36 Twin Flame Synchronicities

Twin Flame Synchronicities confirm your Twin Flame’s identity! Are you with a False Twin Flame..?

True Twin Flame or False Twin Flame?

As a Twin Flames, the Universe is constantly reminding you of your Twin Flame and your Twin Flame Journey.  It does this via Twin Flame Signs and and Twin Flame Synchronicities.   Synchronicities that tell you over and over again, who is your True Twin Flame.   Syncroncities that DON’T appear,if you are with your FALSE Twin Flame.

Have you stopped to think about what Twin Flame Synchronicity you have experienced?

I see a lot of people in the Twin Flame Community commenting about Twin Flame Numbers, and Numbers, feathers, and other spiritual signs, as proof they are a Twin Flame, and have found their true Twin Flame.

But these aren’t proper Twin Flame signs and synchronicities.

What these people may not be aware of, is that the Twin Flame Journey is a fast track version of Spiritual Ascension (and a whole lot more).  So a lot of the signs you see, such as 11:11, and other angel numbers, are normal signs for people on the spiritual ascension path – but not a good indicator of Twin Flames.

A better example would be Angel numbers combined with the Twin Flame’s initials, such as XY144, or 11XY11.

Whilst I enjoy seeing so many repeating numbers, personally I prefer to see more specific Twin Flame signs from the Universe.  The Twin Flame signs that tell me who is my Twin Flame…. over and over again  🙂

36 Twin Flame Synchronicities Examples

To help you work out if you truly have found your True Twin Flame, in this blog post I share over 36 Twin Flame Synchronicities examples I am sure you will enjoy.    I’ve broken them into four categories.

Twin Flame synchronicities that:

  1. Bring you and your Twin Flame together physically
  2. Clearly show you the Power of your Twin Flame Connection to each other
  3. Remind you of who is your Twin Flame when you are physically apart.
  4. Guide you on your Twin Flame path


Twin Flame Synchronicities – bring you and your Twin Flame together physically

When you are in the same physical place as your Twin Flame, the Universe will always try and get you together.

Same Place / Same Time

  • You have been thinking of them, and as you walk through a door, your Twin Flame also tries to walk through the door from the other side.
  • You are in a building waiting for a lift. When the lift arrives, the only person inside is your Twin Flame.
  • You’re talking to a friend and as you turn to leave you literally bump into your Twin Flame, also coming to talk to the same friend.

Twin Flames Meeting at Work

When you and your Twin Flame work together it provides an great opportunity to experience all sorts of Twin Flame synchronicities.

  • You and your Twin Flame work together in the same company, and he is late for a meeting.  The room is crowded, and it just so happens that when your Twin Flame arrives, the only spare seat in the whole room is the one next to you.
  • You and your Twin Flame both decide you need a cup of coffee at the same time.   You enter the kitchen from one entrance , and at the same time your Twin Flame enters the kitchen from anther entrance.  You both look up surprised and delighted.
  • You are sitting down with a group of work colleagues at a social situation at work.  All seats around you are taken.  The only spare seat is on the other side of the room.  Suddenly, you start to feel heart flips indicating your Twin Flame is on the way. As your Twin Flame arrives, a sudden reshuffle of seats of seats occur.  Some people go to the bathroom, and others return from the bathroom, like magic you find yourself and your Twin Flame seated together.
  • It’s late on a Friday afternoon, and all you want to do is go home. Yet for some unknown reason you stay, whilst others do leave work early.  Suddenly your heart starts flipping, and you start to smile.  10 minutes later your Twin Flame walks into the room.

Twin Flame Synchronicities – show the power of your Twin Flame Connection

Twin Flames are One Soul in Two bodies

  • Twin Flame synchronicities before meeting. Your heart starts beating hard, 10 minutes or so before you unexpectedly bump into your Twin Flame.   A bit like an ‘early warning system’…
  • Your heart does a huge flip, a second before your Phone rings.  It is your Twin Flame.
  • You and your Twin Flame send each other an almost identical text message at the same time.
  • You reply to an text from your Twin Flame that they haven’t even sent to you yet.  Their text asking the questions arrives in a second or two, after you have already sent your text – their reply.
  • You buy your Twin Flame a present, only to then discover  that they just bought themselves the same present.
  • You don’t cook, and you are getting annoyed at yourself, as you buy another cooking book you know you will never read.  The next day it all makes sense when you find out your Twin Flame loves to cook.
  • Your little toe on your right foot hurts.  You don’t know why.  There is nothing rubbing in your shoes, that would create that level of pain and irritation that you are feeling.  The next day you discover your Twin Flame broke the little toe on his right foot, and you were sharing in his pain. (Yes, Twin Flames feel each other’s pain)
  • One day you day ‘wake-up’ and suddenly see your house with a new set of eyes.  You realize that for the last 12 years, you’ve been unconsciously decorating your house with objects and colours that remind you of your Twin Flame.  Fascinating when you realize your FIRST conversation with your Twin Flame was 4 years ago.
  • It is 2am, and you’ve just sent your Twin Flame an email you’ve been working on for hours.  As it is so late, you instantly power off your PC, but Outlook Mail won’t shut down.  You open up Outlook again, to see what is wrong, and discover your Twin Flame just sent you an email message, about one second after you sent yours. Your Twin has been thinking of you too, and the Universe wants you to know it!
  • PREMONITION – You dreamt last night of your Twin Flame ringing you, and before the day is over, they do!  (Yes, Telepathic dreams with Twin Flame do occur!)

