another version of you), serves to remind you of your Divine nature, and connectedness to Universe/God/Source/Nature/[insert your preferred word] and All That Is.

We become aware of and physically experience our own multi-dimensionality, via our connection with our Twin Flame.  We realize how we (our soul) is more than just our earthly human bodies, stripping away our belief systems around what we have been TAUGHT, being ‘Human’ means.

  • It reminds you that you are a first and foremost an eternal Soul that never dies.
  • It reminds you that you are (and have always been) Perfect, Whole, and Complete.
  • It reminds you that NOTHING (NO THING) is ever missing from you. Despite what your culture, media, advertising, friends, family, religion, etc may try to tell you.  (This is one the reasons why Twin Flames couples’ come from such different backgrounds, races, ages, religions etc.  None of this stuff matters!!!)


10.   True Unconditional Love

The Twin Flame Journey has its ups and downs, to shake us out of old belief systems about ourselves, and who we think we are.  It teaches us about real ‘UNCONDITIONAL’ love.  Not the prevailing ‘conditional’ (controlling & expectation-based) version of ‘love’ that the world currently uses.

Twin Flames can have absolute certainty in knowing that your Twin Flame always loves you… Even when, on a 3D level, it may APPEAR that they may not.

The Twin Flame relationship reminds us about Unconditional Love that never stops, regardless of what happens in the 3D world.   This type of Love, Unconditional love, like your Soul – JUST IS, and never dies. This is the type of love Twin Flames are bringing to the world.


11.   Much Bigger Mission/Purpose

All Twin Flame Relationships are driven by your Soul and Divine Timing.

The ‘Twin Flame Relationship’ between Twin Flames couples come in all kinds of gender and sexual orientation forms: Male + Female, 2 x Males, 2 x Females, and even Twin Flame couples whose sexual orientations don’t match.  The Twin Flame Relationship Dynamic has a much bigger purpose than the popular ‘ideal life’ of love, marriage, a house in the suburbs, and a couple of kids.

Being a Twin Flame involves a mission you agreed to prior to incarnating in this life. One facet of the Twin Flame Mission is to bring Divine Love to the earth and show people what TRUE 5D love relationships look like.   (Not, the drama-driven, 3D ego-focussed/control/manipulation and often violence-based relationships portrayed as ‘normal behavior’ via TV, the Press, and Social Media.)

Your Mission is to show the World (via your actions and relationship) with your Twin Flame:

  • What true unconditional loves looks like, and
  • How the world will be a much better place, when we all adopt this new way of loving and BEING.

Q.   You might be asking, ‘How do we do this?’

Two ways (Show and Tell):

      1. Twin Flames can be Evangelists, and explain to people how to go about new and improved way of loving, and
      2. Twin Flames are also WaySHOWers who can physically DEMONSTRATE (via their earthly relationship with their Twin Flame), what a new, honest, and unconditional love template, looks like.    It is through our actions and quality of our loving relationships with our Twin Flame that we demonstrate and teach how to act with unconditional love, towards ALL others.  

Q.  How do we know when we’ve been successful and people are learning from our example?

Well, to borrow a quote from the movie, ‘When Harry met Sally’…..

We will know when people have understood what Twin Flames are trying to demonstrate, when they state – “I’ll have what she’s having.” 😊 😂🤣😍😍😍  


Some other words of Advice:

As you can see from this blog post, Twin Flame Relationship Dynamics are very different, and not something that Twin Flame’s instantly understand.  This is because it is completely opposite to our previous understanding and past history with regards to relationships. 

It is therefore, no surprise that so many Twin Flames feel lost, disheartened, and discouraged on this journey. They can’t make sense of what is, or isn’t, happening.

Twin Flames, especially the 1st Awakened Twin Flame (often the DF) can get very discouraged on this Journey.  They expect the Twin Flame Journey to follow ‘normal relationship’ rules and guidelines.  But it DOESN’T.  IT CAN’T. 

The Twin Flame Journey doesn’t work the way you expect it to, nor it is supposed to. 

Changing what you do, how you act, how you think, your expectations and how you react, are the lessons that we need to learn as part of this Twin Flame experience. Until each Twin Flame learns these lessons they will be simply going in circles, feeling a world of pain, and not progressing further.

Reaching out to other Twin Flames, who have been on this journey a while, and understand more of the ‘big picture’ can really help remove some of the confusion and pain on this journey, and give you the tools to navigate whatever your Twin Flame Journey throws at you.  


🔥 🔥  If you want some more support on your Twin Flame Journey, I am here to assist.  🔥🔥

I started my Twin Flame Journey the hard way.  If only I had known what I now know, things would have been so different.  With the knowledge I’ve learnt over the last 6 years, I now want to show others an easier way to navigate the Twin Flame Journey.  To give you a few shortcuts, and save you some of the pain.

Helping other Twin Flames understand and move forward in their Twin Flame Journeys, is a prime focus for me at this time.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post.  😊 Hang in there!  You can do this!

Kristina x


Kristina is a Mindset and Behavioral coach, with certifications encompassing Life Purpose, Happiness, Success, Law of Attraction, and Spiritual Life Coaching.

A True Twin Flame herself, she understands the complexity of the Twin Flame Journey, and the common challenges faced. Gifted with all 8 intuitive clairs, along with strong analytical and ‘big picture’ abilities, Kristina can teach you how to see, and navigate, your own personal Twin Flame Journey in a more empowering manner.

Don’t stress! You aren’t crazy! …….You just haven’t understood the Twin Flame Journey yet!

Reach out to me I can help you find the way forward on your Twin Flame Journey….

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  1. My issue is this—although I have been feeling much of what you define as TF dynamics starting abt. 3 mos. ago, (minus #6; I’ve never felt incomplete), the new, but somehow familiar feelings I connect to, occur when I look directly into the eyes of this other person in pic or in video. I’ve never even met or seen him in person!! I can barely catch my breath. I have to look in short bursts of time or I tear up. I’m get soo turned on! What’s happening to me?

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