Twin Flame Free Will

Twin Flame Free Will (What you need to know)

Are Twin Flames meant to be together?   Will the Twin Flame Runner return?

A lot of a questions Twin Flames often ask are around the topic of Twin Flame Free Will, Fate, Twin Flame Destiny, and Divine Timing.

For the Divine Feminine who KNOWS about the Twin Flame connection (when the Divine Masculine often seems oblivious), it can be a very confusing time, especially if their Twin Flame has just left them, or their Twin Flame is married or gets engaged to someone else.  They desperately want to know ‘Will their Twin Flame ever choose them?

Today I want share some insights into Free Will within a Twin Flame Relationship.  It is so easy to doubt the connection, when you don’t understand how Free Will works.  A very important thing to note is that how you’ve always thought about Free Will, and how it NOW applies to you as a Twin Flame on the Twin Flame Journey is a bit different.

Let me explain.

First off…..


What is Free Will?


FREE WILL:  It is the choice to be able to choose how you live your life.  To make your own choices and decisions, and to not be forced or mandated into following someone else’s choices for your life. To be able to choose to do something, and equally choose not to do something, and then to be able to change your mind about the choice.  (Changing your mind is not just a women’s prerogative 😊 ).

DIVINE WILL: Free Will is often countered by the concept of Divine Will, of things being fated or pre-ordained.   Something we all understand as awakening Twin Flames.   Just because we want something to happen NOW, however, doesn’t mean it will.   (In fact, the longer you’ve been on this Twin Flame Journey, the more you realize that your impatience and demand to have it now, indicates how and what you need to still heal – often  certain areas in, or  beliefs around your life.)

FREE WILL VS DIVINE WILL: Many people (and some Twin Flames) believe Free Will and Fate are opposites.   That, if things are fated, you can’t have free will. And also alternatively, that because you have free will, you can walk away from things that are fated.. ie. your Twin Flame relationship or your physical Twin Flame Human, when things aren’t going as your Ego (or lower self) planned.


Why do I call EGO – the lower self?

Bringing up the EGO is an important part of understanding the Free Will / Divine Will dilemma.  It is our EGO, our personality that really likes the idea of Free Will. But if you’ve been on this Twin Flame Journey a number of years, hopefully you’ve ‘woken-up’ to the realization that the spiritual component and connection of your Twin Flame Relationship is just as important as any physical manifestation or physical Twin Flame Union.

In case you haven’t thought of it in this way before…..

Spiritual Connection = Divine Will.

Will the Twin Flame Runner return?

Well, what are they paying attention to?  Free will or Divine Will?


A Twin Flame’s experience of Free Will and Divine Will is different.

It is important to know that as a Twin Flame, your Soul will demand to play a more ‘upfront’ role in your life.  (Yes, There is a very good reason that your entire life started falling apart not long after meeting your Twin Flame.)

Most people tend to ignore, or perhaps not even be aware of their Soul, as they go through life.








  • Many follow the desires and demand of their MIND / EGO, which provides a very rigid way of living, programmed in by Governments / Society / Religion / Ancestral Family practises and some truly, truly, horrible, drama-driven TV shows that do not truly represent real life.
  • Many people are also ‘slaves’ to the desires of their BODY / EGO:
    1. whether it be adrenaline highs,
    2. and the over blown desire for a particular type of body, beauty or physical appearance,
    3. or perhaps indulgences of a more ‘sexual’ nature.

Everyone has an EGO / personality.

It is what keeps us safe during our physical life, and how we express ourselves (by default) during our day to day lives. This is known as the ‘lower self’, or ‘self’ with a little ‘s’, and what we usually identify with when we say ‘I’.

Your Spirit or Soul is an important part of you

Less commonly known, is the fact that everyone has a Soul or Spirit, and a ‘Higher Self’ – a non-incarnated part of you – that has the big picture of your life as a Soul and why you came here.

(Surely, you didn’t think that your Soul was small enough to fit totally within your physical body did you?  No, no, no. If so, time to re-think.  Only a fraction of your Soul is in the Body. Most of ‘you’ isn’t in physical form. And remember that if you are a Twin Flame, some of our Soul is in your Twin Flame Human.)

