Twin Flames! Are you stuck in Twin Flame Spiritual Ego? (What it is and how to get out of it!)

Are you stuck in the ‘hidden web’ of Twin Flame Spiritual Ego? Do you even know what Spiritual Ego it?

Most people have never heard about Spiritual Ego, and are unaware that it can undermine your efforts to achieve Twin Flame Union.

Today I want to talk about Spiritual Ego (or Spiritual Superiority) and how it relates to the Twin Flame Path.

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What is Twin Flame Spiritual Ego?

First off, how would I define the ‘Spiritual Ego’.?

“SPIRITUAL EGO – Acting in an egotistical way based on your belief that you have additional/special spiritual knowledge compared to others.”

Acting out of ‘Spiritual Ego’, is isn’t something that people are usually aware they are doing. It usually isn’t planned or deliberate behavior.  But rather unconscious behavior.

It occurs because people HAVE gained some spiritual knowledge and are acting from an AWARENESS of it.  But haven’t truly UNDERSTOOD or EMBODIED it yet. They aren’t ‘walking their talk’.

They haven’t learnt to ‘act’ from spiritual place yet, so are still acting from wounded child / unhealed ego mindset!


When and Where does Spiritual Ego occur in your Twin Flame Journey?

Let’s recap a bit of the Twin Flame Journey, and see where spiritual ego fits in…..

  1. You are a Twin Flame and are progressing on your Twin Flame Journey.

Hopefully by now, you realize that the Twin Flame Journey is a fast-tracked Spiritual Ascension, made more intense by the existence of your Twin Flame sharing it with you.

  1. You’ve discovered that Twin Flames are ‘more’ than an ordinary 3D type relationship or romance. You are aware that as a Twin Flame, you and your Twin Flame are undergoing a metamorphosis or transformational change, driven by your singular/combined soul.
  2. You have hopefully heard of ‘ego death’ as something you go through on the Twin Flame path. But you may not be aware of the ‘spiritual ego’ and how many people get stuck in this behavior.

‘Ego Death’ and the misnamed ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, would be better referred to as – ‘Soul awakening’.  It is the process whereby your Soul asks your (mind-driven) ego to step aside, and allow your (heart & love based) Soul to be in the driver’s seat for the rest of your life.

During this time, all that is not in alignment with your true authentic soul needs to (and will) fall away.  This will often result in an identity crisis and episodes of depression as we start to re-define and re-build our sense of who we are, to one that is in alignment with our soul’s wishes and desires. We become authentically ‘US’… for perhaps the first time, since were a tiny newborn. 

  1. As a Twin Flame, it is now that we learn to, and start to practise ‘letting go’ and ‘surrendering’. We move towards greater trust of ourselves, the Universe (God, Source, etc), and Divine Timing. We start to drive our lives more from our own heart (joyful, fun desires), rather than from ego-based (fear and control) concepts and beliefs, that we have been ‘programmed’ by 3rd parties (even our families) to blindly believe and follow.

It is also NOW, as we are learning this spiritual information, that the spiritual ego comes in.

** As the ‘normal’ ego begins to ‘take a backseat’ the ‘spiritual ego’ strongly makes it presence known. **

Aware of Spiritual knowledge, but not yet an expert is using it, it is at this point that Twin Flames can start ‘acting (out)’ from the perspective of Spiritual Ego.  Even, when they are unaware of its existence, or that they may be behaving in this way.


How Spiritual Ego Manifests Itself

As we grow in our spiritual knowledge we often think we are fully ‘awake’, but we are not.

A great analogy would be that we are still in Kindergarten on a spiritual level, and totally unaware that a University level of spiritual knowledge even exists.

In this space of ‘additional spiritual knowledge’ we often feel the need to sprout this knowledge in egotistical ways, and mistake our new spiritual knowledge for enlightenment.

We inadvertently ‘fall’ into behaviors that some religions have been doing for eons.

  • We try and convert others to our way of thinking. We try and convince them they are wrong.  We try and spread our truth far and wide, often ignorant that what might be OUR truth, isn’t EVERYONE’s truth.
  • We believe that everyone else is wrong (on unenlightened), and that we are RIGHT!
  • We judge and condemn others for being mislead, or not awake enough… especially our Twin Flame. We call them out for narcissistic behavior, when instead, we are the ones (unintentionally) being the narcissist.
  • We demand our Twin Flame WAKE UP, when in fact we aren’t 100% awake ourselves. We might be AWARE of spiritual truths and practices, but we sure aren’t ACTING IN ALIGNMENT WITH THEM ourselves.

