Twin Flame Health Issues

Experiencing Twin Flame Health Challenges?  (16 possible reasons why)

Are you experiencing Twin Flame Health Challenges?

As you know life as a Twin Flame doesn’t always flow smoothly. Coming into Twin Flame Union takes time and has its own challenges.

So to, does the health journey that a Twin Flame goes on. Especially, as they rise through the various levels of vibration, and go through the spiritual, physical, mental,and emotional process of re-merging into their Soul Self.


Why do Twin Flame Health Challenges happen?

Without a doubt, there can be a lots of challenges from a health perspective on the Twin Flame path.  Things that a Twin Flame may experience over time.

I wish I wasn’t true, but it is.

But why?

  1. Is it here to make us suffer? NO!
  2. Is it here to make our life harder? NO!

It is actually part of the ‘growth’ process we need to undergo, in order to fully drop all those aspects of ourselves (beliefs, habits, ideas) that we no longer need, and no longer resonate to.

Not always a comfortable process.  But the end result, is well worth the effort.







15 Big Picture Reasons for your Twin Flame Health Challenges

If you, like me, are experiencing some Twin Flame Health Challenges, here are some ‘Twin Flame’ Big Picture reasons, as to why you might be experiencing pain, and or physical ailments in your life right now.

  1. Takes you out of autopilot mode
  2. Makes you focus on the PRESENT – the here and now
  3. Helps you to break old patterns
  4. Stops you from doing what you’ve always done, so you do things differently
  5. Reduces any pre-programmed 3D impulses
  6. Helps you focus on what truly YOUR priorities
  7. Gets you out of your head (and ego) and back in touch with your body
  8. Teaches you the importance of alignment
  9. Forces you to ‘ration’ your energy for what is truly important
  10. Makes you put YOURSELF and YOUR needs first … perhaps for the first time ever!
  11. Gives you the time and space for your body to rebuild and HEAL
  12. Keeps you on your Twin Flame Path of Spiritual Ascension, by making nothing else available to you.
  13. Helps to learn SELF-LOVE and compassion. (How can you as a Twin Flame have self-love and compassion for others, and your Twin Flame, if you can’t give it to yourself???)
  14. Teaches you GRATITUDE for what you have when you have it
  15. Slows you down so you can consciously ‘BE’ in JOY and ENJOY life
  16. It helps you better understand and empathize with YOUR Twin Flame.

While we might be frustrated, and confused, and upset, and challenged by the life that we go through, to be and unite with our Twin Flame.  Take  ♥❤ HEART ❤♥[deliberate ‘pun’], there is a bigger purpose and a bigger picture behind it all.  We don’t suffer needlessly … unless you aren’t paying attention, of course.  (Cue the ‘MACK’ truck…)


Which are YOUR ‘Reasons’ for any Twin Flame Health Challenges?

I encourage you to look at all the above reasons I have mentioned, to see if any of them explain why things might be happening in your life at this point. Is there perhaps a reason why you’re experiencing what you are, and why you’re going through?

Do yourself a favor, take the time to sit down, and journal each point.


When you do take the time to look at your look at your Twin Flame journey from another perspective, things may make a whole lot more sense for you.  😊  I promise.

Last, (but not least) words of wisdom….



Hang in there.  You can do this.  (Things will get better)




Much love,


Kristina.  X

Please excuse any typos.  I’m trying to teach myself that ‘finished’ and published is better than perfect. 😊


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