Twin Flame Coaching and Twin Flame Support Services Now Available !

Do you want or need Twin Flame Help?

Are you looking for assistance on your Twin Flame Journey?

  • Do you desperately need someone one you can talk to?
  • Someone who will tell you that you aren’t crazy?
  • Are you open to advice and guidance that will help you do the ‘Twin Flame Work’?

Reaching out to other Twin Flames has helped me A LOT on my Twin Flame journey and I would like to share my knowledge and help you on yours.

🔥 Twin Flame Guidance and Twin Flame Coaching Assistance 🔥

Having been on this Twin Flame Journey for over 11 years, there are a number of ways in which I can assist you.

Besides providing regular updates to this blog, I also offer :

  1. 🔥🔥 Twin Flame Dream Analysis
  2. 🔥🔥Individual Twin Flame Question and Answer support
  3. 🔥🔥 Twin Flame Oracle Card readings
  4. 🔥🔥 Personalized ‘Big Picture’ Twin Flame guidance for your Twin Flame Journey
  5. 🔥🔥 Twin Flame Coaching and Mentoring,
  6. SELF STUDY – 🔥🔥 Free and Paid Online Twin Flame Courses.


Twin Flame Services Available

To find out more about each individual service, and/or place an order, click on the its image below.

Twin Flame Stages - Twin Flame Dream Analysis Service  Twin Flame Stages - 2 Twin Flame Questions Answered Quickly Service    Twin Flame Stages - 3 Oracle Card Twin Flame Reading Service  Personalized Big Picture Twin Flame Guidance Service by Twin Flame Stages     Twin Flame Stages - Twin Flame Coaching Assistance for Twin Flames Service    Twin Flame Courses Online Self Study




















Important Facts About My Twin Flame Services

DELIVERY All my services are provided remotely, so I can best work across timelines and serve all of my global customers.
LANGUAGE English is my native language, so whilst my website does use Google translate, all the service I provide, any correspondence, conversations, and online courses, etc, will only be provided in the English language.
FORMAT The results of all service including Answers to all Questions, Dream Analysis, Personalized Guidance, and the result of the 3 Card Oracle Reading will be deliver back to you in written form, in English, via email along with any relevant links.  Delivery method of one-on-one coaching will mutually decided after discussions together.  Access to online course is delivered via email within 5 minutes of payment.
TIME FRAME All service requests are actioned on a first-in-first served basis, with an estimated turnaround time of 5-7 Business days depending on demand. (NOTE: The 2 x Twin Flame Questions and Answers service will be answered within 36-48 hours or earlier.)  If any service is going to take longer, I will let you know.
NOT INCLUDED One thing I won’t provide is confirmation of whether or not a particular person, is or isn’t, your Twin Flame.  This is not a question that you can ‘delegate’ to a 3rd party. Only you can FEEL this at a soul level and it is part of your Twin Flame journey lessons to learn to trust in your own ‘knowing’ of this. Sorry!

A bit more about Me!

Hi, I’m Kristina and I have been on this twin flame journey for over 13 years now.  As a true twin flame, who has spent lot of time internally thinking about this journey and researching what is happening.  I can help you see the patterns, and connect the dots on what might be happening in your own Twin Flame Journey.

Besides being a Twin Flame (and many other things), I am also a qualified life coach, and remote reiki practioner. Highly intuitive, I have all the ‘clairs’ (clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant and claircognizant) plus a few others, …especially when my Twin Flame is around. 🙂

I automatically channel when I write and so can bring though and share with you, important messages that will assist you on your journey.


Feedback from those Twin Flames I have helped

🔥 “Thank you so much for these words of wisdom on this journey.  You are so right I need a shift in myself.  I made a big step last night…” – MC

🔥 “Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me so extensively.  Your response triggered me and made me think and also made me realize a few things… I’m very grateful to you, more that you know.  I made a screen shot of your reply to read when I need it!” – KW

🔥 “This is exactly what I needed to hear/read right now.  Thank you so much for this.”  – CB

🔥 “Holy Cow! You just made me realize something HUGE! I love you, thank you so much.” – RCF

🔥 “Wow Thanks so much for the heartfelt wisdom ❤… Life really does bring wonderful moments of learning x.” – NM

🔥 “Brilliant Response” – AG

🔥 “I feel privileged to be in touch with you as I have learnt so much!  And it is great to be able to talk to someone who understands…” – KG

🔥 “Thanks for this. Now I understand what is happening. I’m a sleeping twin.. .  now I know I can trust the situation.” – GL

🔥 “I highly recommend Kristina’s services… I now have much more clarity and feel more at peace with my Twin Flame Journey.” – HL

I look forward to working with you.  Thank you for investing in your journey, and giving me the honor of sharing your journey back to ‘Unconditional Love’ with you!

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