Twin Flame Age Difference

What is your Twin Flame Age Difference or Age Gap?

Do you have a Twin Flame age gap or age difference, between you and your Twin Flame?  Confused as to why you are so attracted to someone much older or younger than yourself?

Do you know that having a large age gap between yourself and your partner is often an indication of a Twin Flame relationship? A Twin Flame sign?

Twin Flames often have an Age Difference between the Twins

Yes, a small to huge age difference is not uncommon among Twin Flames.  Some Twin Flames are born only days or months apart, others are born years.  If you are worrying about having a 10+ year age gap between you and your Twin, no need to worry, it is more common than you think. Some Twin’s have an even larger age difference of 15 or 20 years.  In fact, the largest I have heard of is 34 years.

Why do Twin Flames often have an age difference?

Twins often have an age gap, as one of the things we are here to teach in the world is that when you truly love someone, outside ‘details’ such as age, race, gender, sexuality, colour, religion, etc don’t matter.  All that matters is love, as Twin Flames recognise the soul of a person, rather than their physical attributes, and external characteristics of personality and upbringing.

Humans truly are all ONE.

Whilst society in general (and perhaps your religion) may have ‘rules’ around ages of couples, an age gap between Twin Flames will only be a problem if you let it.

In my own personal Twin Flame relationship, my Twin and I were born approximately 11 years apart.  (Magic number 11 !)

Little did I know when I was looking for my ideal man at age 29, that he was still in school…..

What age gaps exist between Twins?

In 2018 survey, recently taken in a Twin Flame group, Twin Flames were asked to identify how large (in years) the age gap was between themselves and their twin.   The results as shown in the chart ‘Common Twin Flame Age Gap‘ below, were rather surprising.


Twin Flame Age Gap

The number of Twins with less than 1 year between their dates of birth are shown in the first column.   The columns after that have grouped Twin Flame age gaps into 5 year time frames – 1-5 years, 6-10 years, 11-15 years, 16-20 years, 21-25 years, 26-30 years, and 30+ years.

As you can see by the results, the most common age gap between Twin Flames (within the survey group) was 1-5 years, with 25% of Twins falling into this age gap range.   6-10 year age gap was next popular at 22%. 11-15 years age gap was at 20%, and 16-2 year Twin Flame age gap at 13.75%.

Whilst there are some Twin Flames with a 21 to over 30+ age gap between themselves and their twin, statistically this was only 6% of the Twin Flame group surveyed.

This means a whopping 88.75% of Twin Flames have a Twin Flame age difference of less than 20 years.  50% of them, born 10 years or less apart.

This begs the question, that if age gaps are common, ‘How old are most Twins’?

Twin Flame Age Differences

In a related survey, Twin Flames in a Twin Flame group were asked their ages.   Not everyone was willing to admit their age, but to those who did we are grateful.

You can see the results of the survey in the chart ‘Ages of each Twin Flame‘, below:


How old are Twin Flames?

Twin A was the Twin Flame ‘awakened and aware’ person answering the survey (shown in blue).  Their Twin was Twin B (shown in orange).  The majority of the people who answered the survey were women, most of which (but not all) who identified as being the Divine Feminine in their Twin Flame Relationship.

For a large number of respondents, the elder twin appeared to be a woman, although that wasn’t always the case. Some Twins were in heterosexual twin flame relationships, others were in same sex relationships.

What was rather clear was the age gap again between the Twins as described in the earlier chart. (Notice the age group dominance difference between blue and orange in the 20-29 and 30-39 age range)

Twin A (BLUE – who answered their survey) were all aged over 20, with a surprising number of them aged between 60-69 years of age.  In comparison, their Twin (ORANGE) fell into a wider age range,  being aged ‘less than 20′ up to ’60-69 years’ of age.  Fewer of them fell into the 60-69 age group, and  large number of them appeared to be aged 29 and below, compared to their twin.

It is unknown how many of these Twin Flames were waiting for union, vs already in union with their twin.

One thing for sure however, is that with large age gaps between twins, it seems more likely that most twins won’t reach union until later in life, when both Twins have had time to mature.

Key takeaways

So what are your key takeways from this article…

  • Twin Flame Age gaps or Age differences between the Twin are not uncommon.  In fact, they are actually ‘normal’.
  • Be aware that large aged gaps between twins means it *may* take some time (ie. years) for some Twins to come into union. In these cases, time is needed for each twin to become an adult, as well as the time it takes for you both to break through any societal expectations.  (ie.  What if your twin is the same age as your own daughter or son?)
  • Please be patient with Divine Timing.   Whilst you might be in your 30s and looking for the ‘One’, it is entirely possible your Twin might still be in their teens.

Hang in there!


Unsure if you are a Twin Flame or not?  See my article about 4 Authentic Spiritual Twin Flame Signs.

Get up to speed with key Twin Flame Terminology, or discover more about find out more about common Twin Flame Journey’s and what they might mean for your Twin Flame Connection.

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8 thoughts on “What is your Twin Flame Age Difference or Age Gap?

    • Most Twin Flames interact as adults, and the Twin Flame process takes time as each Twin needs to do their own healing and transform. So it makes sense that the 30-35 age difference is about the maximum.

