Twin Flame Expectation: Are your relationship expectations energetically repelling your Twin Flame?

Have you heard about the term ‘Expectation’ in relation to your Twin Flame union?  Did you know that any Twin Flame expectation you might have about a physical 3D relationship with your Twin, could be blocking exactly what you desire?

[ This post is the first post in a 2-part series on Twin Flame expectations.  You can find the second post here… ‘Expectations can cause a Twin Flame to Run and Ghost‘]

Your thoughts and energetic energy affect your Twin Flame

Whether you realize it or not, expectations are very powerful energetically.

Not long ago, I got my own BIG lesson on the energetic impact of Twin Flame Expectations… (which you can read about in the second post of this series: ‘Expectations can cause a Twin Flame to Run and Ghost)

Twin Flames are spiritual connections.  One of the biggest mental blocks that 1st Awakened Twin Flame needs to overcome, is the EXPECTATION that the connection to their Twin Flame will result in marriage and children with their Twin Flame, within a record short timeframe.

If Twin Flames were just ‘soul-mates’ who had contracted to be romantic partners in this life… (cue, some Mills and Boon romantic music here), then Yes, that could happen.

But Twin Flame are here to be their 100% authentic selves, so any energies of Expectations will back fire between Twin Flames.

Twin Flames are here to break 3D relationship ‘templates’, not join them

Twin Flames (as one Soul in two bodies) are here on earth at this time to break relationship paradigms.  Twin Flames are here to do things differently; and via their own actions teach the world there is a better way and more healthier way to do ‘relationships’.

When it comes to creating relationship in our lives, few people consciously plan what they want our relationship to look and feel like. Most people instead, automatically foster relationships based on dysfunctional templates of their parents or societal upbringing.  Or, worse still, they create relationship expectations based on the toxic and over sensationalized TV shows that demonstrate to us relationships of all types – except those based on true unconditional love.

Rather than just automatically enter into relationships based on default, pre-existing beliefs, Twin Flames are here to show others that it is no longer necessary in our world to marry for security, religious, convenience, or co-dependence reasons.  This is why Twin Flames have age differences, come from different countries, and have different religious or family upbringings.  It isn’t that you suddenly changing the type of person you find attractive. Instead, it is all part of the plan.

United Twin Flames demonstrate to the world that people should stay together is because of LOVE (and no other external 3D reason). This is why Twin Flames are happier, better, and stronger together, than apart.

Twin Flame Physical Union ≠ any ‘Normal’ 3D relationship you have experienced before

Your Twin Flame Expectations around how you and your Twin Flame, WILL or SHOULD have a normal 3D relationship, could cause problems with coming together and staying together.

Standard societal or religion-based 3D Relationship expectations don’t necessarily work for Twin Flames, because prior to incarnating we may have pre-planned that our Twin Flame ‘relationship’ will look totally different.

So, we need to be open to our physical union with our Twin Flame looking 100% different to every prior relationship you have seen or previously known.

Expectations carry physical energy that feels yuck!

Any expectations you might have of how your Twin Flame union with your Twin Flame will look or unfold, carries energy that your Twin Flame can feel.

Your expectations can deliver a strong feeling of obligation, duty and ‘must do’ feelings, that are really foreign (and unwelcoming) to Twin Flames as we are all about being our authentic self.

When you truly love your Twin Flame unconditionally, you don’t ‘force’ any expectations upon them. 

We might HOPE they stay connected to us, in a 3D manner in this life.  We might even have hopes of starting or renewing a physical relationship with them.

But if we truly have unconditional love for our Twin Flame, and they want to go and live on the Moon for 12 years (and that is what would make our Twin Flame happy) then we need to support them in that.

My big wake-up call regarding the power of Expectations

About a year ago, I had a really good example of the power of expectations, and how horrible they feel.  It gave me a huge AH-HA about the energy I might have been inadvertently sending my Twin Flame.

I started to share that story in this post, but it got too long.  So you can about it in the 2nd post in this series on Twin Flame Expectations – ‘How Expectations can Cause a Twin Flame to Run and Ghost ‘.

One of the main reasons I share this personal story, is because I think it provides a potentially valuable perspective on how the Divine Masculines may feel and react, upon being told they are a Twin Flame….

It made be consciously think (very seriously) about any expectations I had on my own Twin Flame Journey.

