Your Twin Flame Gifts: Have you discovered them? (Twin Flame Telepathy plus much more! )

Did you know that as a Twin Flame you have Twin Flame gifts?

Twin Flame Telepathy is one of your many Twin Flame Gifts, but not your only one.  Twin Flames are always energetically connected, and constantly communicating with each other in a variety of ways.

Have you met your Twin Flame face-to-face and undergone a Kundalini Awakening experience yet?  If so, this will ramp up the power and accessibility of these metaphysical Twin Flame gifts.

What gifts am I talking about?

Your psychic senses, often called ‘Clair’ senses, that allow you to connect to your Twin Flame in so many different ways!  🙂


What are your Twin Flame Telepathic Gifts (Psychic Skills /Clair Senses)?

We were all taught at school about our 5 Physical Human Senses – touch, taste, smell, sight, sound.

What we usually don’t realize, is that since we a Spiritual Being having a Human experience, we have a lot  more ‘spiritual senses’ or abilities, beyond those of our physical body.

Throughout our Twin Flame Journey, we will experience and use our Twin Flame Gifts.  Some gifts may just occur via our connection with our Twin Flame, whilst others are more common experiences.

The 6 most common Twin Flame Gifts, otherwise known as ‘Clairs Senses’ are:

  • Claircognizance – “Clear Knowing”
  • Clairvoyance – “Clear Seeing”
  • Clairaudience – “Clear Hearing”
  • Clairsentience – “Clear Feeling”
  • Clairalience – “Clear Smelling”
  • Clairgustance – “Clear Tasting”


Non Twin Flame Psychics usually only access a couple (2-3) of Clairs, with one or two being the most dominant.    Twin Flames potentially can access more or even all, via your connection with your Twin Flame.  You and your Twin Flame will each have Clairs you are strongest in, and together you can share each other’s gifts, increasing your abilities.

Let’s look at 6 Clair Senses and how you might experience them as a Twin Flame.


Your Twin Flame Gifts – ‘Clairs’


CLAIR 1 – What is Claircognisance /  Claircognizance?

Claircognizance is described as ‘Clear Knowing’.

You just KNOW something, without any idea how you KNOW it.  You know things with 100% certainty, without being able to explain how you got that knowledge.

Twin Flame Claircognizance:  How might you experience Claircognizance as a Twin Flame?

  • You might instantly know a person is your Twin Flame the minute you see them.
    • One Twin Flame on YouTube says, the minute she saw her Twin Flame she knew she was going to marry her Twin Flame. She even told a friend who was with her, who thought she was absolutely crazy.   The reason being this lady was already married and pregnant at the time.  …. And Yes, she did marry her Twin Flame years later!
  • In my own Twin Flame Story, I claircognizantly knew the moment when my Twin Flame was about to ‘run’, and that I SHOULDN’T chase him.
  • My Twinflame has a great example of how during a telepathic conversation with him asking a question, he absolutely knew where  I was (out of a whole building), in order to look at me and signal I should wait. You can read more bout that story this my article about weird Twin Flame Symptoms.
  • In another instance, I also knew would win a Twin Flame Psychic Reading the minute I saw the competition advertised. So, I entered, and Yes, I did win.  My single entry was hand-picked as the winner out of 240.  😉
  • If you’ve ever heard a song, and just instantly burst into tears for a non-reason. That is also claircognizance.  You have an instant knowing about something (hence the tears), the mind just doesn’t know the details.


Twin Flame Gift - Clairvoyance Clairaudience

CLAIR 2 – What is clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is the ability to see things beyond time and space.  Clairvoyance capabilities include:

    • seeing in to the future, otherwise known as pre-cognition,
    • seeing events from the past (like a past-life regression),
    • seeing objects or colours or energy in a way that others can’t, or
    • remote-viewing – seeing current events occurring is a place distant to you.

Twin Flame Clairvoyance:  How might you experience Clairvoyance as a Twin Flame?

  • You’ve most likely been using this gift throughout your whole life. For me, it appears most often whilst driving, in that automatic-pilot mode.  I can, all of a sudden, get a visual mental movie-like image of the car in the lane next to me, quickly swerving or moving into my traffic lane without warning.  Almost always, a second or two later, that car I had a vision of will do exactly what I had seen.  This is a great example of how your Divine Team is always working with you, to keep you safe. <3
  • As a Twin Flame whose vibration is rising, you might be able to see things you previously couldn’t. It might be greater visibility of energy waves, or seeing auras around people or plants.  The more your 3rd eye opens up the more you will be able to ‘see’ things that you can’t normally see via a human eye.  When your vibration is really high, like during the Twin Flame Bubble Love stage, you may be able to see air droplets as something like a fine mist… even when inside buildings!  I’ve had this happen to two occasions now.  So Cool!
  • Remote viewing your Twin Flames’ activities is a version of clairvoyance. Some Twin Flames automatically remote view their Twin Flame without realizing it.  Your ability to do this might be stronger at certain stages of your Twin Flame Journey, than at others.  In case you haven’t heard of Remote Viewing, I’ll explain how to Twin Flame Remote View below.