All these behaviors are ego-based, with just a spiritual bent.

With our ‘new-found knowledge’, we can often feel super-human and somehow better than others.

This isn’t true ‘US’ however…..

It is just our ‘dying ego’, looking for one last chance to stay in control and avoid ‘stepping aside’, and allowing our Soul to lead our lives.  *** THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT SENTENCE, SO I AM GOING TO REPEAT IT ! ***

It is just our ‘dying ego’, looking for one last chance to stay in control and avoid ‘stepping aside’, and allowing our Soul to lead our lives.


Spiritual Ego Example

Let me give you a really clear example of spiritual ego. I noticed it in a readers comment to YouTube video the other day.

The comment was posted on the YouTube channel of a lady I admire and have followed for the last 2 years.  She has a beautiful uplifting voice, has been on YouTube for over 8 years, and provides commentary on ‘current energies’ which I find very useful as a Twin Flame to better understand my own experiences.

The video I was looking at, just came out last week, at a time when current events that affect the energies, include a very controversial upcoming US election.

Someone left a blunt and egotistical comments on this ladies YouTube video.  It has since been deleted, but it went like this.

‘That’s it!  After [X] years of listening to you, you mentioned politics today. This is supposed to be a spiritual video, I’m not here to listen to politics.  That’s it.  I’m done.  Unsubscribing NOW.  Goodbye!’


Another more subtle version of Spiritual Ego at work, also appeared in comment by another reader.

‘Please lose the term ‘Why or what the hell’.   Speak as the Divine Feminine supported by her Divine Masculine.  Integrated.  I love you and appreciate your work’.


Whilst, there is no anger in the second comment, it definitely a spiritual ego at work, masquerading as superior advice.


How to Recognize Spiritual Ego

How do you feel in listening to these comments?

Your gut /emotional reaction to their energy will usually tell you the truth of where the commenter is coming from.


Whether they knew it or not, both Commenters were in Spiritual Ego.

  1. Both commenters are judging the YouTuber.
  2. They used their perceived ‘superior spiritual knowledge’ to pushing their beliefs system that they are right and she is wrong.
  3. They are insisting the YouTuber change her behavior or wording on her own YouTbe channel to fit their perceived ‘view’ of who things should be.
  4. They felt it obliged to push their own opinions on the YouTuber. Their comments weren’t asked for. (It isn’t like they are guiding a friend, or in a coaching situation where the client is asking for an outside perspective and feedback on their behavior.)
  5. Both commenters were trying to ‘name and shame’ the YouTuber. The 1st commenter had so much ‘righteous’ anger, that she had to make sure that the YouTubers 50K subscribers, were told how ‘wrong’ the YouTuber was.


As a quick heads-up, ANY adult comment that comes across like a 2-year old child having a tantrum in a supermarket (in a situation like the above one), is a clear indication that spiritual ego is at play.


Why Spiritual Ego pops up in Twin Flames

What the person in Spiritual Ego often doesn’t realize, is they have been triggered, and is reacting strongly and immediately from a place of pain.

They lash out in spiritual ego as an attempt to control and put space between themselves, and what they dislike or associate as painful.

As we go down the Twin Flame path, we become more spiritual aware and psychically open.  Our feelings and emotional are magnified, acting a bit like a sonar beam, that helps us identity which directions to move in, and those to avoid.

These YouTube watcher’s adverse reaction was their guidance system saying ‘stay away from conflict and politics’ – as they are super sensitive at this time.  But instead of going inside and trying to workout what their bodies and intuition was telling them, they lashed out at the YouTuber instead.

When we resist something, we focus on keeping everyone and everything a safe distance away from us, (and this often includes our Twin Flame).  We forget to go within, and therefor don’t get to the bottom on our pain.  We are too busy focused on outside.

A mental picture of two boxers warily circling each other, comes up for me here.

Pushing away what you DON’T want, doesn’t get you closer to what you DO want.  Instead of focusing on the ‘bad’ and lashing out, we need to turn away from it (ie. don’t choose to focus on it), and turn in the direction of what we desire instead.


What could the YouTube ‘Commenters’ have done instead?

Here is a comparison of what “good behaviour” looks like.

What WOULD a more heart-centred person do, in the above YouTube example situation?

