7 Quick Crazy Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame

How do you know you’ve met your Twin Flame?

Did you know there are distinct signs that you have met your Twin Flame?

Many people say, if you’ve found your Twin Flame, you will know it.

Some say when Twin Flames meet for the first time, your life totally changes from that moment.

Talk about Twin Flame Recognition !!!


What about MY first Twin Flame meeting?

Did I recognize my Twin Flame?  Yes, at a Soul Level.  I felt so much child-like joy and excitement rising within me, but had no idea why.  I knew nothing about Twin Flames at the time, and wouldn’t for another 7 years….

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Is he my True Twin Flame?  Ohhh Yes!  (Big smiles and Happy memories on this face).  🙂


Finding Your Twin Flame

For me, it was definitely a first meeting of my Twin Flame that I have never forgotten. (I know exactly where I was, what my Twin Flame said, and even what my Twin Flame was wearing….!)

Q.  How was it for you?

Q.  Did you experience any Twin Flame meeting symptoms?


Signs you have met your Twin Flame

For those in the know, there are some obvious rather crazy signs of meeting or having met your Twin Flame.

Today for a bit of fun, I thought I would produce a POSTER rather than a POST (pardon the pun  🙂 ) with 7 Quick Crazy Signs You’ve Found Your Twin Flame.

The poster explains what happens when you meet your Twin Flame.

Hopefully, as you read this, you can think back in time to when you first met your Twin Flame, and it will make you smile. 🙂 🙂







Finding your Twin Flame Signs

Do you experience all of these 7 Quick Crazy Signs you Have met your Twin Flame?

  1. You are OBSESSED with someone you barely know.
  2. You’ve never felt so much LOVE before.
  3. You can’t stop THINKING about them.
  4. You think your Twin Flame WALKS on WATER.
  5. TIME STOPS when you are with them.
  6. Every minute away from them HURTS.
  7. You’ve never felt more ALIVE in your life.

Isn’t the Twin Flame Connection awesome?  🙂


What happens when you met your Twin Flame?

I would love for you to share your Twin Flame First Meeting experience in the comments below:

  1. What was your Twin Flame meeting experience?
  2. What above Twin Flame Sign or Symptom was your favorite?
  3. Which other Twin Flame Symptoms did you experienced that I left out?


Please comment below, I would love to hear your experience.

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You’ve got this!

Kristina x

PS.   If you want to understand your Twin Flame experiences better, checkout  6 Common Twin Flame Journey Types  (my own unique research)  that talks about similarities and differences across Twin Flame Journeys’.  This inexpensive, short course will give you a new different perspective on your Twin Flame Journey, that you never had previously (or your money back!)




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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Crazy Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame

  1. Hi Kristina,

    Sometimes when I am day dreaming, I feel the emotions of love and happiness. Do you think my Twin Flame is thinking of me at that exact time and feeling the same emotions?


    • Hi Sandra, Yes I do, even if it is happening unconsciously. Twin Flames instinctively know when the other Twin is thinking of them. If you pay close attention you will notice slight sensations in your body when you Twin Flame is thinking of you, signs you will be able to recognize even when you aren’t meditating.

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