5 False Twin Flame Signs: False Twin Flame vs True Twin Flame

5 False Twin Flame Signs to help you identify your False Twin Flame vs Real Twin Flame

Do you know how to recognize your Twin Flame?  Your real true Twin Flame, versus your False Twin Flame?  You may have also heard False Twin Flames called a ‘pre-twin’, ‘near twin’, or catalyst?

There are Twin Flame similarities between your False Twin Flame vs Real Twin Flame.   Identifying your False Twin Flame is very straightforward and obvious, when you are 100% sure who is your Twin Flame.   But what if you aren’t sure who is your Twin Flame either?


5 False Twin Flame Signs

Here are 5 False Twin Flame Signs, that may help you identify your False Twin Flame vs a Real Twin Flame, so you can tell your True Twin Flame and False Twin Flame apart.

5 False Twin Flame Signs

1.  False Twin Flame vs Real Twin Flame: 1st Activation of Wounds vs Re-activation of Wounds

Both your True Twin Flame and False Twin Flame will press and activate your deepest core wounds – rejection, abandonment, betrayal, feeling unworthy, and unloved, etc. This doesn’t occur because they are ‘bad’ people, or you somehow ‘deserve’ it.  It is simply that the Twin Flame Journey requires these ‘wounds’ need to be found, cleaned and healed, to return you to your beautiful and authentic self.

How does this re-activation of wounds differ between True Twin Flame and False Twin Flame?  If you look carefully at what happened with the two people that activated these wounds, you may be able to notice how you found it easier, or handled it better with the second person. Because you had already started to ‘deal’ with that wound, after the first person had triggered the wounds.

What is the purpose of a False Twin Flame?  Your False Twin Flame comes into your life to help you prepare for your Twin Flame, and assist you on your Journey.  So, if you can clearly identify in your life the two (2) people who SERIOUSLY, and almost identically ‘triggered’ the same ‘wounds’ within you.  The one who did it FIRST – they are most likely your False Twin Flame.   Doing their job, of helping to lay the path of better acceptance of your Real True Twin Flame.

Please note, I am not saying that the triggering of these wounds HURTS less with your True Twin Flame, it often hurts more….! 

What am I saying is, that on reflection, you can acknowledge that you have handled the triggering of the wounds better, because the prior actions of your False Twin Flame had already started the healing process within you.  Ie. It isn’t a ‘fatal’ wound, because you know that you can pick yourself up and keep moving forward, because you’ve done it before.

When looking back at who triggered your wounds, you may find many people have triggered the wounds in you, in different degrees, over your lifetime.   What you need to look for are the two people who triggered the wounds most INTENSELY or in an almost identical way.  This may have also happened within a short time period, such as of a couple of years or so.  These people are most likely to be your real True Twin Flame and False Twin Flame (assuming, you have already met your True Twin Flame, of course).

Worried you have a Twin Flame Narcissist?

Got a Narcissist? If you are dealing with what appears to be a Narcissist, the chances of it being a False Twin Flame Narcissist are much more likely, than it being your True Twin Flame.

Your Twin Flame is YOU in another body.  This means, if you aren’t a Narcissist, they won’t be one either. Yay! Gotta Love that Twin Flame Mirror! 😊


2.  False Twin Flame vs Real Twin Flame: Needing Love vs Giving Love

This one is a little tricky to understand… so stick with me, as I try to explain.

Twin Flames are a spiritual connection first and foremost, so there is true 100% love between you and your Twin Flame.  Meeting your Twin Flame (who is you in another body), reminds you (often unconsciously) that you are Spiritual Being made up of pure love.

Not so, when you meet your False Twin Flame….

Whilst you may get a slight glimpse of Divine Intervention when your False Twin Flame enters your life, you only see them, and yourself, from the view point as a 3D human.

When you meet your False Twin Flame, you want to get the love FROM them that you have been missing your entire life. Whilst you do ‘love’ them, you want and are desperately seeking to GET love FROM them.

With your True Twin Flame, you also seek love FROM your Twin.  However, your desire TO SHOW LOVE TO your True Twin Flame is much, much more INTENSE.   (Your ‘relationship’ with them, isn’t just about what you ‘get’, but also ‘what you can give’).

With your True Twin Flame, you just HAVE to show your real True Twin Flame how much you love them.   You feel compelled.

Love is the natural state of Being for a Soul, so with your True Twin Flame you just want to express who you both truly are – LOVE.  You can’t hide it.  (LOVE is a state of Being, not a thing you give to someone else.)

With your False Twin Flame, you just want to RECEIVE love, to fill our ‘wounds’.  You are not in the high vibrational state of Soul Love.  With a False Twin Flame, you identify as a 3D human, and you still perceive the source of love as NEEDING to come from OUTSIDE of you. That you have to GET it FROM someone, rather that it BEING who you are (INSIDE).

With your True Twin Flame, the desire TO GIVE love (rather than needing receive it) is so much stronger.  You feel that you just HAVE TO express your love to your Twin Flame, because you are so full of love, that you will burst if you don’t.

