Twin Flames experience many types of love

Types of Twin Flame Love: Which are you experiencing?

Twin Flame love is like no other.  No-one else will ever love you as much as your Twin Flame – whether they physically show it or not.

How do you experience Twin Flame Love in your Twin Flame Connection?

Do you love your Twin Flame unconditionally?

Do you remember that this relationship is very special? Or do you sometimes forget, and treat your Twin Flame just like any other person or relationship?

Psychology Today says there are actually 7 types of love but I want to talk specifically about the different types of Time Flame love you will experience in your Twin Flame relationship.

Love is so different with your Twin Flame.

It is very unlikely you will experience all these types of love with any other (one) person, other than your true twin Flame.

Twin Flame Love involves multiple types of Love

In traditional relationships you are likely to just feel romantic love for your partner, spouse or significant other.

Twin Flame relationships are different.  In a Twin Flame relationship you feel multiple types of love for your Twin Flame.

Not just romantic/sexual love……but, also maternal/paternal love and sibling (brother/sisterly) love.

One day you will feel one type of love.  They next day you will feel another.  And you can even feel them all on the same day.

I’ve never had this happen with any other connection.  And never expect I will….

Meeting my Twin in a work environment yet experiencing all these feelings of all types of love at the same time was a big ‘AH-HA’ for me, that there was something VERY different in our connection.  Definitely not a normal relationship !!

Different Types of Twin Flame Love

Below, I list a description of how each Twin Flame Love type feels for me…. (and might also feel for you):

Romantic Love (Eros)twin-flames-experience-romantic-love

In feeling romantic/sexual love for my twin, I just want to be with him, to be in his arms, to tell him how much I love him.  My body and soul just wants to be close to him as possible.  When we haven’t seen each other for a while, our hugs are actually quite forceful.  That soul level call/pull to be close together and re-merge into one soul often means we slam into each other when hugging.  The border between our physical bodies ceases to exist as our souls just want to be one.  (Sadly for my Twin Flame who has long feet, this means stepped on toes, and even once a broken toe, as our combined soul just wants our physical bodies to get as close together as possible.)  Sorry Honey!

Maternal or Paternal Love (Storge)Twin Flames experience maternal or paternal love for each other

In feeling maternal love for my twin Flame, I just want to love, protect and support.  To hold him in my arms, and provide a safe space for him to heal all his wounds.  To hold space for him and love him wholeheartedly during the times when he doubts himself.  To love him unconditionally as one would a 3 month old baby, and know that nothing he ever does is wrong.  To know that he needs to find their own way of doing things (not necessarily my way) and that in trying to protect and control my twin, I will hinder his growth.  I just need to be there – a warm loving home, that he comes back to as needed. To forgive any perceived mistakes (in my perception) and love him regardless of what he does or doesn’t do.

Sisterly or Brotherly Love

In feeling sibling love for my Twin, I look up at him as someone I can have fun and learn from.  (Interestingly I sometimes see my Twin as the older brother I never had – although I am actually 11 years older then him.)   I see him as someone nice and loving who will also at times tell me directly what he thinks, but that is OK, because he has only my best interests at heart.  I always want to be there for him, look up at him, and vow to be as good as my Twin.

Unconditional Love (or Agape)

Most importantly, I feel Unconditional Love for my Twin Flame.

This is the kind of love you feel for a brand new baby (human or even the furry kind).  It doesn’t matter how noisy, wrinkled, or weird they might look like. At a soul level you recognise their perfection as a soul (regardless of external appearance) and fall madly and deeply in love.

As children growing up, we soon learn that we are ‘loved’ more by our parents or guardians when we act in a certain way.  This means we are all brought up within a ‘flawed’ paradigm that the ‘conditional love’ we personally experience is true love, when in fact it is not.

One of the challenges Twin Flames (and others on the ascension path) are here to face, is to recognise and accept that is it OK to be 100% yourself (absolutely perfect in your imperfection).   So whilst our soul completely loves our Twin Flame unconditionally at all times (remember: they are us), it takes work for our Ego/Conscious Self to see past the ‘apparent’ separation of two bodies and all their associated actions and behaviors, and love the soul within (both your and their part).

Unconditional love is actually a vibration and a way of being and seeing the world.  It can start with learning to love your Twin, and then move on to all other people.  Be patient with yourself over this.  It does take time.   If you want to find out more about Unconditional Love and Twin Flames check out my post on Keeping your Twin Flame Connection one of Unconditional Love.

PS.  By the way, in case you haven’t realised it, feeling multiple types of love for a person as I have described above is a good indicator that you have probably found your Twin Flame!  Gotta love those Twin Flame Signs.

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