Twin Flame Social Media

What Your Twin Flame Social Media Reaction Tells You About Your Twin Flame Journey!


Have you ever sat down and thought about the impact of Social Media on your Twin Flame Journey?

As a Twin Flame, today’s social media tools can be a great way to get wonderful photos of your Twin Flame, and to look for synchronicities between your journeys.

It can also, often unintentionally, be a great cause of pain and misunderstanding between you and your Twin Flame.


Social Media can really trigger Twin Flames

As they say, a picture can say a 1000 words.  But are the 1000 words you internally ‘hear’, and the ones intended by the picture, the same?


My Own Painful Twin Flame Social Media Experience

One of the first, REALLY LOW points on my Twin Flame journey – when I totally wanted to escape, run, and give up on my Twin Flame Journey – was in response to a profile picture on my Twin Flame’s Facebook.

It is the most beautiful photo of my Twin Flame.  Him starting off into the distance, with a knowingness in his eyes and a smile on his face.  He was obviously thinking or dreaming about something (or someone) very pleasant, and I was hoping it was me.  😊

It was however a comment from a co-worker (another of his female friends), on this profile picture, that really threw me.

The comment was “Looking good, Fiancé”.

Fiancé..!!!   Whaaaaaaat!


As you can imagine, my life instantly exploded 🤯 in a world of pain.

Physically, it felt like someone had just carved a knife into my chest and torn out my heart, whilst it was still beating, leaving me to slowly bleed to death in total disbelief of what had just happened.

Emotionally, I felt betrayed, abandoned, and rejected.

Mentally, I was in total denial, shock, disbelief, and anger at the same time.


“No”, I yelled out loud.

Luckily, I was alone at the time.   Surely this couldn’t be happening.

Twin Flame Facebook



Social Media Can Trigger Our Greatest Fears And Negative Beliefs

Have you had this kind of reaction too?

Sudden exposure of all your greatest fears, and negative belief systems?

Social media is one of the many ways our Twin Flame’s help to mirror or trigger us into healing of our Twin Flame Journey.

The SMART way to respond Twin Flame Social Media Triggering is to:

  • DON’T reacting back nastily,
  • DON’T unfriend your Twin Flame, and
  • DON’T block your Twin Flame on Social Media.

If you do, your Twin Flame will be left wondering, ‘Why my Twin Flame blocked me’.

It is important for you to remember  – Your Triggered EMOTIONAL REACTION is YOUR stuff, not your Twin Flame’s.


What I should have done, but didn’t….. (because I wasn’t AWAKE enough yet)

What I needed to do at the time was to stop and list out what negative and false BELIEFS were running in my head – about myself, my Twin Flame, and our relationship.

The underlying beliefs and expectations that caused me to reacted soooooo strongly, and feel soooooo upset, over a single beautiful photo… AND its attached comment  (Arrggh!!!!!!!!!).

If I had done this exercise, here is what I would have written.

My Negative and False Beliefs

  1. Belief that my chance for a future with my Twin Flame was over and totally gone.
  2. Belief that this other lady (a mutual work acquaintance) had won and I had lost, and obviously wasn’t good enough.
  3. Belief that I am not what my Twin Flame wants and we would never be close anyway.
  4. Belief that I just wasn’t good enough. That I was a total failure.
  5. Belief that I would die alone, that no-one would ever love me.
  6. Belief that I had somehow F**KED up my Twin Flame Union because I wasn’t worthy, good enough, pretty enough, sexy enough…. Etc. (You get the picture..! pardon the pun)

Are any of these thoughts familiar?  Have you experienced any of these during your Twin Flame Journey?

Analyzing and writing down my thoughts and feelings, would have given me a clearer guideline on the negative belief systems I had about myself that needed clearing, so that I could start to heal.

Doing the above exercise is something that I recommend for you, if you ever find yourself in this situation.


Healing Negative Beliefs Can Clear Your Twin Flame Social Media Triggers

Today, years later I have healed my triggers, and can see the comment on the photo for what it was.  A flirty light-hearted comment from another soul who loves my Twin Flame, and who sub-consciously was wishing he was ‘hers’.

It really means NOTHING.

Most social media posts people put out are the ‘good ones’.  Things they (usually egotistically) want people to see.

But, just because it is on social media doesn’t mean it is true.

And you know what, just because someone else likes your Twin Flame’s posts or pictures, doesn’t mean your Twin Flame wants that 3rd person to like their photos, either.

Some food for thought….


How do I feel about that photo now?

Now, when I look at that photo, I just smile, in awe at the beauty and total awesomeness of my 🔥🔥 Twin Flame 🔥🔥.  The man he currently is, and who he continues to become.