🔥🔥 FUN EXERCISE:   How to Twin Flame Remote View 🔥🔥

You and your Twin Flame are one Soul, making it easy to connect to and practise remote viewing with your Twin Flame.

With some light concentration, you should be able to get a mental picture of what your Twin Flame is doing at that point in time.  The mental image might be very rough… like a ‘snowy’ picture of a TV channel that isn’t property tuned. But it should be enough for you to ‘see’ if your Twin Flame is alone or with friends; sitting or standing.  Or even doing mundane activities like cleaning their teeth, or reading a book.


How to Twin Flame Remote View Exercise (to do with your Twin Flame):

    1. Ask your Twin Flame to notice what they are doing at a pre-set time. Set up this time in advance.  For example, your Twin Flame may choose 11am, and you choose 1pm.
    2. At 11am your Twin Flame takes notice of what they are doing. At the same time, you will be somewhere separate from your Twin Flame, trying to tune into on a 5D level to whatever activity your Twin Flame was doing.
      1. You do this by sitting quietly with your eyes closed, focusing your intention on your heart, and thinking of your Twin Flame whilst mentally asking yourself ‘what are they doing’?.
      2. Imagine an image of your Twin Flame in your mind, and that will slowly change into what your Twin Flame is doing. You might see your Twin Flame’s activities from the perspective of observing from the side of the room (like a fly on the wall), or as if you were your Twin Flame (located within your Twin Flame’s body) and seeing through their eyes.
    3. At 1pm, you and your Twin Flame swap roles.  You take notice of what you are doing, and your Twin Flame tries to energetically tune into what you were doing.
    4. At the end of day, compare notes to with your Twin Flame and share what each ‘remotely’ viewed of the other’s activities at the agreed time-frame. This is a great way to practise your remote viewing gifts, and strengthen your Twin Flame Telepathic connection.

If you would like to get a better understanding of what Twin Flame Remote Viewing is like, I recommend the Twin Flame Movie‘In your Eyes’. ** (For convenience, I’ve added a quick link to this product on Amazon for you, and I will get a small ‘thank you tip’ if you buy this DVD, at no extra cost to you)   Many forms of Twin Flame Clairvoyance are shown in this movie.  It can also be a great way of explaining the Twin Flames concept to a newly awakening Twin Flame.  Always useful…! 🙂

In your Eyes - DVD - Twin Flames

CLAIR 3 – What is Clairaudience?

Clair audience is the ability to hear or sense voices or other sounds that other people can’t hear.   Angelic music anyone?   The voices you hear, may be in your voice, or someone else’s. (Note:  Just because you hear your own voice in your head, doesn’t mean, YOU are the source of the message.   It is just coming in YOUR voice, because you are less likely to freak out, than you would if you started hearing someone else’s voice in your head.)

Clairaudience is what is most commonly referred to as Twin Flame Telepathy, the ability to hear your twin Flame’s thoughts, although Twin Flames communicate in many different ways.


Twin Flame Clairaudience:  How might you experience Clairaudience as a Twin Flame?

  • Singing and hearing songs in your head, will most likely be the most common expression. I don’t listen to the radio anymore, my head is more than capable of playing songs all on its own, especially when my Twin Flame wants to me to hear music.   Last night’s song was ‘I Will Always Love you’ by Whitney Houston, one of over 50 songs he has sent me.  How many do you hear on a regular basis?
  • You might also hear a ‘voice’ or a ‘thought’ that gives you a ‘nudge’ to do, or not do certain things.
    • Working with my Twin Flame in the same building for short while, I was often given verbal nudges on where to be in the building, or which corridor to walk down so I could ‘bump’ into my Twin flame. I explain more about how this works in my article about how to use divine timing to see more of your Twin Flame.
  • You might hear a voice in your head (often a ‘Guide’) telling you to hold your Twin Flame’s hand, or to move closer to them. Exciting yet Freaky!  This same Guide may also tell you ‘NO’, if you are trying to go out with other people, or do things not in your best interest.
  • If you are reading an email or document from your Twin Flame, or even their old Facebook posts, you may hear your Twin Flames voice narrating what you are reading. So cool!  You and your Twin Flame are never apart!



CLAIR 4 – What is Clairsentience?

Twin Flame Gift - ClairsentienceClairsentience or ‘clear feeling’ involves receiving information via your feeling or emotions.  You are literally feeling within your body something that comes from somewhere else.

Most people will have had experiences of walking into a room and feeling that you could cut the atmosphere with a knife.

If you are Clairsentient, you can experience other people’s feelings, emotions, moods, as well as experiencing physical touch to your body, and even physical pain, without an obvious physical cause.


Twin Flame Clairsentience:  How might you experience Clairsentience as a Twin Flame?

