Divine Masculine welcome to your Twin Flame Journey

Divine Masculine:  Welcome to your Twin Flame Journey!

Today’s post is an introductory letter for any Divine Masculine just realizing they are on a Twin Flame Journey. 

More and more men, and especially Divine Masculines have been signing up to my mailing list and enrolling my courses, so today I want talk about the Twin Flame Journey from a Divine Masculines perspective.


Dear Divine Masculine,

(or perhaps I should say ‘Sleeper Twin Flame’ or ‘2nd Awakening Twin Flame’)


You aren’t crazy, you’ve just entered a new stage of your life

Your life might seem very out of control and a little bit weird at the moment, but don’t worry.  Things aren’t truly falling apart, they are just rearranging a bit.

** And, NO, you aren’t going crazy!!! **

Instead, you are undergoing a little-know roller-coaster type journey called ‘Twin Flames’.

This is a process your Soul has enrolled you in, and whilst your logical mind might be disbelieving, confused or perhaps even frightened or worried, be reassured – it is OK.

Your Soul is guiding you through the process and won’t let anything truly bad happen to you, although learning to boldly step outside of your comfort zone, may become uncomfortable at times.


Your Soul wants you to live a joyful, happy and limitless life… and is guiding you on how to get there

What your Soul desires for you is SURPRISE, JOY, HAPPINESS and a life filled with LOVE.

For you to be the best, and greatest version of YOU possible.

Not because anything is wrong or broken. But, because it would be silly to keep playing small or to put up with less than an absolutely outstanding life, when you don’t need to.

We were born perfect, and full of love.

Over time, however, living in the world has ‘dulled’ our shine and made us forget our true Divine nature.

This Twin Flame Journey you are on, is a journey back to truly loving yourself (all parts of you), and then ultimately loving everyone else as well.

Living IN and WITH Divine Love, not what we know as ‘Earthly Love’.


The Never-Ending Unconditional Love between Twin Flames is a fast-track to Spiritual Enlightenment

Abraham Maslow (a psychologist) in his famous work on ‘Hierarchy of Human Needs’ refers to ‘Self-Actualization’ as man’s ultimate desire.   Religions prefer to use the term ‘Enlightenment’.   Twin Flames call it, ‘Illumination’, a process that occurs as part of a much more expansive alchemical and metaphysical Twin Flame Journey.

Are you new to Twin Flame?

Have you ever heard the term, Twin Flame’s before?

Twin Flames are a small subset of the world’s population (some people say 144,000) who achieve self-actualization and enlightenment via an accelerated process, that involves another person – a second version of YOU.

This other person shares the same Soul as you, but incarnated into another physical body.

This phenomenon catapults you into a HUGE ‘self-growth process’ during this lifetime.

You (and your other incarnated self) are referred to as ‘Twin Flames’.


Divine Masculine, did you know you are one half of a Twin Flame pair/couple?  One Soul in Two Bodies

To help get your head around this concept, you might like to think of it as your Soul deciding to split itself up to experience two very similar lives, in two different physical bodies, ALL at the same time. (Twice the fun, hey!)

Since we live on Earth which is a planet of duality (opposites), one Twin Flame will have a Feminine Energy or essence, the other will have a Masculine Energy or essence.

  • If you are the so called ‘Divine Masculine’ Twin Flame (or 2nd Awakened Twin Flame), there is a high probability you were born into a Male body, although not always.
  • Your ‘Divine Feminine’ Twin Flame (often the 1st Awakened Twin Flame), is highly likely to be born in a female body, but again not always.

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine labels refer to description of their primary energy, rather than physical gender, such as male or female.  So a Divine Masculine can have a female human body, and a Divine Feminine could have a male human body.   I’m sure you’ve previously met people whose ‘physical way of expressing themselves’ doesn’t always align with their gender body….

As such, a Twin Flame Couple, or Twin Flame pair can be :

  • A male + female couple,
  • A male + male couple, or
  • A female + female couple,
  • As well as, non-binary or transgender combinations as well.

The DIVINE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE your feel for you Twin Flame is THE POINT.  Not whether you are sexually compatible with them, and/or if your body parts fit with theirs.


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Twin Flames are here to remember their Divine Origins AS LOVE, and share this truth with others

The Twin Flame Journey is all about experiencing and emanating True Love, and your gender body or sexual orientation doesn’t matter.

Neither does age difference, race, religion, societal programs or physical location or distance on this Earth.

You and your Twin Flame ALWAYS find each other, the missing part of you that you have always been looking for.