A lot of the Twin Flame process or Twin Flame Journey is about ‘becoming’ (remembering) your Authentic Self, and this includes expressing love to everyone you love, regardless of societal or religious guidelines, etc. This is why Twin Flames have age differences, come from different countries, religious, and backgrounds, to help change what LOVE means on the planet.

To summarise, and simplify what I’ve been saying regarding this “False Twin Flame sign vs Real Twin Flame” sign:

  • With a False Twin Flame, you just want to RECEIVE love FROM them.
  • With your True Twin Flame, you enjoy RECEIVING love FROM them, but your desire TO GIVE love TO them, is just as strong, if not stronger, than your desire to receive love from them.

So, if you’ve met someone who you can’t get them out of your head.  And, you keep buying them presents, or for finding lots of things to give to them…..  Then you’ve probably found your Twin Flame. 😊


3.  False Twin Flame vs Real Twin Flame: Falling in Love vs Always in Love

You will remember all the times in your past when you’ve fallen in love with someone, right?  Time usually slows down, and you remember that moment clearly.

  • With your False Twin Flame, you remember the moment that you fell in love with them.
  • With your True Twin Flame, you will instead remember the moment when you realised that you had always loved them, across all time, space, and reality – past, present and future. That there had never not been a time when you didn’t love your Twin Flame… even if they are almost a stranger to you in this current life.


4.  False Twin Flame vs Real Twin Flame: General Synchronicities vs Very Specific Synchronicities

How do False Twin Flame Synchronicities differ from Real Twin Flame Synchronicities?

False Twin Flame synchronises are very basic and general.   Upon meeting your False Twin Flame, you might start your spiritual awakening, and start seeing basic signs like, 11:11, and other evidence of Divine Timing. Or, feel that that your life is being guided in a way that you’ve never noticed before.

You won’t however, see your Twin Flame initials or name on everything – in the same why that you do with your True Twin Flame.

Unless, of course, your False Twin and True Twin Flame both have the same first name or initials.   Anyone dating multiple ‘Michael’s, or Ann then Anne or Annie?

True Twin Flame Synchronicities are both:

  • General (to remind you that you are so connected to the Universe) and,
  • Very specific (to remind you WHO is your Twin Flame).

It goes beyond seeing repeating numbers: to very specific license plates; hearing or seeing their first and last name everywhere; and synchronistic meetings of how you both ended up at the same place at the same time, despite the odds.

When you’ve met your True Twin Flame, you aren’t just interested or aware of the spiritual path, you will be actively on and participating in it.

Meeting your False Twin Flame might coincide with a new or rekindled interest in spirituality, but spending time with your real Twin Flame will involve the actual movement of Kundalini Awakening energy up through your body and your spine.

Kundalini Awakening is both a spiritual and physical process that is irreversible. A Kundalini awakening assists you in starting to raise your vibrations, and detach from the old 3D paradigm.

Mine Kundalini Awakening occurred spontaneously whilst sleeping, after spending an entire day focused on and dreaming of my Twin Flame.  (If you want to know more about Kundalini Awakening, here is a link you might enjoy.   https://thoughtcatalog.com/brianna-wiest/2018/08/16-signs-youre-having-whats-known-as-a-kundalini-awakening/

If the only synchronicities you seem to see are Angel or repeating numbers, then maybe you may not have found your Twin Flame yet, or it is not time for your Twin Flame Journey to begin.


5.  False Twin Flame vs Real Twin Flame: Similar Background vs Parallel Lives

Another False Twin Flame sign that can be a little difficult to define, but makes perfect sense after you have found your Twin Flame, is similarities in your background or life-story.

With your False Twin Flame, you will have some life similarities or similar experiences:  area of study, type of work, hobbies, etc.  But, you will usually only find commonality in a couple of things.  Dig a little deeper into your False Twin Flame, and you will may find wildly different opinions, behaviours, and views of life.


True Twin Flames = One Soul in Two Bodies = Parallel Lives

Your True Twin Flame however, is YOU in another body.

Your life and your Twin Flames’ lives go beyond similar and closer to identical:  from both an experience perspective and emotional standpoint.  It is like you and your Twin Flame are experiencing Parallel Lives.

You and your Twin Flame will experience almost identical events and experiences over entire period of your life.  They may not occur during the same year, or in the same order of events.  You might experience one thing earlier in life, and your True Twin Flame may experience it later in life.  But, by the end of your current lifetimes, you will have both lived through almost identical experiences.

You and your Twin Flame are two sides of the same coin.  As the same soul, you will have come into the Earthly incarnation with the same ‘lessons’ or experiences pre-planned.  Your birth circumstances at birth (sex, race, country, religion, upbringing), provide a chance for them to be physically experienced in different ways.

For example, if you both wanted to experience abandonment; one Twin Flame might have experienced being adopted, the other Twin might have ‘absentee’ workaholic parents.  If both were teased at school, one Twin might have been teased over their appearance, and the other over their intelligence.   Later on in life, the Twin Flames may be bullied at work.  With the Twin who had been teased over their intelligence, now bullied over how they act (ie. appear) at work, and the one who had been teased over appearance now being teased over they way they think (ie. intelligence).


