Twin Flame Definition – Are you a Twin Flame?

What is a Twin Flame?  You’ve probably heard of Soul Mates and maybe even Twin Souls, but have you heard about Twin Flames before?

Lets define what a ‘Twin Flame’ is.  Are you One?

Twin Flame Definition


“Twin Flames are often described as ONE Soul in TWO bodies.”


Two Bodies One Soul

Twin Flames are generally an old/experienced Soul who has lived on Planet Earth many times.

When incarnating on Earth, the Soul splits or duplicates, to incarnate into TWO separate human bodies. Hence, the word “Twin Flames”.

Since, Planet Earth, is a planet of Duality (Up/Down,Left/Right, Hot/Cold, etc), ONE incarnated soul will have a predominantly feminine essence or energy, and OTHER will take on a predominately masculine essence or energy. (Note: I am talking about Masculine or Feminine essence or energy, not sexuality or gender bodies).


Twin Flame Gender vs Twin Flame Energy

As I described above, each individualised person within the Twin Flame pair,  incarnates with either a feminine or masculine energy, which is separate from physical gender.

I’m sure you understand what I am talking about, we’ve all met females who appear to have a more masculine-type of energy, and males who have a lot of feminine-type energy.

Twin Flame Masculine Energy - Twin Flame Feminine Energy

As ‘energy’ is separate from gender body, this means that Twin Flame couples don’t have to incarnate into what society generally views as a ‘standard relationship’, ie. a male and a female.

Twin Flame couples can comprise of heterosexual unions (ie. a male and a female), or same sex union (two male bodies, or two female bodies).

So, YES,  Twins can be gay!  (A very popular question…)

Note: This makes total sense when you think about it.  Love – True Love – transcends physical appearance, gender, and sexual preferences.

Part of the twin flame mission is breaking down outdated beliefs, prejudices or stereotypes around relationships.  It doesn’t matter what gender you are, what you look like, or what is your background.

Your Twin will love you, regardless.


The Twin Flame Mission

Twin flames aren’t just another soulmate or simple, romantic-based relationship.  Twin Flames incarnated with a much deeper purpose on Planet Earth.


‘Twin Flames are a special type of Soul currently incarnated here on Earth with a Divine Mission to help awaken humanity to the concept of unconditional love, and to bring about the realisation that ALL people on Earth are actually ONE with each other, and also ONE with God/Creator/Source/Divine/All That Is/Universe (or whatever you want to call it).’


Twin Flames are here to spread love and light, and change the existing 3D relationship ‘template’ (ie. rules) on how relationships between people, are viewed and acted upon on this planet.  The goal is the change the template to create relationships based on Unconditional Love, rather than today’s highly-conditional relationships based on looks, sex-appeal, wealth, religion, race, gender, socio-economic status, fear/convenience, etc.


Are Twin Flames Real?

YES, YES and YES.  Twin Flames are very real.


Twin Flame Longing and Yearning

Twin Flames are often described as having the romantic yearning for ‘the One’, the other Half of themselves.

This is because they remember being ONE, and at a subconscious level know that their ‘exact same soul essence’ is incarnated somewhere in a different body.

Shared thoughts and feelings, and a permanent Heart Charka connection always connect the Twin Flames together forever.  This is how you can feel those moments when your Twin Flame is longing and yearning for you.


Twin Flame Synchronicities and Divine Timing

If you are a Twin Flame, you will hear lots around synchronicities and divine timing.

Twin Flames are a spiritual connection. As such, they experience lots of divine guidance and unexplained, magically synchronicities, as their shared higher-self guides them both, throughout the Twin Flame Process towards to physical re-union, so they can ground templates of unconditional love to the Earth.


How to know if you are a Twin Flame?

How to do know if you are Twin Flame?  Well, hopefully my Twin Flame definition has helped?

Please realise that regardless of what you read or people try to tell you…  ONLY YOU will know if you are a Twin Flame.

No-one can tell you if you are or aren’t a twin flame.

The Twin Flame Connection, is a connection that is felt and experienced, not explained by the intellect or other means (ie. psychics, tarot card readers, etc)

You will feel it inside, and/or find out via a weird series of synchronicities.

Some people might try and tell you, but ONLY YOU know for sure.


How can I be sure who is my Twin Flame?

It is important to know that Twin Flames are quite rare on the planet. So, confusion over whether or not you are one, and who is your Twin, is natural.

It might take a while to be 100% sure, so don’t kick yourself about not being 100% clear straight away. Listen to your heart and follow the synchronicities.

(On a personal note:  I was fairly sure from the beginning who it was that made my heart beat so much faster… but it was another 6 months before I managed to get rid of those niggling doubts, and become 100% certain.   So don’t panic if you are aren’t sure yet.  This journey isn’t about another person.  It is all about YOU – singular and combined!  😉 )

If you are confused, take heart, the synchronicies will guide you.

  • If you’ve can’t get someone out of your mind, and they are NOTHING like the kind of person you normally find attractive……. then there is a good chance they might be your Twin.
  • If you’ve gone out with 5 x John’s or 4 x Jane’s in your life…. that could be the Universe’s ways of telling you that  your Twin’s name will be the same or similar.

Be patient, and feel for your Divine Complement via your heart, not your eyes.  The heart never lies.

Much love. xx

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