Have You Ever Experienced These 7 Weird Twin Flame Symptoms Around Each Other? (Twin Flame Physical Symptoms)

NOTHING beats being in the physical presence of your Twin Flame and simply just being around each other.  It is during this time that your spiritual Twin Flame connection, can truly make itself known, in very tangible ways.

For those of you who clearly know you are Twin Flame (and who your Twin Flame is), the 7 weird Twin Flames symptoms I am about share will make you smile.  These types of Twin Flame symptoms occur whilst in the presence of your Twin Flame and remind you of the beautiful Twin Flame connection that you two share.

For some Twin Flames, Twin Flame recognition can take a little longer.  If you’re not 100% sure who is your true Twin Flame, or worry that you might be with a false Twin Flame, this post may help you to know if someone is your Twin Flame.  You may also want to check out my post-‘What to know who your Twin Flame is?  Do this…

So, without any further ado… lets look at Twin Flame soul connection signs.

Here are 7 weird ways the Universe shows (or confirms) to you the identify of your Twin Flame, when you are physically around each other.

7 Weird Twin Flame Symptoms Around Your Twin Flame

Twin Flame Physical Symptom 1 – Twin Flame Heart Chakra Connection

Do you get heart palpitations, and notice your heart chakra starts madly whirling 10 minutes before your Twin Flame enters into a room?  Activation of your heart chakra is a sign your Twin Flame is near. Almost like an early ‘warning’ system, or a very happy soul leaping with joy as they sense the incoming presence of your Twin.   This weird Twin Flame sign will occur whenever they arrive,  even on days and times when you absolutely aren’t expecting to see them.

(By the way, did you know that feeling your heart doing a somersault in your chest and almost not being able to breathe for a second or two, can be a sign of Twin Flames thinking about each other.)


Twin Flame Physical Symptom 2 – Twin Flame Telepathy

You might already be hearing songs and telepathic messages from our Twin Flame.  Anyone else get keeping hearing Bryan Adams songs??. 

Twin Flame telepathy symptoms get to a whole new level when you telepathically ask your Twin a question, and they then physically answer you instantly via a 3D action.

Ever telepathically asked your Twin Flame if they have time to catch-up with you, when you are over 100 yards apart and they are sitting in another room with their back to you?   I have.   My Twin Flame instantly turned around 180 degrees to look directly at me, no hesitation or searching for me (no idea how he knew I was there), and held up a hand to signify he would be free in five minutes. OMG! WHAT !!!

How did he know?  At that distance away, I wasn’t even 100% sure it was my Twin Flame I was looking at, until of course, he turned around and shared his beautiful smile.  Gotta love the power of Twin Flames.


Twin Flame Physical Symptom 3 – 3D ‘proof’ of Divine Orchestration and Co-ordination (aka Divine Timing)

As the 1st Awakened Twin Flame, I love being consciously aware of the Divine Processes and Twin Flame Synchronicity at work, to bring my Twin Flame and I together and into union.  You will have experienced this in how you and your Twin Flame first met.  But I also love, how – if you stay ‘aware’- you can see all the ways in which the universe is always working to bring you to together. 

Ever had you and your Twin Flame rock up to the same place at the same time, unexpectedly?.  Or had an elevator door slide open, only to see your Twin Flame standing there? 

One of my personal favorites, and where you too may have also experienced this type of Divine Orchestration / Co-ordination, is at an event or personal function. Where a sudden and unexpected re-arrangement of the seating arrangements, leaves your Twin Flame absolutely no where else to sit but beside you….even when perhaps they would rather not! 

(Twin Flame Runner and Chaser type activities are subject to Divine Timing! Did you know that? As I often remind myself, “God [Universe/Source] has ‘got’ this, and everything is working out perfectly for our highest good“!)  – Note: It is 11:44 am as I type this sentence… can’t make this stuff up! 🙂

Not sure what a 1st awakened Twin Flame is?  Find out more here -‘Twin Flame Awakening:  Is your Twin Flame awake yet?’