Twin Flame Synchronicities – always reminding you of your Twin Flame when you are physically apart.

Twin Flame Connection Signs – making sure you don’t forget your Twin Flame and the Twin Flame Journey.

Hearing your Twin Flame’s name

  • You are in a restaurant.  A couple are sitting in the other, only occupied table.  They start talking and the first persons name that comes out of their mouth is your Twin Flame’s first name.
  • You are in an elevator with multiple people.  Someone starts talking.  What do they say?  Your Twin Flames first name.
  • It is 7am on New Years Day and you’ve just walked outside.  You hear your neighbours loud voice.   ‘Yeah, [Twin’s first name]’, you hear, as he answers his phone.   The very FIRST word you hear for the New Year and it is your Twin Flames first name!!!.  A great New Year indeed! 🙂

Seeing your Twin Flame’s name or initials

  • The only vacant car spot  at the shops or cinema, is between 2 cars, both with your Twin Flame’s initials on the number plates.
  • You purchase a product online and it is delivered.  As you go to open the package you burst into laughter as you see the product code on the package.  It includes your Twin Flames first initial and last name.
  • You go to buy a cloth shopping bag for your groceries.  The supermarket has lots of them on display. but they ALL have the same slogan.   The one that contains your Twin Flames initials (both backwards and forwards) FIVE times…
  • You live in a large City with millions of people.   A Retail store within that city has 4 stores located in different suburbs or neighborhoods.  The name of that retail store is your Twin Flame’s first name, and of course, they open up a store in the neighborhood you have lived in for 20 years.  They have billboard on the side of the road, the road you drive down every day.  The sign advertises their business – your Twin Flame’s first name.
  • No matter which way you drive or walk to leave your street you are always reminded of your Twin Flame.  At least one home of each connecting street to yours has a car with your Twin Flames initials on the license place, the odds of which are over 1 in 130,000 (each).
  • You are suddenly attracted to watching a movie on TV you’ve never seen before.  As the closing credits scroll past, you find out why.  The lead actor had your Twin Flame’s first name.
  • You are watching a TV show that displays a graffiti wall and right in the middle of it in huge letters is your Twin Flame’s initials.  The next scene shows a retail store with the name of a well known shopping brand that actually encompasses your Twin Flames last name.
  • Whilst channel surfing on TV, you stop for a second to watch an interview.  A couple of minutes you discover the person talking has your Twin Flame’s first name.
  • You click on an internet article of interest only to discover it was written by someone with your Twin Flames first name and a similar sounding or spelling of their last name.
  • Someone sends you a Linkedin invite, at the same time you are asking the Universe for confirmation as to who is your Twin Flame.  The invite is from someone with you Twin Flame’s last name, but if you try and click on it says that person doesn’t exist.
  • Your local shopping center gets renamed to include your Twin Flames initials.
  • Your neighbors’ Gardner want to chat.   He gives you a business card with all his details.  You look down at his business card.  His initials are the same as your Twin Flame.

Meeting or seeing someone with you Twin Flame’s name

  • You have a trades person come to your house to fix something.  Their phone rings with the caller having your Twin Flame’s last name. You find out it was your Trade person’s 15 year old daughter calling.  Which means the Trades person currently in your house has your Twin Flame’s last name too.
  • You are attending an in person a 2-day course.  You are paired up with another person to do an exercise together.  You discover the person you have been paired up with is someone who has your Twin Flame’s name (maybe spelt slightly differently).  They are the opposite sex of your Twin Flame.  They come from the same country as your Twin Flame (not yours), and also have the same religious upbringing as your Twin.
  • A really nice sales person helps you to buy something  in a retail store.  You look at their name tag to thank them by name, and realize they have your Twin Flame’s first name.


Twin Flame Synchronicities – guiding you on your Twin Flame Path

A Twin Flame synchronicity that occurs when trying something new, or when experiencing uncertainty over what action to take, can help reassure you that you are on the right path.

