How to Successfully Reunite with your Twin Flame (Warning: This is a process)

How Good does a Twin Flame Reunion sound?

Are you ready and willing to find out how to successfully reunite with your Twin Flame?

TRIGGER WARNING: If you are looking for a magic phrase that will achieve it instantly, then this blog post ISN’T for you.  (FACT:  There is no magic pill….in case you haven’t worked it out by now)

If, however, you want to get a big picture understanding of how the Twin Flame process unfolds so you can navigate the situation with much less confusion and emotional pain.   Or, if you want to understand what is happening and what you need to do to successfully reunite with your Twin Flame, then read on.




Ok. Let’s start with the basics.

You and your Twin Flame are one Soul incarnated into two physical bodies.

When you both incarnate on earth at the same time/similar time-frame, you have done so with the greater plan of experiencing the same type of life experiences, yet through two different ‘energetic’ lenses – feminine and masculine.

The Twin Flame with the predominately feminine energy (not necessary female body) experiences things from a female perspective, whilst the Twin Flame with masculine energy (not necessary a male body) experiences things from a male perspective.  Added together and across each of your physical lives, the non-physical part of you both gets to experience your life events, in totality and from all aspects (masculine and feminine combined).

Contrary to popular thought, your Twin Flame is a not foreign, totally separate person with another human body… although it may APPEAR that way.

  • They are YOU.
  • Part of the BIGGER non-human YOU.
  • A part of the “TRUE SOUL” part of YOU that has currently incarnated across TWO human bodies. You #1  (the person reading this page) and You #2 (aka your Twin Flame).

Twin Flames really need to always recognize and act from this knowingness.  You + You = You.


In order to successfully reunite with your Twin Flame, you need to

  • recognize your Twin Flame as yourself (ie, see yourself in another),
  • and always act toward them (& yourself) from that pure unconditional loving and non-judgemental view-point of your Soul.

I’ve created this quote for you:


It really is YOU living 2 lives at once









You and your Twin Flame are one.  The same Soul in two bodies.

Because you are Souls, and have been part of each other from all eternity and beyond, each of you instinctively know the true characteristics of your ONE Soul – love, compassion, generosity, excitement, joy, and positivity, etc.


Your Soul knows the Truth

Ponder these questions for a moment:

  1. Can you remember the wonderful child-like joy that bubbled up inside you when you first saw your Twin Flame?
  2. Ever wondered why being with your Twin Flame feels like ‘Home’ in a way that nothing else does…? (and how do you even know to call it ‘HOME’ ?)
  3. Have you ever worked out how on Earth does your Twin Flame know you better than yourself? Hidden desires, motivations and stuff you’ve NEVER EVER shared with anybody else, or maybe even admitted to yourself?

The simple and correct answer to all is this is – “Your SOUL recognizes itself (in another human body).”

This is worth repeating.

“Your SOUL recognizes itself (in another human body). “

It is our egoic and overly logical minds that have trouble with this concept.

The fact that your Soul recognizes itself, is why your Twin Flame knows you better than you ‘know’ yourself.

Not only does your Twin Flame share your Soul and all its capabilities, but they know the ‘True Authentic You’.  The Real You underneath all the ‘masks’ and restrictive behaviors you have put in place to feel safe and accepted in the world.  Masks and behaviors that this Twin Flame Journey is instructing you to DROP.

Our Twin Flame’s uncanny ‘X-RAY vision’-like perception of us, is confronting and can be scary as it defies logic.

But truly your Twin Flame is your biggest ally, biggest supporter, biggest friend on this Journey called Life. 

There is no-one else on this planet of over 7 billion people who understands you better.

Your Twin Flame will have often experienced the same or very similar life experiences to you, so they understand where you are coming from, and why you act the way you do.  Because they would too.

In fact, if you and your Twin Flame switched human bodies (and life circumstances), you would act EXACTLY like each other!!

Have you every really thought about that before?

Its True!





You and your Twin Flame are ONE.  The SAME Soul in TWO bodies.

This means, that if during your human interactions with your Twin Flame, you are displaying an emotion, or acting in a way that isn’t it true alignment with your Soul.  Your Twin Flame automatically knows and will call BS on anything that isn’t 100% you!

As crazy as this sounds, you KNOW this to be true. You will have experienced this many times and in all sorts of ways.

You have probably marveled over HOW and WHY your Twin Flame know you better than you know yourself.

Well, your shared Soul is the answer why!


You and your Twin Flame are one.  The same Soul in two bodies.

As YOU in another body, your Twin Flame can see your True Soul (no matter how well it is hidden) and ❤️ LOVE  ❤️  for you for it, even when YOU can’t or  don’t.

They will also do everything possible to encourage you to ACT from your True Soul self, and not the fake identity your Ego has created, ‘the who’ you are currently ‘pretending’ to be.


How does your Twin Flame call BS on you, and your behaviors, actions? (The Twin Flame Mirror)


On a human level, your Twin Flame points out your path of growth and change, via something called the ‘Twin Flame Mirror Process’. 

Here are some examples of how the Twin Flame Mirror process works:

  • When you do for say something that isn’t the True You, your Twin Flame might verbally tell you ‘that’s crap’ and argue about why are you acting this way.
    • Which depending on your level of awareness (and how emotional you are), you might take as a verbal attack, or your Twin Flame deliberately being mean, confrontational, uncaring etc…. but they are not.  They are helping you SEE what you currently can not!


