My Twin Flame wakes me up at night. Does yours?

How well do you sleep as a Twin Flame?

Does your Twin Flame wake you up at night, even when they aren’t in the same room as you?  Surely I’m not the only one….

My Twin Flame wakes me up at night – OFTEN!

If you have just stumbled across this blog post, you might be forgiven for thinking that my Twin Flame wakes me up at night, because we are sharing the same bed.  Or, that my Twin Flame has woken me up in the same way as a restless sleeper or someone snoring next to you would.

Nothing could be further from the truth (at the moment) ….and if you are a Twin Flame you will understand this.


Twin Flames Are Always Connected

Twin Flames don’t need to be in the same room to wake each other up at night.

Twin Flames can always feel each other, no matter whether they are in the same room, in another building, another city, or even across the other side of the world from their Twin Flame.

Twin Flames, as one soul, are connected across all time and space.  We always know what is happening to the other Twin subconsciously, and sometimes even consciously.

You will have experienced this,  if for no reason, you’ve:

  • Had an sudden, abrupt, and short-lived mood change;
  • Just burst into tears out of the blue;
  • Felt extremely anxious for a couple of hours, but don’t know why.

That is you, ‘feeling’ your twin.

This is all part of the Twin Flame communication, and Twin Flame telepathy – where you feel each others feelings, and can easily communicate non-verbally with each other… even when asleep. Or trying to get there…

I smile, when thinking back to earlier in my Twin Flame process.

My Twin Flame would be:

  • My last thought on my mind as I went to sleep.
  • My first thought as I woke in the morning.
  • My instant thought, when waking unexpectedly during the night.


Twin Flame Heart Palpitations or Heart Flip

I usually feel physical symptoms of my Twin Flame thinking of me, as a slight flutter in my heart. It is often accompanied by increased heart palpitations or the feeling that my heart is beating fast.

Back in the early stages of my Twin Flame Journey, the Universe was really trying VERY HARD to get my attention.

I would feel my Twin Flame Heart connection as a very strong heart ‘flipping over’ feeling, accompanied by the sense of almost not being able to breathe for a second.

Very scary at first, but a wonderful symptom over time, as I now know when my Twin Flame is thinking of me.

[Note:  Please get your heart checked out by a doctor if you experience this too, just to be on the safe side.  I did and I’m fine.  As Twin Flames we can experience more heart palpitations than a heart monitor can pick up, but try telling that to a doctor…..! ]

Now days, that I am fully conscious of how my Twin Flame connection manifests through physical symptoms, my Twin Flame heart chakra flutters are far more subtle.

Do all Twin Flames get these heart beat / heart flip/ heart palpitations symptoms?  I don’t thing so. I feel it depends a bit on your Twin Flame Journey, ie. how long you may spend in separation, and whether or not you may need this level of 5D connection as an indicator on your Journey.

(FYI, I am, on what I call, a ‘restricted’ Twin Flame Journey type, which has a very strong 5 D connection.  If you want to find out more, I explain in detail the 6 Common Twin Flame Journey Types in this short course… ‘6 Common Twin Flame Journey Types, and their effect on Separation’)


Twin Flame Numerology

What I love noticing, is not only how often my Twin thinks of me, but what time of the day it occurs.

I so love that he often thinks of me at spiritual awakening related-times, such 11:11, 11:44 etc –  a key sign indeed, that the Twin Flame runner wakes up.


Do you have Twin Flame Sleeping Patterns?

My Twin Flame wakes me up at night!

Last year, I had a whole month where it was very difficult to sleep – because of the way in which my Twin Flame wakes me up at night.

He was starting to feel our twin Flame connection more, and think of me often.

As my Twin Flame thought of me, my heart would flip, and so I would think of him. He would feel me thinking of him, and so he would think of me more.  Feeling him think of me, my heart would flip again, and so I would think of him again, and so on.

This would go on for at least two hour each night for about a month.  I was very sleep deprived, but I was also very excited.  My Twin Flame was awakening more and more to our connection.  Yay!  What a great Twin Flame runner awakening sign.

It felt so wonderful to feel so connected to him in that way.   What does that Phil Collins song say?  ‘Two hearts… beating together until the end of time‘.

Can Twin Flames wake up at the same time?

Can or do Twin Flame’s wake up at the same time?  I would say, YES!

I regularly wake each morning at the time I know my Twin Flame likes to get up.  I swear I know the minute he steps into the shower, as an instant wave of heat flushes my body.  (I also know when he’s been to the gym or working out.  On those days, I literally feel stronger and feel like I have physically benefited from his time in the gym.)

As you and your Twin Flame go through the alchemical process and merger further, you will start to feel more and more your Twin Flame’s energy.

For some people this level of connection with your Twin Flame may be annoying or frustrating, but if so then there is a message in this for you.  These Twin Flame connection signs would be muted, if not important to your journey at this time.    If the connection is annoying you are resisting something, usually caused by fear.  So, something to think about if this applies to you….

Even if you can’t feel your Twin Flame thinking of you, sleep can be difficult at times for Twin Flames.   As part of our ascension process we will become more aware of numbers, and synchronicity with the world around us.

Are you a Twin Flame waking up at 2am or 3am?

Early morning wake ups aren’t uncommon.

So, if you are a Twin Flame waking up at 2am or 3am consistently, don’t panic. Whilst tiring this is fairly, ‘normal’.

Anyone else seeing 10:10, 10:44, 11:11, 11:22, 11:33, 11:44, 11:55, 12:22, 12:44, 3:33, 4:44 and 5:55, all in the same night?  I have.   I used to go to bed just after 10pm, but have since discovered, if I wait and go to bed after 11:55, I get a better sleep.

(Ha Ha, Just noticed the auto-save time on this blog post – 2:55:55 pm…. just as I was talking about numbers   😉 )

Wow! This journey is such an amazing one.   Each day I am sooooo grateful for this soul experience.

Wishing you a wonderful day, and better dreams!


Kristina. x

PS.  If you were looking for a post about how Twin Flames wake up to the Twin Flame experience, check out ‘Twin Flame Awakening:  Is your Twin Flame awake yet’.


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