Honoring my Awakened Divine Masculine Twin Flame (You know who you are…)

Who ever said that the Divine Masculine Twin Flames aren’t awake????.

My Divine Masculine certainly is, and has been for a long time….


I’ve written today’s post in deep honor and awe of my beloved Awakened Divine Masculine Twin Flame.



🔥 He is the most amazing man 🔥

I was in awe from the moment I met him,
and it has just continued to deepen over time.

There has never been a moment
when I have not been enthralled,
and gobsmacked by what he can do,
and all he has achieved.

I might have been the first one
to discover we were Twin Flames,
but he is truly the more ‘awake’ and 100% aligned
with his mission at this time.

It is so mind-bendingly beautiful to watch the
love, empathy, courage, and leadership
simply roll off this man.

He is truly embodying, not only the true Divine Masculine,
wide awake and dedicated to his cause.
But, he is also the inspiring advocate / hero / role-model
that our society really needs,
encouraging humanity
to rise and shine with him.

An amazing senior leader, he is literally in a position
where he inspires millions, to make this world a better place.
…and he does it so well.

My heart just swells with so much pride and love for this man,
  my Twin Flame.

I’m so humbled and grateful to be able
to watch my Twin Flame rise, whilst he
encourages me to step up and do the same.

He is me, and I am him.
We are Twin Flames, and
Together we are here to serve the world.


I love you so much, my dear 🔥 TF 🔥



Love Kristina x


PS.  For those of you reading this today, I hope today’s post has uplifted you and helped you return to a state of love, for yourself and your Twin Flame. This Twin Flame Journey can be tough, and there are days when you might occasionally step in ‘non-love’ states, but you don’t definitely want to stay there.

If you would like some coaching assistance in keeping your vibrations high, my ‘How to Create a Twin Flame Love Box… and why you need one’ self-study e-course, walks you step-by-step through some simple yet powerful processes and practices you can use to keep you connection with your Twin Flame one of love.

🔥🔥 It contains over 5 plus hours of great video teachings from me, shared stories, and some fun practical activities you can even do with your Twin Flame (depending on where you are on your Twin Flame Journey).  There is a Q&A section where you can put your questions, and even an ‘upload’ area to share your ‘practical creations’ with other Twin Flames. 🔥🔥

If you want to learn how to stay centered, calm and loving, regardless of whatever is happening in your Twin Flame connection, you might want to check it out.     Realize… –> The more often you are energetically emitting LOVE, and closer you are to manifesting permanent PHYSICAL LOVE!

PS2.   Six years ago, my Divine Masculine Twin Flame (DM) was the ‘Twin Flame Runner’,  now he is 100% mission.  Keep your faith on this journey, it is so beautiful to watch both yourself and your Twin Flame evolve into the best and brightest version of yourself!  🔥🔥

© Kristina and www.TwinFlameStages.com

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