  1. Realize that the ‘negative reaction’ they felt, is their own reaction and no reflection on the YouTuber.
  2. Feel gratitude for the YouTuber and the ‘lesson’, and not be abusive or disrespectful to YouTuber. (Don’t leave a comment at all)
  3. Take the time to go within and journal about what has happened, to see if they can understand why they got triggered (underlying pain/wounds/belief systems) and start to heal it.
  4. If necessary, take a break from listening to the YouTuber. Perhaps, check back at a later state to see if their content resonates with you again, when you are not longer in a ‘triggered’ state.


Examples of Spiritual Ego in Twin Flames:

What are some other examples of Spiritual Ego that I see occurring for Twin Flames?  

  • Complaining their Twin is ‘unawake’. (This is part of the process. See my article on ‘Twin Flame Awakening:  Is your Twin Flame awake yet!’)
  • Divine Feminine’s (DFs) complaining that they are doing all the work and their Divine Masculine (DM) Twin Flame is doing nothing.  (You each are doing your part in different ways)
  • Suddenly blocking, ghosting or ignoring their Twin Flame (without prior warning or communication) because their Twin Flame did something they didn’t like or agree with. – This is occasionally done out of fear by a Divine Masculine – DM, but is more likely done by a 1st awakened Divine Feminine (DF) out of spiritual ego.
  • They believe that they can easily replace their Twin Flame or find someone better, because their Twin Flame isn’t responding the way they wish.
  • Setting unrealistic demands and criteria on their Twin Flame (ie. They need to divorce their partner of 5 years today, and move in with you tomorrow), and ignoring the greater spiritual purpose and timing behind your Twin Flame union.

Please note:  I’m not picking on Divine Feminines here (I’m a DF too). Both Twin’s need to go through this part of awakening, although they do so on a different time-frame.  The DFs often go first (if they are the 1st Awakened Twin Flame), the Divine Masculines (DMs) follow later.  If the DF’s haven’t got out of spiritual ego and acting from in a loving place, they will be triggered by the newly-awakening DMs ego, and ‘attack’ back.   Dropping Spiritual Ego is very much about not taking anything personally, and ‘turning the other check’.  Both Twin Flames need to stay in Love.

Recognizing, understanding, and getting past spiritual ego issues is very important to achieving Twin Flame union. If we aren’t aware of spiritual ego, we can get ‘stuck’ here and delaying your long-term physical Twin Flame union.


 How to Avoid Spiritual Ego

Moving from ego driven way of living (all focussed on fear and control – in order to feel safe), and moving to a trusting, open and flowing heart-centred way of living, takes time, and is in itself a process.  We need to let go of our old behaviours and start new ones.

Before acting in this new way becomes automatic, we need to remember to question our thinking BEFORE WE ACT!

Great questions to ask ourselves:

  • Are we acting/reacting out of FEAR?
  • Are we doing what we think we HAVE TO DO, or SHOULD DO based on 3rd parties’ ideas or rules?
  • Are we projecting our own fears, thoughts, and beliefs on to another, instead of letting them have their own experience/awakening?
  • Are we making ourselves right and someone else WRONG? (separation consciousness)


How Twin Flames can use Heart-Centred Behaviour when Triggered

 If you have been triggered, how do we avoid unconsciously reacting from Spiritual Ego?

  1. Choose your actions wisely before you act. Sleep on it if you need to.
    • (Deliberately respond rather than automatically and unthinkingly react)
  2. Look for a bigger picture reason/lesson in whatever is happening around you, and what it was trying to teach you.
    • (Remember things happen FOR your benefit, NOT to your detriment.)
  3. Be grateful for the lesson.
    • (It is 1 step closer to your best authentic self… and your Twin Flame!!! 😊)
  4. Be friendly and loving to all concerned, yourself included.
    • (Everyone ‘wakes’ up in their own time and their own way. Your timing is not their timing!)

The big picture idea is to remember that we are all one (especially Twin Flames), there is no separation.


Be aware that overcoming Spiritual Ego takes time

Overcoming Spiritual Ego won’t happen overnight.

As Maya Angelou says, “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”

It does take time to adopt and perfect a new skill, so be kind to yourself.

You may not always be aware immediately of how you react when you are triggered.   You might only catch the answer later in the day, or even a week, or month later.  That is OK.

Over time you will get better at this, and be able to respond (rather than react) when things occur.


As I always say.  You’ve got this.

Interested in other Twin Flame Terminology?  Check out my Free Twin Flame Terminology Course...

Have a great week!

Kristina. x


** Apologies if this post triggers, but my objective is always to get you one step closer to Twin Flame Union. **

(PS.  We are now in November and the 11:11 portal is on the way. It is 2020 and ANYTHING is possible. WooHoo!)


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