Twin Flame woman blowing unconditional love to her Twin

Keep your Twin Flame Connection one of Unconditional Love

Your Twin Flame Connection is by its very nature, a very strong connection of unconditional love between yourself and your Twin Flame.

You and your Twin Flame are always connected

You and I both know you love your Twin Flame unconditionally – they are after all YOU.Male and Female twin flames are always connected together

But, there are also times too, when you forget that your Twin Flame is YOU in another body, and how much you love them.

When we see our Twin Flame as another physical person, it is all to easy to forget your soul connection together. And, instead you can perceive your Twin Flame as working AGAINST you, rather than always working FOR you, and your shared Twin Flame connection.

To avoid this separation ‘them & us’ mentality, you need to stay in a state of unconditional love towards your Twin Flame, at all times.

Twin Flame Connection: Your Twin Flame knows you better than yourself

Our Twin Flame always loves us unconditionally on a soul level, and comfortable or not, as our Divine Mirror, it is our Twin Flames job to shine light on and point out any areas of our life where we are:introspective twin flame man forgetting how powerful he is

  • Hiding
  • Playing Small
  • Playing Safe
  • Not being our Authentic Self
  • Not forgiving, acknowledging, or loving ourselves
  • Seeing ourselves as wrong or not good enough
  • Avoiding things or behaving in a unhealthy or inauthentic way, via a learnt behavior or as a method of self protection

I often call my Twinflame- ‘The One who Knows Me Better than Myself’, and it is true.

As we share the same soul,  my Twin can easily recognise all the good parts of me that I am not acknowledging, and point out all the ‘unhealed’ aspects of myself where I have taken on others’ beliefs, ideologies and judgements, rather than being my true self.

I love that my Twin Flame can do this for me (even it it doesn’t always feel good at the time).

Your Twin Flame Triggers you because they love you

Comments from a  Twin Flames can push our buttons (especially if we perceive it as a criticism or judgement). But remember, their comments are not meant to attack you or to deliberately be nasty.  Deep down our Twin Flame loves us unconditionally.Twin Flames mirrors yourself to you

As another part of our soul who knows us best, our Twin Flame’s comments were simply meant to wake us up and liberate use from old ways and patterns of doing things.

A funny and rather simplistic example of this might might be:

‘Your Twin Flame pointing out the fact that you are hopping everywhere on one leg, instead of using both legs to walk easily.’ 

When your Twin Flame tells you you are doing this, at first you are going to feel really silly, and like they are deliberately making fun of you.  But, in fact your Twin is trying to liberate you.

Once you get over any ego feelings of hurt, and see how much their comments only make sense – of course, you would prefer to walk easily on two feet instead of hop on one leg  – you are no longer triggered and now living a much better life.

So how do you stay in Unconditional Love when your Twin Flame triggers you?

In my previous article,  Types of Twin Flame Love: Which are you experiencing?.  I spoke about all the different types of Twin Flame love.

Whilst those types all help identify you are in a Twin Flame Connection with someone,  the state of Unconditional Love (or Agape) is the one most important one.

What is Unconditional Love (Agape)?

What is Unconditional Love?  To me, unconditional love, is soul love.   Remembering that your Twinflame is a soul and loving them completely, wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

Unconditional love means loving your Twin Flame – no matter what.

Unconditional love is loving your Twin Flame even when:

  • They say something you don’t like
  • They aren’t talking to you
  • They are ignoring you
  • They are ghosting you or blocking you on social media, or
  • They (temporarily, for that point in time) are preferring to spend their time with someone other than you.

Ignore anything emotion reaction you have that isn’t love

As I mentioned above, it is your Twin Flame’s ‘job’ to show you everything about you and in your life that stands between the current you, and your 100% true authentic soul self.

You need to love your Twin regardless of what they do or don’t do.

Don’t react, don’t retaliate, don’t reject or attack.

Just Love them anyway.   Just love them.

There is a good reason why they just did what they did.  (Even if you, or they, don’t actually know for sure what it is at this moment in time.)

Keep returning to a state of Unconditional Love for your Twin Flame

Every time you feel yourself triggered or wanting to control your Twin Flame’s behavior, recognise that you have temporarily stepped out of unconditional love for them.  When you are triggered, it is because there is something inside of you that needs healing (otherwise you wouldn’t have been triggered).

For example, if you wanted your Twin to do something and they haven’t, that may trigger you.

Instead of reacting badly, thank your Divine Mirror, your Twin Flame, and as they have just pointing out a need that you haven’t met or fulfilled within yourself.  (Note: As a Twin Flame you absolutely need to clear any tendencies towards co-dependency. We each need to solve all our own needs, and not be dependent on another person)

Think of it as progress on your Twin Flame Journey.

One need identified and on the way to being fixed.

Yay!   One step closer 🙂

Staying in Unconditional love in your Twin Flame Connection

So, how do you stay in Unconditional Love in your Twin Flame Connection – I call it the Three ‘S’s:

When dealing with your twin:

  1. Stop your emotional reactions,
  2. Step out of your ego and
  3. Simply love them (and yourself).

You can do it!

Much Love x

PS.  To find out more about how Twin Flame are here to change relationship templates, see my post on ‘Unconditional Love.  That is what Twin Flame love is all about’.

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