Twin Flame Terminology E-Course

Twin Flame Terminology: Runners, Chasers, DFs, DMs, and Mirrors… What does it mean?

Twin Flame Terminology is confusing.  If you’ve recently discovered you are a Twin Flame, and are confused by all the terminology out there.  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

Discovering you are a Twin Flame can be confusing!

Twin Flames almost have a dictionary of their own.  And most confusingly, many Twin Flame terms  don’t mean what you would think they should mean.

I remember at the beginning of my Twin Flame journey, when I was just sure that my Twin Flame was a very good soul mate.

I searched more and more about Twin Flames and Twin Souls.  The more I read, the more confused I got.

As I read more and more articles online, weird and unusual terms I had never heard of before in regards to romantic relationships, just kept coming up.

Terms that I later discovered were actually Twin Flame Terminology such as:

  • Twin Flame Runner
  • Twin Flame Chaser
  • Divine Masculine (DM)
  • Divine Feminine (DF)
  • Divine Timing
  • Twin Flame Relationship
  • Twin Flame Separation
  • Twin Flame Recognition
  • Twin Flame Union
  • Twin Flame Mirror
  • Twin Flame Journey
  • Twin Flame Mission
  • False Twin Flames
  • Twin Flame Merge
  • Twin Flame Wounds
  • Twin Flame Work
  • …  and so many more.

I needed to understand what being a Twin Flame was all about

My life was starting to fall apart at this stage and I desperately wanted answers.

The more I read, I realised that this Twin Flame thing is a whole lot bigger, and more important that I had previously thought.

It wasn’t just about a ‘normal’ romantic relationship, but in fact, some kind of divinely orchestrated process, instead.

Every blog or video seemed to be using the above Twin Flame terms, but rarely explained what they meant.

I found it all so confusing.

I just wanted to know what was happening to me, and how to get back to that wonderful ‘in love feeling’ with my Twin Flame.

Fast track forward to now, and all that terminology makes complete sense. Yay!

Once I understood how Twin Flames are a spiritual relationship,  I understood why the Twin Flame terms exist

🔥🔥🔥 After thousands of hours of Twin Flame research, as well as my own personal 5 & 1/2 years of experience since discovering I was Twin Flame, I’ve managed to work out the ‘big picture’ or ‘blue print’ that this whole Twin Flame journey is about. 🔥🔥🔥

Information that I had so wished I had 5 years ago, as I would have treated and reacted to my Twin Flame very differently.



To keep you from making the same mistakes, I want to share with you what I have learnt about this Twin Flame Journey, starting with the terminology.

I’ve put together a 1.5 hr presentation as a e-course, explaining the terms heard and (more importantly) often experienced as a Twin Flame. It not only covers some of the most common Twin Flame terms and stages, but also many of the supernatural/metaphysical experienced between Twin Flames, as well.

The course is broken up-into bite size chunks, so you can watch the videos over a couple of settings. Or you can watch it all at once if you wish.

Who is this Twin Flame Terminology e-Course for?

Twin Flame Newbies – People who have fairly recently discovered they are a Twin Flame.

Frustrated Twin Flames – Twin Flames who think this journey is all about love and romance only, and don’t understand the metaphysical aspects of the Twin Flame Journey and why they exist.

Any Twin Flame who is worried they might be going crazy… (Don’t worry you’re not…!)


Do yourself a favour and find out what makes Twin Flame partnership so different.

Discover what all those really “unusual” Twin Flame terms, like Twin Flame Karmic Partner, and Heiros Gamos mean.

You will be so glad you did!

🔥🔥🔥  Check out my  Twin Flame Terminology Course here… or click on the * COURSES * Button in my Menu Toolbar (above)  🔥🔥🔥


PS.  Not sure 100% if you are a Twin Flame, check out my blog post on Twin Flame Definition – Are you a Twin Flame? and see if it resonates.


Light and Love xx

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