Now Available: Twin Flame Coaching, Support, Readings and Guidance!

Would some Twin Flame Coaching or Twin Flame Guidance Help you on your Twin Flame Journey?

Hello dear Twins,

How are you progressing on your Twin Flame Journey?

  • Do you need some help?
  • Would you love to have some assistance on your Twin Flame Journey by a Twin Flame Coach?
  • Do you just need to hear – ‘You aren’t crazy!‘.

Announcing: – “Twin Flame Services” are now Available

After working 1-on-1 with select Twin Flame and via Twin Flame Groups over the last year and a half, I am now opening up my services to the broader Twin Flame community.

This invitation is for Twin Flames who:

  • like and resonate with what I post on this blog –
  • want a greater understanding of their personal Twin Flame situation and how to navigate the journey
  • and are open to advice and guidance that will help you do the ‘Twin Flame Work’


What Twin Flame Coaching Assistance and Twin Flame Support do I provide?

I provide a variety of different Twin Flame Services to suit the different needs (and price-points) of my clients.

All services are charged in USD (US dollars) and will be conducted in English.

If you: I can provide:
Are a new Twin Flame with questions Personalized Twin Flame Question and Answer support
Need a quick answer to a Twin Flame question Personalized Twin Flame Question and Answer support
Want help understanding a Dream Twin Flame Dream Analysis
Would appreciate some intuitive guidance A 3 card Twin Flame Oracle Card reading
Need some physical or energetic support Remote Reiki Healing
Feel confused, uncertain, or ‘stuck Personalized ‘Big Picture’ Twin Flame guidance where I try and work out what Twin Flame Stage you may be in, any wounds that may have been triggered, and provide some practical guidance to help you keep moving forward.
Interested in being coached through your Twin Flame Triggers I provide ongoing Twin Flame Coaching and Mentoring when I think we might be a good energetic fit. This is for more experienced Twin Flames, who are willing and open to be guided through the Twin Flame work
Want to learn more about Twin Flames Access my Online Twin Flame Courses (free and paid)


Twin Flame Services Available

A full list of my Twin Flame Help or Support Options are listed below, or an be found on my Twin Flame Coaching page.

Click on each link below to find out more, and to place an order.


Self Study Twin Flame Online Courses

If you haven’t already found them, I also provide 24 x 7 access to some Online Twin Flame Courses (free and paid) to help you better understand the Twin Flame Journey.

You can access them at  or via get an overview at the menu option ‘** Courses **‘ above.


Happy feedback from Twin Flames I’ve helped

I feel privileged to be in touch with you as I have learnt so much!’ – KG

‘This is exactly what I needed to hear/read right now. Thank you so much for this.’ – CB

‘Holy Cow! You just made me realize something HUGE! I love you, thank you so much’ – RCF

‘Wow, that’s an awesome [dream] interpretation…. your message warms my heart..’ – NM

‘I feel that a few people in my life have been sent to help me on my journey… and you’re definitely one of them!’ – KW


Reaching out to other Twin Flames has helped me A LOT on my Twin Flame journey, I would like to be able to ‘pay it forward’ and help you on yours.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Kristina x

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