“Whether you have known it consciously or not, your entire life you’ve had an internal GPS system, with its destination set at ‘Find my Twin Flame’.”


Once you’ve found your Divine Feminine Twin Flame you can’t stop thinking about them.

If you are reading this message, then chances are, you’ve already found, re-met up with, and spent some quality time with your Twin Flame.

You may not be sure exactly what it is that attracts you or keeps drawing you back to this person, but there is just ‘something about them’ that just keeps pulling you back into their presence.

You definitely won’t be able to stop thinking about them.

This your Soul saying ‘wake-up’ and constantly reminding you to ‘pay attention’ as something really important is happening in your life here.


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Friend? Business Partner? Potential Lover?  How do you fit an unexpected Twin Flame into your life?

You may be a little confused over your friendship or relationship with your Twin Flame as the degree of connection and magnetic longing and attraction you feel for them, may not make logical sense given the time frame you’ve known them, or your existing ‘relationship’ with them.

  • Your Divine Feminine may be acting like your friendship/relationship has progressed a LOT FURTHER, than you feel to be actually true.
  • They may also seem a little demanding or pushy in wanting a PHYSICAL relationship with you, given how well you may or may not know them.


Oh-oh … Divine Masculine: Things moving a little too fast for you???

They don’t mean to rush you, but Divine Feminine Twin Flames have had an intuitive understanding of the spiritual nature of the Soul connection between the two of you for some time. And, have been waiting – often not too patiently –  for you to ‘wake up’ and realize the connection between the two of you.

As you will experience yourself, the Soul Pull to re-unite with each other is very strong and like two magnets, they just want to connect to you, in every which way possible!! (*wink* *wink* * nudge* *nudge*)

Try not to push them away, block them, or run away, if they are overwhelming you.

But, instead ask for a little space, as and when you need it.


Is your Twin Flame hinting marriage or a romantic relationship?

Your Divine Feminine may also have relationship or marriage plans for a ‘future version’ of you, but don’t panic if you are already taken, or not in the right mental or emotional space yet.

They are just trying to demonstrate this INTENSE LOVE they feel for you in a physical manner.  Which with today’s current ‘societal’ laws (until we broaden them) defaults to a romantic relationship.

You and your Twin Flame need to discuss this together, and work out what kind of relationship, partnership, or friendship will work best for you at this time.

…..Understanding, of course, that you can always deepen or change this agreement when you feel the need.  It doesn’t need to stay in one form forever. ‘Tomorrow’ you are both free to make a different choice that is more aligned with your True Soul Self.  ‘Not now’, doesn’t mean ‘not ever’.

Twin Flames often come together, then need some space apart (a number of times), before both decide they really don’t want to be apart.  This is a stage of the Twin Flame Journey, that Twin Flames often refer to as  a ‘Harmonious Twin Flame Physical Union’ or ‘Twin Flame Reunion’.

Getting to this stage takes a decent period of time.

Potentially a lot of ‘life upheaval’ on both sides (possible divorce, moving house and/or even countries) maybe required, until ‘both sides of you’ can co-exist harmoniously long-term.

So, you aren’t doing anything wrong in wanting to take it slow. (Or fast, as the case may be.)


As a Twin Flame Couple, you & your Twin Flame need to work together to become your Authentic Divine Soul Self(s)

On your Twin Flame Spiritual Awakening Journey, your Twin Flame will play a BIG PART in helping you through the process.

  1. They will be holding your hand, and you holding theirs, supporting them on an energetic level, even if you don’t realize it.
  2. Your Twin Flame IS the person who knows you better than you know yourself (scary, huh?) and someone you can TRUST and be vulnerable with.

This is because they are YOU in another body, and will understand whatever it is that you have to say.  Especially when communicating to them on a heart-to-heart or soul-based level.

Please note:  All egos, pride, and past pains need to be left outside the door when dealing with your Twin Flame.  This includes spiritual egos too (see the link below).  Twin Flames are 100% about LOVE.  Anything else is not the truth for Twin Flames.


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Time to truly learn to LOVE yourself – ALL OF YOU – and to LIVE joyfully (rather than fearfully)

The Twin Flame Journey is about true Self Love and Spiritual Ascension/Self-Actualization, as I said earlier.

It is about you being the BEST version of you, according to YOUR rules, desires and passions. NOT what well-meaning family, friends, and members of society have told you SHOULD do.

We are here on Earth to feel and experience a joyful life.  Not a smaller, more restricted life trapped inside a fearful ‘shell’ of rules imposed by others.

You are here to DO and BE what really interests you.

…..even if it might annoy other people.  (Drum Kits, anyone??)

