Twin Flame Connection: Discovered I was a Twin Flame

Twin Flame Connection: The day I discovered I was a Twin Flame…

The Twin Flame Connection is a Soul-based Connection.  One Soul living in Two bodies.

When the time comes for your Soul to recognize the other part of itself in your Twin Flame, it is not a moment you will ever forget.

Twin Flames have a spiritual connection

The Twin Flame connection between you and your Twin Flame can never be broken. Regardless of wherever each of you are and whatever you do, the shared soul of a Twin Flames couple never forgets the desire to re-unite, to merge and to become ONE again.

It was just over five years ago that I discovered I was a Twin Flame.

The voice of my Soul in my head was so loud, but it was the INTENSE desire to instantly and PHYSICALLY MERGE with my Twin Flame that was most unexpected and so powerful.

Today, I share this tiny snippet of my Twin Flame recognition story in the hope it may help some others recognize that they too are on a own Twin Flame Journey.

(Note: I wasn’t ‘consciously’ aware that I was a Twin Flame… until after this moment!! – I am the spiritual, first awakened, Divine Feminine)


My Story: – Spiritual Recognition of my Twin Flame Connection

My Twin and I were new work colleagues and had only been seated near each other for about 4-5 months. Our intense travel schedule meant I was lucky to see him for maybe 1-2 hrs a week, and there would often be a gap to 2-3 weeks between seeing each other.

It was late January and a quiet time in our office. We had been chatting – what I call ’10 questions’. I found my Twin absolutely fascinating and had this huge desire to find out more about him. On this particular day during our quick chat, I’d discovered we were both the 1st born child with a large age gap to the youngest sibling; and we both had the same favorite color.

As our conversation ended, my Twin went back to madly typing emails. I was watching him out of the corner of my eye, mentally and emotionally still processing our conversation and what I had learnt about him. I was amazed at how at how alike/similar we were, that he seemed like another almost identical version of me. Except of course, he was definitely still male, as he totally seemed to have instantly ‘gotten over’ our conversation (single task focus), whereas I was still mentally reviewing it.

A second later, a loud voice yelled in my head, saying “OMG, ITS YOU!!!”

My brain was exploding with a million questions – “OMG how are you?, How are you doing? Where have you been?, What have you been up to? Its been SO LONG….. Question after question after question, kept arising… So many questions, a feeling of so much to catch up on.

Somehow, I felt that if I could just MERGE with him into ONE, I would have all the answers to my questions. I instantly had this INTENSE, IMMEDIATE desire to instantly flick my hips HARD, and RAM my office chair (on wheels) into his chair HARD. I felt we INSTANTLY needed to get physically closer and get closer NOW!!!

The feeling was SO STRONG and so out of place for an office environment. I desperately clung to the edge of my desk, with my fingers, to try and STOP myself from following the intense impulse to move my chair over to my Twin at the desk next to mine.

I was in such a state of wonder, amazement, and also awe. My soul knew his soul. How? What? Why?

Mentally racing, I was trying to work out what kind of soul connection I had with my Twin. My first guess was that my Twin was part of my soul group/family (there were few others in my office) or perhaps a platonic soul mate. It seemed SOOOOOO LONG since I had seen him last. He didn’t instantly feel like a ‘boyfriend’, but more like, that if our connection had ever been romantic, it was a long-time ago. It felt like a really old, long-time ago connection. A bit like early-childhood sweethearts (3-5 yrs old), or twins separated at birth (I kid you not! 😂)

….Meanwhile, my Twin is still typing away on his emails….

Later that night I started researching Soul Mates on Google. After many hours, Google threw up an advert for Twin Souls. Remembering the ‘twins separated at birth’ feeling, I clicked on it out of curiosity…..

….And my life has never been the same since.!


How about you?  How did you recognise your Twin Flame?  Post a brief comment below.


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