  • You go to a new healer for assistance on your Journey and wonder if you are doing the right thing.  As you get there, you know you are.  In the 10 minute drive you’ve passed, 5 cars with your Twin Flame initials on the license plate.  The very last one is parked outside the place you are going to.  Yes, everything is going to be OK.


Is this your Twin Flame Experience?

If you’ve been shouting ‘YES’ as you read this post.  Or, tears are rolling down your face.   Then YES, you do know and have found your Twin Flame.

If this is not your experience, who you thought was your Twin Flame might not be your Twin.


Lack of Twin Flame Synchronicities can indicate you are with a FALSE TWIN FLAME

The signs and synchronicity you get when you are with a False Twin Flame, are more about the ones you DON’T GET, than those you do.

  1. Will you and your False Twin bump into each other?   Perhaps.  After all, you do have lessons to learn together.
  2. Will you and your False Twin Flame be thinking of each other at the same time?   Maybe, but the Universe won’t be showing you indications of it.  You and your False Twin Flame, are definitely NOT one soul in two bodies, with lives, thoughts,  and actions that have so much similarity.
  3. Will you see your False Twin Flames initials?  No.
  4. Will you see or hear you your False Twin Flames first or last name?   Not usually.

It is very unlikely that the Universe will confirm a False Twin Flames names or initials, unless they are somehow the same your True Twin Flame.  Ie.  If you are dating your 3rd Michael, and keep seeing the name Michael everywhere, your Twin Flame’s name might be Michael.  But is it the Micheal you are currently with? Or the one before, or the one after? You will need to look for other synchronicities to be sure.


Twin Flame Synchronocities Stopped?

Have your Twin Flame synchronocites stopped?

I’ve never experienced this, but some people mention it.  As far as I am concerned, once you discover your Twin Flame synchronicises will be ongoing.

I’m fairly sure you will even experience Twin Flame synchronicities during separation.  I know I have.  In fact, Twin Flame Synchronicity just keeps increasing over time.

The only reasons that they might stop are:

  1. You’ve mistakenly taken a generic Spiritual Ascension sign, to be a Twin Flame Sign, or
  2. You need to take your focus off your Twin Flame Journey for an extended time period, after which they will probably return.  (If you would like to find out more about different Twin Flame Journey types and possible periods of separation, I talk about this more in my e-course.)

My advice will be to make sure you have identified your Twin Flame correctly in the first place.  That way you won’t be disappointed.


What are your Twin Flame Synchronicities?

So, after reading this article, what is your experience with Twin Flame synchronicities?

Are your synchroncities correctly identifying your Twin Flame, or are you still with a False Twin?


I would love to hear your experiences.  Please share them in the comments below.


Much Love,

Kristina x

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2 thoughts on “Twin Flame Synchronicities confirm your Twin Flame’s identity! Are you with a False Twin Flame..?

  1. (separation stage) when me and the guy who i think is my twin got together we barely was able to meet in person so the physical signs wouldn’t resonate as much but one time when we did go on a date , we did have a VERY strong sexual tension i can’t describe it but it was so intense and intimate. when i think of it (1 year ago) i can still feel it . some more things i noticed was a couple days ago i was typing on my phone and my phone typed out his name idek how his name is still saved into my keyboard when we haven’t texted in months . our song used to come on the radio A LOTTTT and twice while we were still in communication . he feels like home . he’s my best friend . when we first met the connection was so different . it was deep and felt like a never ending fire burning inside . when things were good they were amazing when things were bad we were a tornado and a hurricane but we made up pretty quickly though . my life made a complete 360 after meeting him . he’s the only person in my life that knows every single thing about me and vice versa . there were some telepathy . when we’ll argue and after some time has gone by i’ll think about him and at that moment he would text or call me . when my phone ring , it’s certain times when i just KNOW it’s him . i’ve had plenty of vivid dreams about him . HES the one that told me when we first met that he felt like we were together for a long time . i’ve noticed a guy we both know that hasn’t posted on fb in YEARS who looks exactly like him has been posting a lot on fb now . i see his name spelled exactly with fb account names . he triggered my awakening . and i just asked the universe today to show me a buddha if he’s my twin and a few hrs later i saw a post of purple buddha statues . lol at first i asked for just a buddha then i asked specifically for a red buddha but instead got purple ? and after that i seen 2 more posts about buddha’s but they weren’t red , so would that still be deemed as the sign or no ? but anyways , those are some things i’ve noticed with my journey

    • Thank so much for sharing your story! Sounds like you’ve definitely found your Twin Flame. The color Purple is made from Red and Blue together….:-)

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