What new more Positive Beliefs have I created for myself?

Since healing, what NEW beliefs do I have about that old situation:

(Note:  Revising your beliefs is a good way to see how much you have grown and healed)

  • Whilst I obviously prefer he would be happy with me, I am secure enough in myself and my own self worth to not take his actions personally, and to keep supporting him with love.
  • I also know enough about the Universe to understand that things change. Things never stay the same, they are always growing and evolving.
  • My Twin Flame’s decisions ‘yesterday’, may not be his decisions ‘today’, or ‘tomorrow’. (‘Not now’ doesn’t mean ‘Not Ever’)  WooHoo!  Yay!
  • That there is always Hope.
  • That things in life happen for My Benefit, and that everything has a bigger purpose, leading to a bigger and better outcome.


Over to you – Your Turn..!

How do you react to your Twin Flame Social Media posts?

Do you check your Twin Flame’s social media several times a day?
Do you feel the need to ‘like’ or ‘love’ all their posts?
Do you get upset when your Twin Flame seems to be enjoying time with others?
Are you happy for your Twin Flame when you see him/her with others? (ie, not jealous or envious)


If your Twin Flame’s Social Media post triggers you with anything other than love, I recommend trying to outline your own Negative and False beliefs (like I did above), to help you work through your Twin Flame Healing journey.



Twin Flame Social Media Stalking

How can you use Social Media in a healthy way?

  1. Find Great Photos of your Twin Flame

As I said at the beginning of this post, Social Media is a great way to get some amazing photos of your Twin Flame.  This is my favourite way of using Social Media – getting wonderful happy photos of my Twin Flame.  Smiling, laughing, and I must admit some semi-clad ones…..  😍

You’ve be very grateful for them if you are undergoing Twin Flame separation, or if you are apart for other reasons such as long-distance relationships, or the complexities of 2020-2021. *sigh*

  1. Staying Connected to your Twin Flame

Staying connected on Facebook (or similar) can be an easy way to stay connected with your Twin Flame. Whilst our physical addresses, phone numbers, work emails and other details might change over the years, our Facebook account usually stays constant.

** But I DON’T recommend following and watching your Twin Flame Facebook every day. ** (We’ve all been there, right?)

Twin Flame Social Media stalking isn’t a good idea for you or them.  We all know what it is like, when someone feels the need to like or comment on all of our posts.  It feels ‘icky’, and you want to distance yourself.

(FYI, All that ‘liking’ and commenting is a sub-conscious desire to be seen by your Twin Flame.  No need to do this.  Trust me they KNOW you are there, even if they don’t say so.  😊)


Are your Twin Flame Social Media triggers coming from expectations?

It is often when our expectations are not met that we get triggered.

We expect something to happen, and when it doesn’t we get upset.

If this is describing you, check out my 2-part article series on Twin Flame Expectations – Are Your Relationship Expectations Energetically Repelling your Twin Flame.

How you think about your Twin Flame connection really does affect your Twin Flame Union.


Avoiding Twin Flame Social Media Triggers

If you get easily triggered by your Twin Flame Social Media or Twin Flame Facebook, then avoid trolling though all their posts and reading the comments.  Simple right!

There is no need to unfriend them or block them … Seriously, why would you do that to someone you LOVE??!!


**  Instead, but some boundaries on your OWN behavior.  ***

  1. You can still be Friends with your Twin Flame on Facebook, but not necessarily follow them in your NewsFeed. This way you chose when you look at their stuff.
  2. Alternatively, you use the ‘Snooze for 30 days’ function on your Twin Flame Facebook.
  3. Limit your Social Media activities, and turn off notifications if needs be.

Being smart about your own actions, will save you a world of pain and lots of triggers.

Trust me, if the Universe NEEDS you to see a particular post, you will.


Thinking of this makes me smile….

……. 🔥🔥 It was after all GOOGLE who told me I was a Twin Flame.  🤣🤣🤣

Ha ha  Too funny!



You can read more about the intense spiritual experience  I had with my Twin Flame in person that day, in my blog post “My Twin Flame Connection:  The Day I discovered I was a Twin Flame



Hope you enjoyed this post and it has been of help.

Good luck on your Twin Flame Journey!



Kristina. x

PS. Ever heard the song ‘Private Eyes are watching you” in your head’? It may be an indication that your Twin Flame is looking at your social media. 🎵🎵  Gotta love this connection.  We truly are ONE!

PS2.  As always, if you want some more personalized support, check out my Coaching and Services page, for individual guidance and assistance.  My Twin Flame Courses (free and paid) can be found at……with more coming soon!.


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