The Twin Flame Roller Coaster explained - The Twin Flame Experience

The Twin Flame Roller Coaster – Explained

Have you worked it out yet?  Have you come to the realization that you are on the Twin Flame Roller Coaster Journey?

The Twin Flame Experience is often described as a roller-coaster – and this is a good analogy to describe, at a high level, the process.

“All Aboard, Twin Flames”

Many Twin Flames try and get off the Twin Flame journey, not realizing that just like a ride in a fun park – that once buckled into place, you can’t exit the ride until it is finished.

Whilst this unknown and unexpected ride can be seem as brutal to humans, it is what our souls signed up for.


Your Soul Eagerly Awaits this Journey

What people forget is that True Twin Flames have been Twin Flames all our lives (not just since we ‘woke up’ to the fact that we are Twin Flame).  At a Soul level, we’ve excitedly been working our way up the queue for this Twin Flame Roller Coaster Experience.  Sometimes beside our Twin, or sometimes at a distance, but nevertheless eagerly waiting until we both get ready to enter this intense part of the journey.

As you and your Twin Flame are on the loading dock/platform, your eyes will meet, and your souls have this silent communication confirming that ‘now’ is the time.

You are loaded in to your respective carriages and the ride starts off.

Woo Hoo !!!


Twin Flames Always Journey Together

You and your Twin Flame are on the same ride throughout this.

You may not be in the same carriage or seated together.  Your Twin Flame might be a few rows back (or forward).

Nevertheless you are still experiencing the journey together, although from a slightly different perspective (different row, slide of carriage etc).

Trust me your Twin is onboard, there with you doing the work, – even if you can’t always see them.



Twin Flame are Always Connected

Throughout this whole journey, you and your Twin Flame are always connected.

  • You both feel and experience the same journey (admittedly from a different perspective).
  • You feel their peak exhilaration and their deepest lows.  Their fears and excitement.
  • When the ride gets really rough, you might even feel them throw-up, and they feel the same from you.
  • They may not feel exactly the same thing at the same time, as one carriage or row of the roller-coaster might be higher than the other, and experiencing things first, but you are never alone on this journey.
  • You will hear their voice, feel their heartbeat as our own, and wish they were sitting next to you, as it would have been so much more fun to experience this together arm in arm.

But you both know as souls that it is braver and more exhilarating to face it (in what you perceive as) ‘on your own’.


The Twin Flame Journey is Transformative

Just like the way in which the carriage you are in on this roller coaster, incrementally creeps forward, then exponentially speeds up, only to then unexpectedly drop….. you experience so much on your Twin Flame journey.

Joy, Exhilaration, Fear, Nervousness. The Deepest LOVE you’ve ever felt!

You experience ALL extremes of emotions.

For a short time you are taken out of life as you know it, to experience a different reality and way of living.


It’s an invitation to ‘Live Purposely with LOVE’

You are invited to live in a new way that focuses on enjoying life.  (No more do’s, should’s or expectations.)

But instead to follow the heart of your inner child within.

It puts you in a state of joy, love and expansion – a huge sense of ‘AWE’, a definite ‘WOW’.

A heightened sense of joy and existence ….even if like me, heights, and carnival rides terrify you.


Twin Flames are Here to Change the World

The purpose of Twin Flames is to raise the vibration and consciousness on the Earth/Gaia.

  • To break down old belief systems and habit patterns.
  • The remind others in the simple joy of living and experiencing all life has to offer.
  • To live from the heart, and open and expansive life, where you feel love for yourself, everything around you….and your ongoing Twin Flame Experience.


How to do you do this?

Remove the FEAR and you will see how wonderful and amazing being a Twin Flame truly is.



Wishing you so much fun and joy on your Twin Flame Roller Coaster Journey!


Love Kristina.  x


PS.  If you are new to the Twin Flame Journey and would like to find out more, I offer a free ‘Twin Flame Terminology‘ Course to help you understand all the Twin Flame Terminology.  You can get it and other Twin Flame specific courses, here…

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