About Twin Flame Stages

Twin Flame Stages
A ‘Logical’ Guide to Twin Flames.


The Twin Flame journey is an amazing spiritual one that only a few people will ever experience.

It is such an intense spiritual connection that defies all 3D paradigms.  And, as beautiful as it is, this journey can be very confronting when you don’t what you is happening to you and your body; what to do; or even what to expect next.

Our lack of understanding about this Twin Flame phenomenon, and all of the stages that the Twin Flame process may involve, makes the Twin Flame journey is a tough one. Tough on hearts, minds, and bodies.


I provide ‘Real Advice’ from my own research and experience as a TRUE Twin Flame

My name is Kristina and I am a TRUE Twin Flame.

I never expected to be going public at this stage of my Twin Flame journey, but after seeing so many women (and some men) in pain and anguish as they totally misunderstand the process, I felt it was time to share my knowledge so that it may help others.

Why do I state I am a TRUE TWIN FLAME?

Well sadly, there are some people out there who are stating they are Twin Flames when they are clearly not.

And, there are also other people out there who are stating they are Twin Flames, yet completely confused over the identify of their Twin.

The Twin Flame experience is a process, a defined set of stages.  Until you have meet your True Twin (and the alchemical process between you both started), then you are not experiencing the highly, spiritual True Twin Flame Connection, but instead a normal 3D or Soul Mate Relationship.

Why is this a problem? Well, because any advice that non-True Twin Flames are providing to you will be wrong, or at the very least misleading.

The Twin Flame journey has to be felt and experienced to be understood.  And, because it is so spiritual, other-worldly and generally so hard to explain, those who aren’t living it can’t truly comprehend or understand the depths and reality of truly sharing your Soul with another person.

So I recommend checking that anyone you take advice from, does truly know the identify of their twin and has met and spent time with them in the physical face-to-face. (It doesn’t need to be sexual.  They just need to spend enough time together for the Twin Flame process to start).

Similarly, I also recommend that you ONLY get advice from a ‘happy’ Twin Flame. When a Twin Flame is currently suffering over their Twin Flame connection, then their bias and pain could inadvertently ‘twist’ their advice to you.



Do I know who is my True Twin Flame?

YES, I have no doubt around the identify of my Twin Flame.

He and I (obviously) are both incarnate on earth at this time.  (He has also confirmed our connection)

It was over 10 years ago, that I first physically saw and heard my Twin Flame’s voice.

We didn’t speak to each other, or even really meet each other, yet I remember everything about that experience.

It was nearly another 3 years before we were formally introduced, and both said “Hi”.  But beyond that we didn’t talk.

Time rolled on, and it was another 2 years and 9 months had passed before we had our first conversation.   Unbelievably, it happened after my Twin sent a text directly to my cell phone asking if I wanted to talk. ….No idea how he got my number.

I didn’t discover I was a Twin Flame and that he was my Twin, until after a magical, mystical experience that involved both of us, and occurred another 10 months later in early 2015.

Since then, like most of you, I’ve put lots of time and effort to trying to ‘work-out’ this Twin Flame thing.  At least 3+ hours a day of reading, research, reviewing other Twin’s stories, and also my own physical and spiritual experiences with my Twin.


How can I help you on your journey?

Whilst I can’t say I even understand 80% of everything about Twin Flames – no-one can as everyone’s journey is different – I feel that I’ve currently experienced enough to recognise the stages of the process, and assist my ‘fellow Twin Flames (TFs) ‘ by providing a logical guideline for you on what might be ‘potentially’ happening in your situation with your twin.

Having a logical understanding of what was potentially happening to my soul, body, and mind, during and after the activation of the Twin Flame Process, has really helped me to COPE throughout what has been a beautiful, yet daunting, isolating and confusing time.

It is my hope that by sharing my discoveries that I can shed some light on your own journeys, and remove some of the fear, confusion and pain caused by misunderstanding of what is ‘actually’ happening during the Twin Flame Journey.

And help put you in a better state, where you are always offering a vibration of unconditional love to both yourself and your twin.


How to use this website

Like everything in this journey, please use your discernment to work out if what I am saying resonates with your Twin Flame experience and is true for you at the current time.

If not, you might want to bookmark the website, and check again at a later date.

Understanding the Twin Flame process and the stages involved is a bit like a university degree.

When you start in kindergarten, university level studies won’t make any sense, yet hang in there.  As your knowledge expands and you go through different levels of education, your ability and level of understanding also grows.

This is also true for the Twin Flame process.  The more and more you embody becoming a Twin Flame, the more you intellectually understand of the the processes within the journey, and the easier the journey becomes!


Wishing you and your Twin all the best on your Twin Flame journey.    I hope my content helps you.

(I post when I feel guided to, rather than on any fixed schedule, so don’t forget to check back here often for new updates. )


K.  xx

PS.   I am a  Divine Feminine Twin Flame in a Female body, who has a male Divine Masculine Twin Flame, so please forgive any unconscious emphasis towards female/male twin flames. I fully believe in and support same sex twin flames.  Our soul is gender-less, and we love who we love.




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