Do I have any Twin Flame Expectations?

Do I have Twin Flame Expectations?  Yes,  of course, I do.  I have hopes and desires like everyone else.

The SECRET is to be consciously aware of any expectations you might have subconsciously, so you can let go of those that don’t truly serve you and your Twin.

[Note:Since originally scribbling this post of a piece of paper nearly a year ago when this experience happened, and typing it up now, it is interesting for me to see how much I have personally grown on this Twin Flame journey, and how fewer expectations I still have.  Last time, I drafted this post, many tears of sadness and some ‘poor me’ feelings were involved. Now I am just full of hopeful optimism, and have a much shorter list… Yay 🙂 ]

What are my Twin Flame Expectations?

Whilst I don’t have ‘marriage, picket-fence and 2 kids’ picture in my mind about my twin and I (I am too old now), I’m brave enough to admit I do have some expectations:

  • I do have expectations that my Twin Flame will come back to me at some time. (The overly-romantic part of me would love for him to swear his undying love.  But the True part of me that now loves myself more that ever before in this life, no longer really needs this.  My playful inner-child tells me that just being friends again with my Twin, would rock my world!)
  • I also have expectations that my Twin Flame and I will continue to be in each other’s lives – somehow – on an on-going basis.  But I am not sure what that would actually ‘look’ like.… and that is actually GOOD!

My Twin and I may not be co-habiting (our lifestyles are very different even though we live in the same big city), but I think living next to each other , or otherwise very close, would be very cool. Funnily enough I even suggested this to my twin before we went into separation. (He is a great cook, something I have never mastered, and it would be nice to hear around all the excitement of his day over a well-cooked meal.)

More than anything, however, I want my twin to be happy and living the life of his dreams. Which may or may not include me as his romantic partner.  I’m OK with that, and forgive myself for being a bit jealous at times.  I’m only human. <3

One thing I do know, is that my soul wanted to re-experience ‘Divine Love’ whilst being incarnate.   So, as a Twin Flame, and through my journey to-date, I’m definitely achieving what my soul desires!

Your Turn!  Can You Identify YOUR Twin Flame expectations?

I haven’t just spilled my guts for the fun of it.  Instead I am hoping my experience can lead to a valuable exercise for you.  Are you willing to identify any Twin Flame Expectations that you may have?   (I’d love to see yours written in the comments below, if you wish to share)

Twin Flame Expectation Exercise

Please grab a notebook or a pen and paper, and take the time to answer the following questions:

  1. What expectations do you have around your Twin Flame and your connection together?
  2. Notice if these are really YOUR True expectations based on what you feel with your Twin.  Or, if they are societal programming instead? (ie. Married, 2.5 children, 4 bedroom home, 2 cars, 1 boat, and 3.5 pets.. or whatever relates to your upbringing.)
  3. Out of all these expectations, where would you be most heavily disappointed, if your Twin’s vision doesn’t line up with yours?

Oh behalf of you Twin Flame, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this exercise.

You’ve now learnt something about yourself, that will help you move forward on your Twin Flame Journey.

If you discovered that you have a longish list, my advice would be to try and let go of what you think Twin Flame Union ‘should’ look like in ‘reality’.  (‘Should’ing is about rules, restriction, and trying to control.)  Instead be grateful for whatever unfolds, as it truly is in your highest and best interest.

Our Twin Flames Unions are crucial part of a bigger picture we can’t yet see…

The only expectation that you can safely have – Trust and Faith

The only expectation we can truly have in our twin flame relationships that aligns with our divine natures, is knowing (and trusting) that Source/God/Universe/Divine Timing (or whatever you want to call it) knows exactly what our Twin Flame and our self needs, and is already providing for our highest good, even if we can’t see it at the time.

Life with our Twin Flame, in whatever form it takes, will be more amazing and different that you have ever expected.   So don’t try and imagine every little detail… you can’t!

Just focus on how happy you will feel together, and let that magnetism raise your frequency.  Yay!

You’ve got this.

Kristina. x

PS.  If you haven’t read it yet, the 2nd Post in this Twin Flame Expectations Series can be found here – How Expectations can Cause a Twin Flame to Run and Ghost‘.

PS2.  If you like the information that I share and would like some coaching, advice or assistance on your journey, check out my Twin Flame Coaching Services page.  I would be honored to help.

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