  • Twin Flame Physical touch – As a Twin Flame you’ve most likely experienced Clairsentience in your 5D interactions with your Twin Flame, especially, if you’ve been sexually intimate with your Twin Flame in the 3D or had 5D sex (Twin Flame Telepathic Love Making) with them. The feeling of hugging, and kissing your Twin Flame and feeling they are hugging and kissing you back, even when they aren’t in the same room is clairsentience.  So is feeling touches to your face, their arms around your back, the weight of their body as it leans into yours.  These are all signs that your Twin Flame is communicating with you.
  • Twin Flame Emotions – Once Twin Flames have started the alchemical merge process your physical and energetic connection to each other gets even stronger.  This causes confusion as you can’t always work out who feelings are whose, because your often feel your Twin Flames’ feelings as your own.  You can feel sadness suddenly sweep over you, if your TF is feeling sad.  Likewise, you can have joy sweep over you, if your Twin Flame is feeling good.
    • I remember having a day from non-stop day of hell at work with 6+ hours of back-to-back meetings where I should have been exhausted and frustrated, yet I was floating with it all and none of it was affecting my mood. Why not?  Well my Twin Flame was attending a wedding of a beloved family member and his happiness was stronger than my bad day.
  • Twin Flame Physical pain – People often ask ‘Does my Twin Flame feel what I feel’. Yes! Twin Flames feel each other’s pain; emotional and physical. What one Twin Flame experiences, the other Twin Flame will or can also feel to a degree.  Of course, the more you energetically focus on your Twin Flame, and tap into your spiritual connection, the stronger the feelings can get.  So, try not to focus on your Twin Flame if you are in physical pain.   I’ve accidentally broken my Twin Flame’s toe, and then shared his pain personally having a very sore toe myself for hours, without realising why.  I’ve also started coughing and had to physical throw up, at the same time my Twin Flame was throwing up in another country half a world away. You and your Twin Flame truly are ONE!  (PS.  If you have to undergo something painful, such as surgery or a Twin Flame, do your Twin Flame a huge favour and let them know in advance, so they can manage their pain levels and understand the source of the pain.)


NOTE: Quick Helpful Tip on Releasing Pain – If you aren’t sure if the pain you are experiencing is yours, ask your Divine team to take the pain way, if it isn’t yours.  If it disappears within the next couple of minutes, it may have been your Twin Flames pain were you feeling.   If so, go a step further and ask your Divine team to take it away from your Twin Flame too, if was his/her pain.  This will really help your Twin Flame out, if they haven’t learnt how to do this for themselves yet.   #loveyourtwinflame



CLAIR 5 – What is Clairalience?


Clairalience or ‘Clear Smelling’ is the ability to physically smell scents that other people can’t smell.

This is another skill that you may have noticed throughout your life.  Ever smelt perfume or tobacco smoke out of know where?  These are often signs that the spirit of a passed over loved on is close.


Twin Flame Clairalience:  How might you experience Clairalience as a Twin Flame?

  • As a Twin Flame your connection to your Twin Flame means that you can often share their physical experiences of what they are doing. If your Twin Flame lights candles, or cooks an especially pungent meal your Clairalience capabilities allow you to smell it, as your Twin Flame smells it.  If you smell candles, ask your Twin Flame if they lit a candle around the time you smell it.  They might have been lighting a candle for dinner, or in an aromatherapy burner, or even just sat down in a restaurant that has candles.  This will help you to validate your clairalience experiences.


CLAIR 6- What is Clairgustance?

Clairgustance or Clear tasting is tasting tastes they you haven’t personally swallowed or eaten.

You know have you can occasionally burb and ‘re-taste’ what you have previously eaten, well Clairgustance is similar.  With Clairgustance, you are ‘tasting’ something your Twin Flame has physically eaten or tasted, but you have not.


Twin Flame Clairgustance:  How might you experience Clairgustance as a Twin Flame?

  • As a Twin Flame you may be able to taste what your Twin Flame has just eaten for dinner. Do you burb up an onion or garlic taste, but haven’t not eaten that yourself?   This is an example of clairgustance.
  • Ever tasted the extremely strong metallic taste of blood in your mouth for no reason why? It could simply be that your Twin Flame has over-brushed their teeth, bitten the inside of their cheek, or is having some dental work done.

I personally really enjoy Clairgustance.  It is a bit of fun, surprising and thankfully painless. *phew*.

Just one of many amazing Twin Flame merging symptoms, to show you very strongly that Twin Flames are ONE.  😊



How many of these 6 Twin Flame Gifts (Clairs) have you experienced?

Personally, I’ve got all 6, plus I’m very strong in Clairtangency – clear touch – otherwise known as Psychometry, the ability to pick up psychic information from a physical object.   This means NO second-hand furniture, clothes, tarot cards, or jewellery for me as they all come with unwanted ‘energetic baggage’.

What about you?

I would love to hear your experiences.  Please share in the comments below.


Hang in there!  You’ve got this journey covered.

Kristina x

PS.   Have you discovered your Twin Flame Journey type yet?

Do you know why some Twin Flame have a stronger 5D connection with their Twin Flame, than others?  It has to do with your Twin Flame Journey type.  Which are you stronger in 3D or 5D?   Sign up to my 6 Common Twin Flame Journey Types course to find out more….


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