In the general population, people tend to only believe what they physically see. Meaning that most people go though life without any knowledge of this extension of themselves – a greater higher and more omnipresent version of YOU.

That is, unless you are a Twin Flame, of course.

Because as Twin Flames, your Twin Flame Human has come into your life with the specific purpose of reminding you of the Divine (non-incarnated) part of you, via Divine Twin Flame Love.   (Now, if any of you thought the purpose was for Twin Flame Sex, think again.   That is the ‘icing’ on the cake, but you need to get the cake first!!

What about you?  Do you follow your Ego or your Soul?

As people go through life, they can be guided by one or the other – Ego or Soul?.  Which could also be worded as Free Will or Divine Will?

Most people follow their Ego because they may not be ‘aware’ of their Soul, or they’ve been ‘taught’ as a child not to listen to their inner self.

  • Were you guided as a child to listen to your inner wisdom and own inspiration?
  • Or, where you ‘told’ instead that you had to follow someone else’s rules and regulations?

Be grateful you are a Twin Flame – because you NOW see life differently

One amazing things about Twin Flames is how we start to clearly SEE how crazy and non-logical all those ‘rules and regulations’ are, after meeting our Twin Flame.   We see how their society / background / culture / religion, etc had so many rules around what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’… and how those rules, along with the ones we are taught as a child…  doesn’t resonate as ‘truth’ to us.

They are just man-made rules, not spiritual truths that exists beyond all time and space.

This is where following your Soul comes in.

Your Soul knows what resonates and feels true to it.  It sees through your and other people’s “BS”.  It is a far much better and greater guidance system than our heavily biased MIND/EGO, which measures every decision and action around whether or not it keeps you safe.

Divine Will

Focus on your Soul and less on your Ego’s desires

As Twin Flame’s we are lucky. Our Soul connection to our Twin Flame helps us to listen less to our Ego, and more to our Souls own calling.  This helps us hook into the bigger mission that we have as Twin Flames, and so we can listen to our guidance as to how to fulfill our role as Earth’s ‘Essential Service Workers’.

When you take the time to notice and BE aware, you will notice so many things, all messages from your Soul communicating to you.

  • What are your current challenges or things you are facing? Take the time to notice and think about them from a higher perspective.
  • Is there a message in them for you coming from your Soul?

What does ‘Tuning in’ looks like

Let me share an example of what your Soul’s intuitive guidance might look like.

A personal example:

I’ve been trying very hard over the last 2 months to build more content for this website, and I launched my newest course on “How to Create a Twin Flame Love Box, and why you need one” earlier this month.  But it has been a real struggle, with me missing ‘self imposed (ego)’ deadline, after ‘self-imposed (ego)’ deadline.

The whole time I’ve been fighting internet outages… (hence the delay in this months blog post …Sorry!.)   I even got a quote to upgrade to a better internet connection right up to my house, but the suggested $19,800 bill is just laughable.

So, I’ve been sitting at my computer (with my currently task-driven EGO), saying   ‘Why isn’t my internet connecting”.  My intuition/my soul/’my voice’ in my head tells me at exactly the same moment – that in this NOW moment, it wants me to connect to myself… not anything external.  As a secondary confirmation, the very moment that I write this, the battery on my wireless land-line phone handset suddenly starts charging after being ‘dead’ for 2 days. (The ‘connection’ is live again!)

What do you choose?    Free Will or Divine Will?

This is just a simple example of the subtle moments of guidance that Twin Flames receive.

You could say it is a bit like, the seemingly opposites, of Free Will and Divine Will.  You always have a choice, but my, oh my, Divine Will has an endless arsenal of tools and techniques to make sure that you (and your Twin Flame) are focused and moving forward into the right (Soul-guided) direction.

