6 Fun Ways to Realign yourself with Twin Flame Love ( Learn HOW in my *NEW* Twin Flame e-Course )

Dear Twin Flame, 

Have your lost that loving feeling?   Would you like it back?

Do you spent too much time feeling down and upset about your Twin Flame situation?

When instead you could be thinking of your Twin Flame (and yourself) from higher feelings of LOVE?



Learning how to cope with the Twin Flame Roller-Coaster


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All too often on our Twin Flame Journey, the ‘emotional roller coaster’ knocks us out of our high vibrations and makes it hard to get back up towards the ‘State of Love’, where Twin Flame Union becomes possible.

Who can relate?







Feeling a whole lot of up and down emotions, is something that, like you, I’ve experienced far too often on my Twin Flame Journey….

That is until I discovered a way of staying in those higher Twin Flame Love states on a more regular basis.

(A simple way, that once you’ve done the initial setup, can be used and working for you too, in a just minute or two. ) 


Back to those joyful feelings again… yay!

Thank goodness….! 🙂


There is a way to literally ‘rise above this’

Save yourself some unnecessary pain, and learn from my personal experience.


🔥🔥 I share lots of valuable insights in my newest Twin Flame e-course,  about Twin Flame Love 🔥🔥


As a True Twin Flame myself, and a Twin Flame Coach who helps Twin Flames gain a much broader ‘Big Picture’ perspective of their Twin Flame Journey, I’ve been sharing these methods with my 1-1 coaching students so they too could benefit.

And they do….


It has been SO REWARDING to see how my students have been able to regain a new perspective, and therefore adopt a much more balanced and loving approach towards their Twin Flame, and their whole Twin Flame Journey experience.

(In my humble opinion…. ANYTHING that can help stop you from needlessly from blowing up your Twin Flame Relationship – out of EGO – is VERY VERY VALUABLE.)


In my new Twin Flame Love e-Course, I’m making my insights a lot more accessible, and available to broader Twin Flame community.

I would LOVE all interested Twin Flames to be able to experience and learn for themselves, how to the access the higher vibrational states of Twin Flame Love, in a more deliberate and frequent manner.


Introducing my newest ** TWIN FLAME LOVE **  e-course


Since the Twin Flame Experience is both a 3D and 5D journey, I wanted to create a tool-set that help you align your 3D actions with your 5D energies.


My new e-Course is called:


(and YES, you will be creating some kind of ‘LOVE BOX’  – it isn’t just a name.    🤣🤣
…. more details inside the course)



To get these transformational tools into the hands of as many interested Twins, as possible, I’ve packaged instructions on how to get back to high vibrational ‘TWIN FLAME LOVE STATES’  into a simple self-study, e-course.

One that you can do on your own time, and at a rate much cheaper than 1-1 coaching with me.

(The other added benefit, is that you get immediate access, and don’t need to fight for a space in my coaching calendar).



What does the Course Cover?

Inside the 9 Modules of this course:

  • I explain how my Twin Flame Love Box ideas works, and how to create your own ‘Twin Flame Love Box’ for use in your own Journey.
  • I also introduce and detail Six (6) x Fun Vibration raising activities, or exercises, to use with the Twin Flame Love Box.


Each of the 6 methods is carefully explained in video format.

  • They comes with a quick-reference guide for later use, and
  • Coaching tips from me, on the best time and situations in which to use each exercise.

** The course is spoken in ENGLISH and also comes with English sub-titles for those of you whose first language is not English. **


A good solid 3 months of work has gone into creating and publishing this informational course.

I originally thought the e-course would be 1.5 hours long, but it ended up taking over 5 hours of video.  So HEAPS OF VALUE bundled in for you, including the ability to submit online any COURSE-RELATED QUESTIONS you might have for me.


Have you Mastered your Twin Flame Frequency Yet?


Keeping your vibrations high is very important as a Twin Flame.

But I didn’t know that early on…. nor how to increase my frequency when feeling down.


I so, soooooooooooooo wish I had known these techniques earlier in my Twin flame journey. They would have saved me years of feeling ‘powerless’ and stuck in something out of my control.


But, you don’t need to experience the same issues that I have,  you can avoid it.


The ‘HOW TO CREATE A TWIN FLAME LOVE BOX … and Why you NEED one’ e-course helps you better manage the ups and down of the Twin Flame Emotional Roller coaster. It works to change some of the beliefs you have around your Twin Flame Journey, and ultimately get you feeling those states of ❤ LOVE ❤ again.


Do yourself a favor, and take a moment or two to read the preview on the  the Six frequency raising activities listed within my Twin Flame Love Box e-course.  I’m sure you will love them as much as my coaching students do!


Why a Course, not a blog post?

In case you are wondering why I’ve made these activities into a paid course, rather than sharing for free on my website.

There are 3 main reasons:

  • What I am sharing is valuable information that my coaching students pay a lot of receive (at least 3-4 coaching sessions).  It is therefore only fair that I charge a similar (yet obviously smaller fee).
  • The activities will only help you if you actually commit to do them  It is fairly well-known that people are more likely to value things and follow through when we have paid for them.  So if I have to charge you to make sure you put the time aside to learn the content, I will.
  • Taking the time to design and build-out these course is part of my move to a more spiritually aligned career, and I thank you for helping me to achieve it. 😀  (It is so nice when Twin Flames can help each other).

🔥  Did I also mention my new course contains 5 HOURS OF CONTENT!!!   Far too much to share in a blog post or posts. 🔥



Special Pricing for the first 100 students


As ‘How to Create a TWIN FLAME LOVE BOX.. and Why you NEED one‘ is a brand new course, I am offering a special discounted “INTRODUCTORY PRICING” for the first 100 students only, after which time the price of the course goes up.

If you would like to gain some valuable coaching tools, and fun-activities top keep your vibrations high and return you to a state of alignment with TWIN FLAME LOVE, check out my e-course.

The Coupon Code to use for the special pricing is :   MORELOVE


If you would like to get that loving feeling back again, I hope you check it out.

You can find more information on the Course at https://twin-flame-stages.teachable.com/p/how-to-create-a-twin-flame-love-box  or http://www.TwinFlameLoveBox.com



All the Twin Flame Love box exercises I share in the course are a lot of fun, and can really boost your spirits on your Twin Flame journey.  (BTW, You can do most of these exercise on your own, but there are some you can also do with your Twin!!)

Who doesn’t want more TWIN FLAME LOVE, baby! 💓



Much love,

Kristina x


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