Twin Flames are Superheroes in disguise!

Did you know that as a Twin Flame you are a Light Worker? A Superhero in disguise.

Yes, you are.

Twin Flames are Light Workers and Superheroes

Twin Flames are a type of Superhero known as a Light Worker.

Light Worker Twin Flames incarnate on Earth with the goal of spreading love and light around the planet.

How do you know if you are a Light Worker?

Unsure how to work out it you are a light worker?  That is easy.

  • You will have a  strong desire to make a difference in this lifetime, in whatever it is that you do.
  • You instinctly know your life has a bigger purpose and you are here to do something important.
  • Throughout your life time, you’ve felt strongly you are ‘supposed’ to do something on planet Earth.  Even if you couldn’t explain what it was.

Up until recently, you may not have become consciously aware that your Earthly Light Worker Mission as a Twin Flame is to bring more light and love to the world.

Were you fascinated by Superheroes as a child?

As a child and young adult, I loved Superheroes, and had a huge fascination with flying – the type of leaping off objects that kept my Mother’s blood pressure high.

My favorite superheros are Superman and Wonder Woman.  But, I also eagerly watched more ‘ordinary’ heroes such as the Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman, The Greatest American Hero, MacGyver, and Indiana Jones.

I remember as a teenager being fascinated by the existence and shape of a Tetrahedron (Sacred Geometry) in the SuperGirl Movie. So when my Twin Flame gave me a Quartz Crystal Octahedron, as his second ever present to me, my heart soared.  Our lives leave so many clues….  We are all given major hints about our Twin Flame Journey, many many years in advance.

During the Bubble Love stage with my Twin Flame, he and I often referred to each other as Superheros.  He was (and still is) my Clark Kent/Superman and I am his Diana Prince/Wonder Woman.

So know that if you are a Twin Flame, you too are a Superhero.

The Twin Flame / Light Worker Mission

What is the Light Workers’ Mission role for Twin Flames?

Well, you’ve come into this world as a Light Worker in disguise, with a mission to discover who you are and to help change the world, by standing for all that is right and loving (rather than wrong).

While to the world you might appear a mild-mannered Clark Kent, or super-organised Diana Prince (or whichever superhero you most resonate with), you honestly do have ‘super’ plans to change the world.

The unconditional love between Twin Flames is what makes it all happen.

Stepping into your Light Worker Roles

How do you step into your light worker mission?

  1. Recognise that you and your Twin Flame are a TEAM working together.
    • You might not always be side-by-side together (depending on what you are working on), but you will always have each others back.
    • Together or (temporarily) apart you both are making a huge difference to the levels of love and light on Planet Earth.
  2. Whilst you might feel like a bumbling and slightly invisible Clark Kent at times, or an overworked Diana Prince, recognise that your true self is Superman/Wonder Woman so step into and embody that level of confidence.
  3. Use your combined gifts to make a difference to the world.


No matter how hard the Twin Flame journey may be at times, never forget that you both truly are superheros and a force for good to be reckoned with.  You’ve got this!

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