Now, I have two choices:

    1. OPTION A which is to go with my EGO / Free Will:
      • I stubbornly could ‘fight against the current’ and egotistically take my laptop somewhere with wifi, in order to access the internet and complete content for you.  If I do though, however, I risk having some other obstacles in my path, a flat tire perhaps? Some other issue that might pop-up and it will always take much longer for me to complete the task.
    2. OPTION B is to choose SOUL / Divine Will:
      • I could surrender, go with the flow of my Soul, and do what is asks of me. I can stop and realize, that what I had planned may not be the best use of my time at the moment. As a pause typing and pay attention to my body, I realize I that have a huge urge to leave my house and go and visit  the nearest shopping center.   Time for this Lightworker to shine.


(Excuse me… apparently, my light is needed elsewhere in this exact moment in time, I’ll be back later…..])



Life is more about the Journey than the Destination

When making a choice it is really up to you as to what is the best decision for you.

  • Do you want a simple and easy life that just flows? And, one that is divinely guided by a much greater and big picture ‘intelligence’ that ensures you are always in the right place in the right time?

Having spent so many years trying to make things happen by shear willpower, lots of effort, many sleepless nights, and lots of caffeine, I can tell you that following your EGO driven ideas and deadlines, IS NOT the best way to live.

I now want to ALWAYS go with the flow. It is so much better.


So, will your Twin Flame choose you?

Coming back full circle, to the topic of Twin Flames and Free Will, for all those Twin Flames questioning,  ‘Will the Twin Flame Runner return? Will my Twin Flame choose me?

(I’ve actually already answered this in my example above, but in case I was too subtle I am going to really spell it out)

Will Your Twin Flame Choose you?

What you ‘need to know’

(ha ha.. Twin Flame inside joke!)

The further you are along your Twin Flame Journey the smaller the dichotomy (or separation 😊) between Free Will and Divine Will becomes.

Over time, you start to see that as a Twin Flame Free Will and Divine Will are paths to the same thing… the best life for you.  The life your Soul wants to you have.  The life YOU planned before you came here, and before you detoured away, as you were ‘programmed’ by society, others, and often a money first mentality.

The more awake and aware you become on this Twin Flame Journey, the more clearly you see your options about how to create and live your best life.

You realize:

  1. You could do it the hard way (Ego) or the easy way (Soul).
  2. You can take the long, steep, and windy route (Ego) or the simple shortcut (Soul)

You also see the BIGGER TRUTH…  that whichever choice you make – the destination, the place you are going to get too –  is always the same.

It is your choice if you go kicking or screaming, or whether you simply go with the flow and trust your Higher Self to always have you in the right place at the right time.

Now, regarding you and your Twin Flame….

Since you and your Twin Flame are the same soul, then what one of you wants at a soul level, the other will also want at a Soul level. Your single Soul, influencing two bodies, will always want and desire the same thing.

If you are listening to your Soul, you can’t not!

The caveat, of course, is that you and your Twin Flame both need to be listening to (and following) your Soul to tune into this desire.

So, let me repeat.

  1. At a Soul level, you both want the same thing.
  2. At a Human level, both of you just need to ‘release the ego desires’ and follow your Soul’s guidance and you will end up in exactly the same place, desiring exactly the same thing.

So, please drop any fears or worries about your Twin Flame not choosing you.  (In fact, they need to choose themselves first, and line up with their Soul’s calling, not any previous life plans or commitments. )

Your Twin Flame is definitely on the way.  Yay!


If you are struggling now with Separation, Hang in There!

Two old sayings comes to mind.

“God’s delays are not God’s denials.”

“Not yet” doesn’t mean “no”, it just means “not right now”.


Make sure YOU are on the path and your Twin Flame isn’t waiting for you

Twin Flame PathIn order to get to your final destination, you need to be on the right path or the right bus, so to speak.  So check in within your Soul and make sure that you are.

Are you waiting for your Twin Flame, or is your Twin Flame waiting for you?

Keep following that guidance and heading down your Soul’s path, and towards your Soul’s desires and your Twin Flame will meet you there.

This is how Twin Flames and Free Will works, and this is what you needed to know.

Yes, the Twin Flame Runner will return.  Just make sure you aren’t running from your Soul yourself.

Much love, until next time.

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Bye for now.


Kristina x



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