6 Ways to Support the Masculine Twin Flame Runner Awakening (aka 2nd Awakened Twin Flame)


Are you a first Awakened Twin Flame waiting for your 2nd Awakened Twin Flame to wake up?  Or are you a 2nd Awakened Twin Fame who is just finding out about Twin Flames?

Today’s blog post will benefit both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, as I explain how a Divine Feminine can support a Divine Masculine Twin Flame Runner through their Awakening Process.

(Here is a YouTube Video for those who prefer to watch rather than read)


No. 1: Understand the delay to the Divine Masculine Awakening is deliberate

The Twin Flame journey is divinely orchestrated, and exquisitely timed.

Each Twin Flame wakes according their own per-determined time-frame, with the 1st Awakened Twin Flame (usually the Divine Feminine), going first.

This means the 2nd Awakening Twin Flame (usually the Divine Masculine), has to wait for their turn to “wake up”.

Divine Feminines can often mistakenly believe their Divine Masculines aren’t doing the work, or are deliberately delaying, but this isn’t true.

Divine Masculine Twin Flames aren’t faulty, defective, deliberately delaying things, or playing difficult.   They simply couldn’t progress any faster or wake up earlier, as it was Divine Feminine’ time to wake up, instead.

The Twin Flame Awakening Process happens, one Twin Flame at a time.

  1. One Twin Flame will ‘wake up’ first and over a number of years, grow in spiritual awareness and understanding.
  2. Then, it is time for the other Twin Flame to follow and achieve the same.

When the time is right, the Divine Masculine (usually 2nd Awakened Twin Flame) will wake up, catch up, and maybe even surpass their Divine Feminines level of understanding.  For example, if it takes the 1st Awakening Twin Flame four years to reach Inner Union with themselves, it might only take the 2nd Awakening Twin Flame three years to do the same, before you can both actively work on achieving Twin Flame Union together.

Both Twin Flame’s need to be patient during this process (ie. the whole 7 years (4+3)). As each Twin Flame at this stage has completely different ‘conscious’ perspectives around being a Twin Flame, and the Twin Flame Process.

The time-period of the Divine Masculine Twin Flame Runner Awakening, is not a time for the Divine Feminine to give up, lose hope,  or in turn, ‘run away’.  Instead, be patient.  It will be worth it.

Remember, your Twin Flame Journey was deliberately planned this way.


No. 2: Full Twin Flame Harmonious Union takes several attempts

Remember the Push and Pull nature of your Twin Flame connection??

I know you desire permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union with your Twin Flame straight away, but the Twin Flame Awakening Process, doesn’t work that way.

As a Twin Flame, you need to recognize that the Spiritual Twin Flame Connection between Twin Flames, takes precedence over Physical Union. You and your Twin Flame need to get the spiritual balancing correct first, before any permanent 3D manifestation of Twin Flame Union can take place.

Over and over during this Twin Flame Journey, the Divine Masculine will often come/return to the Divine Feminine to share your upgraded energetic vibration, and fast track their own spiritual awakening.  This is a normal part of the Push and Pull nature of the Twin Flame connection.  Coming together and then temporarily pulling apart.


For 1st Awakened Twin Flame (often the Divine Feminine), the re-appearance of your Divine Masculine in your life, is often viewed VERY optimistically.  It is most commonly seen by the Divine Feminines as ‘definite’ sign of pending harmonious Twin Flame Union.  Or at least  a strong readiness and willingness by your Twin Flame to commit to you in the 3D.  (Especially, if you’ve previously told your Twin Flame not to return, until they are ready to commit to you. Ouch!)

But is it really?

Given the push/pull nature of the Twin Flame Connection, it may not YET be true that re-connection will lead straight to Twin Flame Union.  But take heart, it is instead another step closer, and certainly a great and exciting indication of what is yet STILL to come….

Our Twin Flame Unions takes time to ‘hatch’, and we can’t alter that process.  😉


If you are a Divine Masculine Twin Flame Runner, who is just awakening, don’t panic if you are questioning why you don’t yet feel confident in your decision-making ability, or are confused as to why you keep changing your mind.  You are changing and evolving very rapidly at the moment, so realistically, it probably isn’t a good time to commit just now anyway.  Your number one priority must be to talking the time needed to work on your healing and stepping into your Authentic Self.  Remembering, of course, to love yourself and your Twin Flame through this process.


No. 3: DFs: Avoid Expectations and Flow with Divine Timing instead.

