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Twin Flame Recognition: Six 3D Reasons Why Identifying Your Twin Flame Is Harder Than You Think

Divine Feminines:  Are you 100% sure you’ve correctly identified your Twin Flame?  Twin Flame Recognition and correctly identifying your Twin Flame is harder than you think.

There are many Divine Feminines out there, who aren’t confident in their ability to recognize their Twin Flame. This usually occurs because they found out they were a Twin Flame, BEFORE actually finding and meeting their Twin Flame.

In these circumstances it is hard to know if your Twin Flame has entered your life yet or not.  Especially when so many people use ‘faulty’ 3D relationship-based criteria to try and identify their Twin Flame.

In today’s blog post, I want to point out some really important reasons as to why so much confusion exists.


Six 3D reasons why correctly identifying your Twin Flame is harder than you think


Females tend to always see the person they are with as ‘the ONE’, so may try to make their current partner ‘fit the role’ when they start to experience Twin Flame symptoms, without perhaps looking at other people they are interacting with.

There may be a time delay between meeting your Twin Flame and the Twin Flame activation process starting, especially if you both met whilst really young.

This means that someone you met many years ago, or someone who is just on the sidelines of your life, may actually be your True Twin Flame, and not your current ‘romantic’ partner.



When the ‘relationship’ with the supposed Twin Flame gets rocky, many Divine Feminines assume they have the wrong Twin Flame (ie. a false Twin Flame), so they go out and start looking for their Twin Flame again.

Those who do this have misunderstood the true nature of a Twin Flame ‘Union’, and are just viewing it as a ‘relationship’.

The Twin Flame Connection you share with your Twin Flame is profoundly different to anything you have ever experienced, so you need to stop trying to fit your Twin Flame and their behavior into a ‘3D romantic relationship’ box.  Keep your Twin Flame Connection one of unconditional love.



Some Divine Feminine doesn’t know about the heart chakra activation and spiritual awakening that can come with meeting your Twin Flame, and spending some time together.

A newly opened heart chakra helps you see EVERYONE with love, not just your Twin Flame.  To those not 100% sure of who their Twin Flame is, this can create multiple candidates.

So, if you are ‘picking’ your Twin Flame solely based on the feeling of love you have for that person, you may have it wrong.

When you are with your True Twin Flame, you EMANATE love, as LOVE is who are at your core being.  Versus, just experiencing the feeling of ‘falling in Love’ with someone and getting swept away in the romance.  Make sure you understand the difference.



When you are new to Twin Flames, Twin Flame Recognition can be tricky.

When we are trying ‘work out’ who is your Twin Flame, we tend to use our normal 3D views of what we think our ‘perfect match’ would look like.

Twin Flames can, but don’t always come in the packages you expect.

They may be nothing like your ‘type’ of sexual partner.   Your relationship with your Twin Flame may not even become a sexual one for many, many years.

Twin Flames come in all races, ages, skin colors, religions, gender bodies, and sexual orientations.   Could you even be looking for a male Twin Flame, when in fact your Twin Flame is a female body??

We can’t work out who is our Twin Flame with our MIND, this is a Soul-based connection.  So, if you FEEL a really strong spiritual connection, and a magnetic pull to someone, don’t doubt it.  Instead look for detailed Twin Flame Synchronicities that confirm your Twin Flames identity.



Your Twin Flame’s energy can appear in another person’s body (temporarily – ie, a couple of seconds or minutes), if they can’t be physically with you, in order to give you a valuable message.

I’ve had this happen with the same Twin Flame ‘stand-in’ twice – a family member – over a 3 year period, when my Twin Flame wanted to make physical contact with me, but couldn’t.

For those of you who don’t understand what is happening, finding your Twin Flame’s energy coming from the body of another person can be confusing!

Realize this is a very temporary situation, and not that your Twin Flame is the wrong Twin Flame.  Don’t just change your mind about who is your Twin Flame on a whim, and think you had it wrong in the first place.

Disengage your logical mind, and stay spiritually aware.  There will be synchronistic Twin Flame signs that indicate what is happening.  In my case, my family member was wearing the exact same shirt my Twin Flame loves to wear to weddings, and my family member also called me ‘Sweet-heart’ something he would never ever normally do.

[As an aside, if you are the right vibrational level, your Twin Flames ;energy can temporarily jump into YOUR body, allowing you to suddenly see the world from your Twin Flames perspective.  Again, this only last a seconds or minutes, but it can be freaky to find yourself perceiving (and sexually attracted to) people in a totally different way to what is ‘normal’ for you.   Personal secret:  I discovered my Twin Flame, likes people in uniforms!!!  Who knew!!!.]



Release the belief system that your Twin Flame needs to be in a romantic / sexual relationship with you, and hence needs to be a certain gender body, age, or physical appearance.

Twin Flame connections are Soul-based, and don’t always start out with a romantic relationship, or a romantic relationship may take time to build depending on your Twin Flame Journey type.

Some Twin Flames’ experience physical intimacy early on in their Journey, other Twin Flame Journey types build up a strong 5D connection with their Twin Flame first.  If you don’t know what Twin Flame Journey type you are on, I present my unique research on the  6 most Common Twin Flame Journey Types in an inexpensive course.


How To Know When You Have Found Your True Twin Flame??

Your connection with your Twin Flame is a spiritual one.

Ultimately your Twin Flame and you share a spiritual, soul-based connection, which may or may not be a romantic one early on.

You will be able to FEEL very strongly, that soul connection you have between the 2 of you.

It will be a connection that you absolutely won’t have ever had  (to that level and degree) with anyone else.

You might feel a slight soul connection with your False Twin Flame(s), but the intensity of a connection with your True Twin Flame is much, much stronger.

As an example, think of a Jumbo Jet flying directly over your house compared to a lawn mower.  You might find the noise of a lawn mower (False Twin Flame) intense, but when the low-flying Jumbo Jet (True Twin Flame) flies directly overhead, Trust me, you will just KNOW and UNDERSTAND the difference.



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