Know who is your Twin Flame

Want to know who is your Twin Flame? Do this…

How to know for sure who is your Twin Flame

Are you a little confused and uncertain as to who your twin flame is?  Don’t worry we all go through this.  We all want to know for sure who is our Twin Flame.

Twin Flame How to Know for sure

I wasn’t 100% sure for a good 6 months, and and then questioned it once or twice  after that.

….Even though I had been sitting right next to my Twin, when I had the introductory magical, mystical ‘soul’ experience that led me down the Twin Flame rabbit hole.

Some advice:

  1. Be patient with yourself.
  2. If you do have questioning thoughts come up.  Don’t beat yourself up.  We are all new to this kind of spiritual relationship, and it can be hard to get out of your HEAD (and thinking about it), and to drop into your HEART (and know for certain).
  3. Also, don’t forget that some of the doubts you have, might also be coming from your Twin’s thoughts, as they too try to work this all out.

Working out if someone is your Twin Flame

So, here is what I did in the early stages of discovering I was a Twin Flame.

I wrote down a list of things that confirmed “my Twin is my Twin”. 

On that list I wrote down synchronicities, weird events, unusual feelings or occurrences. Anything that confirmed or was pointing out, that my ‘relationship’ with my Twin was ‘otherworldly’, and anything but a ‘usual’ 3D one.

The start of my list looks a little like this…

Twin Flame - How to know for sure if someone is your Twin Flame

Every time a new event or synchronicity occurred regarding my Twin Flame, I would add it to this list.

Anytime I thought my Twin might have possibly be another person instead, I referred back to this list as ‘proof’. (Note: None of the things I listed has EVER happened for me with another person.  Only with my Twin)

Any time I doubted I would re-read this list.

Did my List work?

Yes, Without a doubt.

Creating this list was important.

It helped give me a sense of certainty in my rapidly changing world, and confirmed without a doubt, that my Twin was my Twin.


Hope it helps you too !

Hang in there. xx

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2 thoughts on “Want to know who is your Twin Flame? Do this…

  1. How do you “remote view” him? My twin was able to do this with me, but I wasn’t with him, and I could tell that frustrated him. He used to say, “I’m the one who does the seeing” (whenever I’d say “I C U” like Jake & Nayteri did in Avatar) But as a child, my Mom told me that I was able to remote view. I don’t remember doing it, but if I did it then, perhaps I could learn again.

    • This happened mainly for me when my Twin Flame and I were in the ‘Bubble Love’ stage which was really high frequency. I simply sat quietly, closed my eyes and focused on my Twin Flame. A couple of times I would get a very fuzzy and faint mental ‘movie’ of him and what he was doing, ie. showering in the bathroom, or talking to someone in a cafe. I might be easier to do, if your Twin is thinking of you at the same time. Keep practicing.

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