unconditional love

Unconditional Love. That is what Twin Flame Love is all about !

Ever wondered why Twin Flame love feels so intense? It’s because Twin Flame love is truly UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, the stuff our souls are made of.

The Twin Flame experience is here to help us look at love differently.  This journey isn’t just simply about romantic love and finding your best partner. But instead about experiencing the real truest form of love –  ‘unconditional’ love. The type of love that comes from the Creator at a soul level.

Part of the Twin Flame experience is each set of twins transforming the templates for love and relationships on this planet. We are meant to treat ourselves, our Beloveds, and everybody else with the same kind of unconditional love.

Changing templates and concepts around love

A couple of years ago at a Sales Conference, it was suggested to Sales Reps that their relationship with their customers be considered more of a marriage (ie, an ongoing relationship), not a transaction-based one time off event.  The terminology of a ‘long time’, not a ‘good time’, was used.  As you can imagine, the audience cracked up with laughter, and a couple of brave souls did confess that they preferred the ‘good time’ over a ‘long time’.

I slipped into ‘Observer Mode’ and tried to get my head around how people could be into a ‘good-time’, versus a ‘long-time’ commitment.

The concept of ‘the more the merrier’ isn’t something that I personally understand.  I’ve always needed to have a strong emotional connection to someone to be intimate with them, but obviously other people aren’t all ‘wired’ the same way that I am. Whilst it might others people’s truth, I personally just couldn’t comprehend it.

Interestingly enough, fast forward two days later, to when the team came together again.

At this time, I noticed that my perspective on ‘good-time’ had changed. Not for me personally.  I still need to have a close emotional connection to be intimate with someone.  But, in that I suddenly had a new perspective for  ‘one-time/good-time’, and those people who could do this.

For the first time, I could truly appreciate how someone who is wired that way, was able to spread so much love around to others, and to bring joy and happiness into their lives.

Whilst it still wasn’t for me,  I could now appreciate it with an open heart.

Unconditional Love

And this is really what the Twin Flame journey is about. LOVE.  Unconditional Love, and, seeing anyone you meet through the same lens as you would your Beloved. Because, in truth we are all ONE and CONNECTED.

No, this doesn’t mean I am advocating making love to everyone you meet (as this might get you in trouble in a 3D world). But instead see everyone with eyes of love, and treat them accordingly.

Think, if everyone did this, wouldn’t the world be a much, much, much better place.

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