How to recognize your Twin Flame? 4 Authentic Spiritual Twin Flame Signs (from a True Twin Flame)

Have you discovered yet who is your True Twin Flame?  Do you understand the Twin Flame Signs?

When you aren’t sure how to recognise your Twin Flame, it can be a bit confusing.

Perhaps you might be 80% sure, but not yet 100% sure that you know who your Twin Flame is?.

Unbelievably, there seem to be so many Twin Flames out there who don’t know for sure who is their Twin Flame.

Twin Flames who know, and those who don’t

Twin Flames seem to fit into one of two groups with regards to their ability to be able to recognise their Twin Flame:

  1. Those who KNOW they personally are a Twin Flame, but aren’t 100% sure of the identity of their Twin, and/or whether or not they have even met them yet.
  2. The others are those who didn’t know they were a Twin Flame until they met their Twin and found out about Twin Flames sometime shortly thereafter. (If you are the 1st Awakened Twin you might have Googled something that led you towards the concept of Twin Flames.  If you are a recently awakened Twin Flame, your Twin may have been the one to tell you about Twin Flames.)

I fit into the second group. Whilst I did have some doubts at the time (because this journey is so weird), it only took 6 months for me to 100% know and confirm who is my Twin Flame.

Today in this article, I’m going to share with you the 4 main, authentic, spiritual Twin Flame signs, that helped me realise I had definitely found my Twin Flame.  Yay!

How to recognize your True Twin Flame?

So, how do you know, absolutely without a doubt, that the person you think is your Twin, is your Twin?

Despite my website being about logical approaches to Twin Flames, the only real answer to this question, is “you need to feel it inside“.

You can’t work it out with your mind.

No one else can tell you. – Not your friends, or even a psychic.

Only you can identify your true Twin Flame.


4 True Authentic ‘Spiritual’ Twin Flame signs

Searching online you will find lists of 20+ Twin Flame signs and synchronicities that can point to your Twin Flame.   But you need to be a bit cautious. Many ‘so called’ Twin Flame signs such as 11:11, can also mean other things.

The signs that work best, are the spiritual Twin Flame signs that occur when you and your Twin Flame are together in each others company, based on your physical and spiritual experience of being with each other.

This by-passes the mind and gives you the REAL truth.  It is a bit like you are either pregnant or your not.  No in-between.


Here are some true and authentic spiritual  Twin Flames signs to explain how recognise your True Twin Flame – the real deal.

Spiritual True Twin Flame Sign 1

You want to MERGE with your Twin Flame.

This sign is very rarely mentioned, and believe it or not, it isn’t about Sex.

As True Twin Flames (one soul in two bodies), there will times in your Twin Flame journey when all your souls want to do is merge back into one soul.

It often appears as a very intense feeling of wanting to merge bodies.  It is a very powerful and completely automatic feeling, that can be really, really awkward, especially in the early stages when you may hardly know your twin.  All you really want to do get as close to them as you can, even crawl inside their skin.

Totally weird, yet totally cool sign.  (If this doesn’t convince you there is something special about a Twin Flame connection, then nothing will.)


Spiritual True Twin Flame Sign 2

Your Twin Flame feels like YOU incarnated in another body.

Ever looked at someone and felt that if you incarnated again in another body (and even perhaps another gender), that this person has the type of body you would have chosen for yourself, and is acting like the way you would act?

As you look at your Twin you get a weird sense that they are you in another body, even if they are in the same sex body as yourself.  One of you might express yourself with more feminine energy and/or behavior, and the other more masculine energy/or behavior.  But, you get this really weird feeling like you are looking at another copy of yourself.  (If this person is your Twin Flame, it is true.  They are you in another body.)

As you find out more about your Twin Flame you will find HUGE similarities in their life story and experiences.  You might have had almost identical (or at least very similar careers), or it might be that you have some illness or a family situation in common.  Your Twin Flame is literally you, experiencing basically the same life from a different perspective – in a similar, yet slightly different way.

How does touching your Twin Flame physically feel to you? Have you ever tried touching your Twin Flame on the hand or the arm, and notice how touching their skin feels very much like touching our own skin? You will discover you can’t always tell where your body finishes and theirs starts because you are one and the same.


Spiritual True Twin Flame Sign 3

They feel like “HOME”. 

You’ve probably heard this one before…

Everybody says your Twin Flame feels like “HOME”, but no-one explains what “HOME” is.  For those of you who have truly felt it, I don’t need to describe it – we all recognize the FEELING of HOME. But for those of you who aren’t sure but I will give it a try.

“HOME” in a Twin Flame terms, feels complete and 100% OK. You are grounded, present, and 100% focused in the ‘now’ moment, and each other.  You could both be standing in the middle of a cataclysmic event occurring around you, and not even notice. You don’t need for anything. You are just perfectly happy BEING your natural self.  If you were to die in 2 minutes time, you would be perfectly fine with that.  There is nowhere else you want to be, no-one else you want to be with, and nothing else you wish to do.  All is well in your world. You truly do feel ‘at one‘ and ‘as one‘ with your Twin. Time doesn’t exist.


Spiritual True Twin Flame Sign 4

Recognition that you have ALWAYS loved them..

Most adults have had a least one experience in your life where you realise you have fallen in love with someone.  You will also remember (often vividly) the exact moment when you realized that it had happened.  Time would have dramatically slowed down and you realised often to your shock ,‘OMG, I have fallen in love [insert name]’.

Twin Flames are a bit different.

The process is still the same, but the realisation is not that you have fallen in love with your Twin Flame, but rather that ‘you have never NOT loved them‘.  That you have loved your Twin Flame for all infinity and always will.

This can be a very interesting realisation when you may not actually know your Twin very well at this stage.   But your soul does!  They are you!

For any True Twin Flames reading this blog post….Think back to when you realised you loved your Twin.  Did you realised you had just fallen in love with them, or that you had always loved them??


Only you know who is your Twin Flame

As I said before, only you know who is your Twin Flame.  The recognition happens based on:

  • How you feel in their presence.
  • How your souls interact with each other.
  • And how it feels to be reunited physically with each other, in the same space and time.

You might not get all these Twin Flame signs mentioned above on one day,  they will most likely have occurred within the first 6 months of spending frequent time with your Twin Flame.


What if you don’t have these True Twin Flame signs?

For those of you who have met your Twin Flame in person and don’t have these signs, there might be a possibility that the person you think is your Twin isn’t your Twin Flame, but rather a False (pre-twin) or simply a soulmate.

Some of these feeling such as the ‘merge’ may not happen until you and your Twin Flame has started your Alchemical Process, but the feelings of Home, and them being you in another body should definitely be there.

Your True Twin will embody aspects of everyone special that you have ever dated, and may not fit into your usual ‘type’ of person that you are attracted towards.  So if you are unsure who your Twin is and have ‘picked’ a person because they are your type, you might need to think again.

To find out more about the Twin Flame Process, and Twin Flame Terminology check out my short Twin Flame Terminology course which will tell you more about the magical signs that occur between True Twin Flames.

Hang in there!

I hope all of these Twin Flame signs help you.

I truly I recommend keeping a list of all the Twin Flame signs that you personally experience.  If you haven’t read it yet, I explain how to do that in my post: ‘Want to know who your Twin Flame is?  Do this

Good Luck on your Journey!



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