Twin Flames –  the same, yet slightly different

With a True Twin Flame, you will find you have more in common with your Twin Flame, than you find completely different.  Your differences, like your skillsets, will also be complementary.

In my relationship with my Twin Flame:

  • I like to create. My Twin likes to execute.
  • He likes to lead, I like to support.
  • He likes to cook, I prefer to arrange parties.
  • We are both accomplished public speakers.
  • We are both love technology.
  • We both like to travel. (He enjoys 2 to 5 stars travel, where I am a 4-5 stars kind of girl)
  • We both love to read paper-books and are speed readers. (I like romantic fiction and certain non-fiction topics, he loves biographies.)
  • We both have a large Cookbook and Crystal collection. (I’m sure you can work out whose is whose!!).
  • Our career history is also ridiculously similar, working is the same departments (adjacent roles) in multiple companies, even though we lived ½ a world away, and have an 11 year age gap between us.

(I could go on. I love talking about my Twin Flame, but I would never get this blog post finished…😊.).     

Bottom line…. Together, you and your Twin Flame will your ‘joint life’ experience from all sides, and points of view, so that no aspect has not been considered.

I’ve heard it said, that “If you had been born as your Twin Flame into their body, and with their life experiences, that you would have made exactly the same decisions as your Twin, because they are You”.  And, I fully believe that to be true.

You and your Twin Flame really are ONE…. and there is no separation!

By comparison, with your False Twin Flame, you and will just share some similarities.  Enough similarities to attract each other and so that your paths will cross. This allows your False Twin Flame to support you on your journey, and start to active your wounds, as I mentioned in my first point.


Q.   False Twin Flames vs True Twin Flames – who comes first.

All this talk of False Twin Flames, raises the question of False Twin Flame timing.

  1. When does your False Twin Flame arrive?
  2. Do they come first, and would that help identify who is your False Twin Flame, and who is your True one?

As I said above, I believe your Twin Flame comes into your life to prepare you for your True Twin Flame.  Does that mean they turn up a month before, or years before? Or even during?  It all depends upon your Twin Flame journey type, and your corresponding ‘schedule’ of events to come into twin Flame Union.

Twin Flame Journey Types are something I discovered, and wrote a course about, whilst learning how to navigate my own Twin Flame Journey.

Whilst each TF journey is completely unique to the couple involved, there are enough similarities between Twin Flames experiences, to you help you understand your own journey better.

Most Twin Flame information seems to indicate Twin’s get married quickly, but that is just one Twin Flame Journey Type.  Not all Twins jump into a relationship straight away.  What the Twin Flames live in different countries?  Have a huge age difference?  Or first met your Twin Flame as a child.  Understanding the reasons behind these kind of connections can really help

So far, I’ve identified six (6) different Twin Flame Journey Types, detailing how Twin Flame come together in different ways and on different timeframes.

If you are interested in finding out more about Twin Flame Journey Types (and possibly your own) you can find out more in my short inexpensive course on 6 Common Twin Flame Journey Types.


Can you meet your True Twin Flame before you meet your False Twin Flame?  Yes, I believe you can. 

Some Twin Flame meet very young, as children or teenagers, and are not yet ready to mature enough to handle a Twin Flame Activation process.   I’ve identified and called this type of Twin Flame connection, an ‘Early Meeting’ Twin Flame Journey Type. 


What about me?  When did my False Twin Flame enter my life?  

Well, the timelines with my Twin Flame and False Twin Flame overlapped.

(Which really would have confused things, had I known about Twin Flames at the time… Which luckily I didn’t!)

I met both my True Twin Flame and False Twin Flame at work.

I worked with my False Twin Flame for 2 years, before he ‘suddenly’ became important in my life… only a year before I met my True Twin Flame.  They were both active in my work life, for a number of years, at the same time.

If I look at the dates when I started working in the same building as my Twin Flame and False Twin Flame, they both arrived on the same day and month (ie 15 of February) several years apart, and left on the same day and month (ie 7th January) several years apart.    #FalseTwinFlameSynchronicity #TrueTwinFlameSynchroncity.   Can’t make this stuff up!

Looking back, I can clearly see how my False twin Flame prepared me for the arrival of my True Twin Flame.  I can also see why my Twin Flame and I are on a very ‘slow’ Twin Flame Journey, something I call a ‘Restricted Access’ Twin Flame Journey Type.   (I had lots of mindset shifts and beliefs to undergo.  Hence my work as a Mindset and Behavioural Coach, so I can help you learn from my experience, and ‘shortcut’ what I had to personally go through.)

If you would like to find out more about my research on 6 Common Twin Flame Journey Types, you can get access to it here (https://twin-flame-stages.teachable.com/) where I offer a couple of free and paid Twin Flame Courses.


Hope this post has been useful!  You can do it!


Kristina. x


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