You need to go back to your 5-year old self’s dreams of all the wonderful things you were going ‘to do’ and ‘experience’ when you grew up, and to actively make those, and many other marvelous things happen.  LIVE and LOVE.  Don’t just exist !

By the way, ever noticed how the words ‘LIVE’ and ‘LOVE’ are so similar?   With L(I)VE, we are LIVING for I/Ourself – no more self sacrificing.  With L(O)VE we are LOVING both Ourself and Others – everyone wins.  Simply think of ‘O’ as bigger/broader/grander version of ‘I’.  Ha Ha  🙂


Divine Masculine: Recognize your old life needs to change and allow space for new things to come in

Your Soul will be pushing you to make changes in your life. The challenge is how do you get from where you are currently (here and now) to living that dream life, hopefully with your Twin?

There are so many obstacles that may seem to be blocking your ability to actually express yourself – money, jobs, existing and (perhaps not so happy) relationships. As well as any fears and worries you have about your reputation, keeping up with the ‘Jones’, or simple anxiety over what other people will think.

I promise you that when you reach self-actualization, or what Twin Flames call ‘illumination’, less and less of these external things will matter to you.

But until you get to this vibrational ‘space’, all of these “triggers” (representing ‘societal programming’ and fears) are going to be pushed, and pushed, until you don’t react anymore.


Your Twin Flame will point out all the triggers that you need to heal – where you are being inauthentic to your True Self

This is where your Twin Flame comes in.

They show you via the ‘Twin Flame Mirror’ where you aren’t being authentically you (the ‘True Soul’-Version of You’), and they call ‘BS’ on it.

Even loving them as you do, there are still going to be moments when they drive you mad, because they won’t let you get away with anything.

There is no hiding, playing small, or giving up, in your Twin Flame’s company.  For they know you better than anyone and will call you on your STUFF.

….And you will do the same to them.

Whilst it might seem painful at first, your Twin Flame is your BEST ALLIE, and how wonderful will it be to have two fully-healed and happy versions of YOU in the world, inspiring others to live in LOVE as well.


This my Dear Divine Masculine, is the biggest plan behind all of this.

“Everyone healing their wounds, dumping any earthly fears, excuses, and baggage; and instead living and experiencing the most exciting and passionate life of your dreams – a life your SOUL always wanted you to LIVE, a life that is HEAVEN manifested here on EARTH.”


Twin Flames: Your heart needs to be broken open, in order to let true love in.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, be willing to open-up and be vulnerable enough to talk about your Twin Flame experience with your Twin Flame.

  1. Don’t worry, they know you aren’t crazy, because they are experiencing this too,
  2. Being very intuitive and empathic themselves, they are just as conscious of all the weird and wonderful ways in with the Universe is guiding and pushing you two Twin Flames together.

It might not always be ‘sunshine and roses’ with your Twin Flame initially (as you can be too similar at times and hence ‘butt’ heads). But, together in partnership and working towards your ‘Twin Flame Mission’ you can achieve anything!


Harmonious Twin Flame Union (as they call it) won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

Pace yourself, this journey is a long haul.  I’m talking years (and sometimes decades), rather than days and months, as both Twin Flames have a lot of internal growth to do. Some of it will happen with you, and some of it will occur separately.

But don’t panic, the more you grow and change as the result of this experience, the more you will look back and marvel at how far you’ve come.

First and foremost, this is a Spiritual Journey, not just a love story.
Never forget, your Soul is in the lead and it always has your back.
So ALLOW, TRUST and FLOW, with what is happening FOR YOU!

Working with your Twin Flame throughout this process can be FUN too.  Two completely complementary people working together to change the world. Yay Hay!

Just remember one step at a time, (and occasionally two steps forward, and one step back.) 😊


Be Patient with yourself Divine Masculines.  Waking up takes time.

As I said at the beginning of this letter, the Divines Masculines are waking up, but please remember this is a ‘slowish’ process.  It is not like waking up abruptly to an Alarm Clock.

Slowly more and more things will make sense, and you will be surprised at what you realize.  Ah-ha’s and knowledge will just come to you.

Here is a comment I recently received from an awakening Divine Masculine (2nd Awakened Twin Flame).

“Thanks for this.  Now I understand what is happening.  I’m a sleeping twin.  I’ve met my awaken twin, two and a half years ago.  I ran from him both physically and spiritually.  But he broke through.  He has guided me through the dark woods, and I am still on the way.  But now I know I can trust the situation. – GL”


Hang in there.  You can do this.

Sending you much love, light and best wishes.

Kristina x.

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