Twin Flame Physical Symptom 4 Twin Flame Awareness (Hyper Awareness of each other)

  • Do you know or feel the instant your Twin Flame walks into or leaves the room?
  • Can you easily spot them in a crowd of 100 people or more?
  • Do you always keep them in the corner of your eye when at a party, just so you can stay connected?
  • Does hearing their voice just make your heart melt, and bring rise to feelings of peace and joy?

If you answered YES, to all of the above, then you are definitely experiencing Twin Flame Awareness.

The 1st Awakened Twin will be consciously aware of this hyper-awareness, and the strange looks you get from your Twin. Your Twin Flame who may not yet know about the Twin Flame connection, will still have this hyper-awareness of you too. You may notice, at times, your Twin Flame will be giving you the  ‘Who are you!!??’, ‘Why are I so drawn to you…??’ kind of looks, as they try to work out exactly what it is about you that is so different to everyone else they’ve ever met.

In the early meeting stages with your Twin Flame, it may be a bit like cats circling each other. Eyes are locked on the other, and they don’t want to get too close, but they can’t let you out of their sight, either.


Twin Flame Physical Symptom 5 –  Twin Flame Eye Lock  (Seeing into their Soul)

It is said that ‘Eyes are the window to the Soul’, with Twin Flames that is really true.   As Twin Flames you can simply look at your Twin Flame and get the weird realization that your souls are connected and talking, through just that eye contact alone.

For me, this happened just prior to our ‘Bubble Love’ stage.  Seated across the room from my Twin Flame, and looking directly into his eyes, suddenly I was no longer able to see the iris of his eyes. All I saw instead, was the depths of the universe inside his eyes.  It was deep, and beautiful and amazing. 

This Twin Flame eye contact also triggered off the next stage of our Twin Flame journey…. little did I know what was yet to come!


Twin Flame Physical Symptom 6 – Twin Flame Soul recognition and the intense desire to merge

As Twin Flames are one soul in two bodies, Twin experience a soul recognition event where you realize that you know your Twin Flame on a soul level. This may be when you realize you are each others Twin Flame. It may start with something as simple as a voice in your head that says ‘OMG its you’. You may see flashbacks to past-lives together, or some either type of indicator.

Usually occurring in your Twin Flame presence, this Twin Flame recognition sign will be accompanied by an ** INTENSE ** desire to merge.  A physical, spiritual, and emotional desire so strong that you almost can’t help yourself from reaching out to them and moving closer.  You just want to launch yourself into their arms.

This ongoing intense desire to merge is often strongest during times of deep emotions. If you are upset, a desire to hug your Twin Flame may become an uncontrollable almost full-on body-slam that nearly knocks your Twin Flame over.  You bodies definitely want to do a “Twin Flame merge” in whatever form possible.

 Want to understand more about Twin Flame Soul Recognition? Read more about the day I discovered I was a Twin Flame!


Twin Flame Physical Symptom 7 – Twin Flame Magnetic Pull (needing to be closer)

Like moths attracted to a flame, Twin Flames are magnetically attracted to each other, and simply gravitate towards each others physical presence.

The Twin Flame pull is VERY STRONG. 

You might find yourself:

  • Constantly misjudging the physical distance between where your body finishes and theirs starts…. especially when highly-emotional. And no, this isn’t just a Twin Flame sexual symptom. Toes be beware!
  • Experiencing the feeling that even crawling inside their skin wouldn’t be close enough to them.
  • 100% certain that it feels wrong to be walking alongside them without walking hip to hip and arms around each other waist  (even if you hardly know this person).

If you don’t know your Twin Flame well, these last 2 symptoms will feel very weird and a bit scary.  But don’t worry!

No!  You aren’t crazy.  Or, a stalker, either.

You are simply a Twin Flame, 2 parts of a ‘spiritual’ whole that doesn’t want to be separated.


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Please share: What are your Physical Twin Flame Experiences?

How many of these physical symptoms have your experienced?

As a true twin flame, you will experience all of these with your Twin Flame at some time or another.  It may not always happen instantly…. Twin Flame’s have to start their alchemy process…. but it will happen.

I personally experienced all of these Twin Flame Symptoms within 6 months of our Twin Flame Activation, some six months after our first real conversation.

How did it happen for you?  I would love to find out.   

Please leave your experiences in the comments below.




Much love. Kristina. x


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