  1. I didn’t take the survey but there is 26 years between him and me. I was 50 and he was 24 when we met. Our ages at the time = 11. And we met in November 2011 (11/11). Our first conversation was an attraction and soul recognition that had us smiling like fools! 11 was our favorite number since childhood. We became Facebook friends on Jan 11, 2012, and the request came into my inbox at 11:11 am. On that day, he was the same age I was when I met my husband… 11 days older to be exact! And he got married at the age I was when I had my first child – to the day! We were both born on a Monday, and both born in the capital city of our countries. More parallels and synchronicities are detailed in my blog… if this isn’t Twin Flames then I’d really like to know what’s behind it. Our age gap and culture gap kept us from uniting; I never loved anyone so unconditionally before. It was a bond as strong as mother and child, but with the romance too. Truly fascinating.

  2. I am 22 and met my TF over a year ago while I was in a really dark place, high on drugs.. he’s 31 now so there’s an 8 year difference.. we were together every day for a couple months, but my life was turned upside down real quick.. we knew each other because we live in a small town, something made me text him in the middle of the night and I told him I was lonely, and i ended up picking him up, I remember the feeling when he first got in my car.. it’s just been growing more intense ever since.. especially because as soon as things went south between him and I , I found out I was pregnant on November 4, 2018.. my due date was July 18th, which is my TFs birthday! That’s when I knew something was up .. anyways he ran for awhile, I got clean and have been slowly waking up as the year passed.. we didn’t talk but at least once or twice a month he came around and now I understand that it was my power that pulled him back to me, our son was born on July 5th, 2019.. unfortunately my TF has denied him being his this whole time..
    it was almost 2 months of not seeing him or speaking to him, I never understood why he haunted my brain so bad and sent me on so many emotional roller coasters.. I’ve been wondering this whole time until 3 nights ago I pulled him back to me for one last time because I’m moving and he’s the only thing I was sad about .. I realized I didn’t hate him after all I actually loved him because my life changed drastically because of him , I would not be where I am today..
    So I still didn’t understand but I’ve always known in my heart and soul that he loved me even though everyone told me different, there’s just something about this one I can’t let go and I started asking why while he was right beside me, I laid my hands on him and prayed without him knowing , to be set free from his addiction and so on.. my daughter (5) woke up in the other room crying like she always has (I thought it was night terrors, I now believe it was entities her whole life as it’s happened in the night since she was born) I was calm and held her until she calmed down, I looked up and in my closet was a perfect blue/white crystal like orb , i instantly felt like I had to go look at the times on my clocks in the kitchen and they said 12:12, 2:12, and my phone said 2:22..
    our sex after that was the most intense it has ever been we looked at each other after like what the heck was that and he said his balls tingled lol..
    I’m a life path 7 and he is a 6, so that equals 4.. if you add our son too it equals 9… which I have also been seeing 9 constantly.. I’ve been praying for a miracle because a huge part of me has always felt like I can help people , now I actually 100% know I can because of the crazy things that have been happening over the last 2 weeks.. also since the next morning that I figured it all out.. my son definitely sees spirits all day he hardly makes eye contact now he always has his eyes focused on something I can’t see all over the room..
    I would really love some feedback on this as I’m going through this alone and you all know how terrifying it can be.. thank you

    • Brooklynn, Congratulations on all you have achieved. The Twin Flame journey isn’t an easy one, but the transformation we achieve is nothing short of miraculous! Keep moving forward…you definitely will be able to help others, with all you have learned. BTW, I’m a life path 7 and my Twin is a life path 6, too…

  3. This is CrAzY! I had never heard about twin flames until I spoke to a psychic a out my ex, who had just broken up with me. I am 54 and he is 24. We have known each other for 10 years and always seemed to have a connection. He was a neighborhood kid a d we would often talk to one another. As he got college age he asked me alot about my school and career. He ended up attending the same school and same major as myself. As he aged, we eventually became a couple, but hid it much of the time because of the age difference. Nearly 3 years ago he moved in with me. We had a very tumultuous relationship. I chalked it up to him being immature, however no matter what happened I was never willing to let go. As I epuld describe to him- he was the only person I had ever felt complete with. It wasnt something that people could understand and frankly neither could I. My birthday is 33 and his is 44, so there are the repeating numbers. We became engaged on the 11.
    He recently left without giving me closure and has cut off all contact with me. He is throwing himself into literally working 12 hour days because wants to create something great, and partying. I have spent the time researching how to get over this which is when I came across twin flames. Much of what i have read supports what I could not explain for nearly 10 years. He always told me he felt he was put her for an unknown reason but he knew he was supposed to accomplish something great. I have read this is common among twin flames.
    About 6 mo ths ago he had us start a business together. Anyway, i could go on and on, but mostly I want to say I am so glad to finally have an explanation. As the runner I am not sure he will ever come back but even if he doesnt I am very glad i got to experience this connection in my life and that others have had it too and I am not crazy.

  4. Me and my twinflame are 5 days apart. He is 5 days older. I met him 19 years ago, and 19 years later we met again. Its very difficult, but now I finaly see all the signs why we feel that way and why there are so much simalarities including the musical connection. And also why strange things happen around us. Our energy is strong and we both havent finished our journey. Thats why we are seperated and it didnt work. He opened my eyes, heart & soul again. But i am scared and facing my fears.

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