  • Your Twin Flame might ignore you, because you are not BEing you… and they aren’t going to play that game with you.
  • Most often, your Twin Flame will MIRROR to you (the behavior that you are showing them)….and they will continue to MIRROR that behavior UNTIL you realize what they are showing you. For example:  If you are putting up a cold shoulder and not listening to them, then they might do the same to you.
    1. They may reflect back to you the exact same situation, or
    2. They may reflect back to you the same underlying emotions or behaviors, such as resentment, anger, being obstinate, etc
  • Think of it’s a silent game of charades.
    1. Until YOU consciously GET and UNDERSTAND what they are silently MIME-ing (SHOWING) to you, your Twin Flame will continue to mime the same ‘charade’ over and over again.
    2. It isn’t about them needing to change their behavior, but rather a sign of what YOU need to be consciously aware of, and to change yours.  (When your release your inauthentic behaviors, it frees up our Twin Flame from having to ‘display’ it to you, allowing both of you to live more in alignment with your true SOUL self(selves).

The Twin Flame Mirror Process as a Gift, it is not your Twin Flame is acting out


Your Twin Flame is never a Narcissist, unless of course, you yourself are.  🙂

To those who are awake and aware of this Twin Flame Journey, the Mirror process is amazing and so helpful.  But for those blind to its purpose, reacting negatively to it can be devastating, as you most likely have already experienced.

If you and your Twin Flame don’t realize the big picture behind is happening with the Mirror Process, and instead stay lost in your emotions (Ego trying to protect itself), the issues between both you can go on and on for a very long time.

Failing to do your Twin Flame Work, and staying in your hurt and wounded Ego, rather than responding lovingly and patiently from your Heart, creates a world of pain for you both.  It makes your Twin Flame Journey harder, as you now have created even more ‘wounds’ between you both.  Wounds that are hard for the Human Ego to forgive and forget.  Especially if you are unaware of the challenge of the Spiritual Ego, and how it can derail your reunion. (Please read this linked article. It may drastically change your life)

Bottom line, the only person you can change is YOU.  So, be responsible and make the required changes.



Your Twin Flame doesn’t need to change the behavior that they are SHOWING YOU.  Their ‘temporary behavior’ has been Divinely Guided to point out stuff to you.

** Are you paying attention?? **

What do you need to do?

YOU need to remove anything in YOUR behavior, thoughts, actions, that isn’t 100% in line in your True Soul.     This includes any thoughts fears, actions, behaviors that you’ve learnt from other people over your lifetime, or were told by Institutions (Government, Religion, Societal Groups, etc) is the way to behave.  

This ALL needs to go. 

Remember: Twin Flame are here to break existing relationship and societal templates of how life is ‘supposed to work’

Only YOU know what is RIGHT for you in your life…. and the odds are you haven’t even discovered what this is yet.

Take the time to focus on this, now!

The only way you and your Twin Flame will magnetize yourselves back to each other (and stay together) is when you are both 100% grounded and certain in who you both are, as human BEINGS (not human DOings), living in alignment with your Soul, and being 100% YOU (plural  😊 ), in each and every moment.


The key to moving forward towards Successful Twin Flame Union in your hands

 YOU have the power to change things.

No more blaming things on your twin.  (For example: She did this, He did this… She didn’t do this, He didn’t do this, etc)

You and your Twin Flame are One.

You are a tag team.

Neither of you will successfully complete the Twin Flame “Race” (Journey to Union), if you ignore or forget your team member – your Twin Flame. (YOU in another body)



Successfully reuniting with your Twin Flame isn’t an instantaneous thing.  It is a process of learning, balance, and change for both of you.

One thing will lead to another thing, and then another thing, until all choices and paths lead straight to your Twin Flame, and them to you.

If you are reading this post, you have the inside track.  (Think of your challenged, perhaps currently un-awakened Twin Flame, who hasn’t yet discovered this knowledge, whilst you have.)

YOU KNOW that you need to start clearing from your life anything that is isn’t you

…. and if you don’t, life might do it for you in perhaps a less comfortable way).

The added bonus, is that when you start going down this track, your Twin Flame will feel the desire to change also (even if you aren’t in 3D communication) so they can start to do this work as well.


Successfully reunite with your Twin Flame

Here is a visual of this process for you….


Imagine you and your Twin Flame as a team of two. 

You are both sprinting down a race track, in parallel lanes, jumping over hurdles. 

The placement and the timing of when you and your Twin Flame jump over the hurdles may different.  It all depend on what is in your lane on this ‘race-track’. 

Your Twin Flame may have an intense period with a lot of hurdles to jump all at once, followed a long sprint, where yours might be more evenly spaced. 

Regardless of whatever is happening, keep moving forward and just keep jumping over [clearing] whatever hurdle [block] is in front of you. 

You might sweat on the journey [remove toxic beliefs] you might even remove to some clothing [throw off old layers and identity that no longer serves].

Your old life fades into the distance. 

All that matters IS THIS RACE (Your Twin Flame Journey).   

Leave behind anything that is isn’t 100% you, and focus on what brings you feels of joy, excitement, love etc.

No matter what happens, don’t stop.  Your Twin Flame depends on you.

Keep going F-O-R-W-A-R-D

Don’t look back. 

        Don’t pause.

                Don’t wait for your Twin Flame to appear next to you physically.


Keep sprinting fast, as it will encourage your Twin Flame to keep running too. 

Know and trust your Twin Flame partner is sprinting towards to the finish line as well. 

After crossing the Finishing Line, you have wonderful reception party ready and waiting for you BOTH.  Your Support Team are cheering you on.

Hang in there…

You’ve got this race!

That finish line is just around that next corner.



Much Love

Kristina x


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