As you and your Twin Flame come back into physical union.  Please remember it is no longer about YOU (individual), but rather ‘YOU’ (plural).

You (#1) + You (#2) together.

If you can, try and avoid getting your back up, or taking a comments personally.  Reacting badly isn’t going to get you or your Twin Flame any closer to permanent union.


As humans we all have a view point and a preference on how things play out, but our EGO-led desires may not  always be timed for our highest good.  Our Higher Selves have a much better picture of what is happening, so with regards to anything ‘Twin Flame’ it pays to go with your intuition and Divine Guidance.

There is an old saying:  ‘Let Go and Let God’.

….By this I mean, let go of trying to control things, and let the Divine drop all your wishes into your lap at EXACTLY the RIGHT time. This includes your Twin Flame.


Avoiding expectations and flowing with Divine Timing will be hardest for the Divine Feminines and/or 1st Awakened Twin Flames.  These are the ones consciously aware of their Twin Flame journey, and can almost see the finishing line.  Before reaching it, however, there may still be a couple more hurdles of overcome.

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Awakening Divine Masculine Runners are particularly sensitive and vulnerable at this time.  Any negativity, judgment, or expectations may accidentally trigger the Divine Masculine back into major self-doubt, despair, and periods of Dark Night of the Soul (DNoTS) again, dropping their vibration and conscious level.


At this time, the 1st Awakened Twin Flame (usually the Divine Feminine) will have the responsibility for keeping everything high vibe.  This means taking the higher road, and avoiding falling into ego (or spiritual ego), especially when triggered. It is part of the Universe seeing if you are ready for Divine Union, or if you are still running on patterns of ‘hurt’ behaviors, instead.

Your Twin Flame is reaching out to you to share your energy, not be attacked or shamed.

Just be there for your Twin Flame!


No. 4: Stay in your Heart, and avoid reacting from EGO (including Spiritual Egos)

Twin Flames are here on Earth to teach others how to live from a Heart and Soul-Centred place.   This means any wounded egos need to be left at the door.

Don’t Forget – Your TWIN FLAME is YOU!!!.  Fighting yourself is stupid. 

Instead always remember to love, support and be patient with each other.

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In the beginning, most of us won’t have much experience in living in peaceful harmony with our Twin Flame – who is our other half and also opposite mirror. We need to be patient with ourselves and them. This will take a bit of getting used to.   The love and caring will always be there between you, but the spiritual and personal development growth required by a Twin Flame journey can cause tempers to fray, and hurtful words, to sadly, be said.

We are human and we all make mistakes, but try to stay conscious and in alignment with your Heart & Soul, rather than automatically reacting will really help.

Bottom line: Stay grounded in your heart, and act towards your Divine Counterpart in the same loving way, that you want them to treat you.


No. 5: Communicate with your Twin Flame. Don’t barricade or mandate.

My advice to both Twin Flames, is to be willing to be vulnerable with your Twin.  Communicate openly and honestly with them.

If you can’t share your most intimate truths and deepest darkest secrets with your Twin Flame, then who can you share them with?  (By the way, since your Twin Flame knows you better than you know yourself, they will probably already know about it, so it won’t be as big as a shock for them as you think!)

Don’t give in FEAR (ie. False Evidence Appearing Real) – or as so often occurs for Twin Flame’s –‘F#$K Everything and Run.  If you can, avoid putting up physical boundaries (such as blocking, ghosting or demands), and openly talk to your Twin Flame instead.

  1. Explain where you do and don’t feel comfortable,
  2. Find a middle ground.
  3. Share your Truths.
  4. Create and hold a ‘safe space’.
  5. Show him or her it is OK and safe for your Twin Flame to be vulnerable with you, and that you would never use that vulnerability – your intimacy (in-to-me-I-see) – against them.

Don’t forget, your Twin Flame is YOU, just in another body.  Nothing to be afraid of.  😊

Remember anything they show you via the ‘Twin Flame Mirror’ is illuminated for your benefit, rather than their TRUE behavior.  Always look to yourself first before blaming another.  Have trust and faith that once it has been identified and addressed, the original issue will then bring each of you closer to physical union.


No. 6: It is time for the Divine Feminines to anchor the Divine Masculine Twin Flame

In my previous blog post, “Twin Flame Awakening: Is your Twin Flame Awake Yet?”  I described how the Divine Masculine had been anchoring the energies for the Divine Feminine or 1st Awakened Twin Flame to do their healing.

Well, now it is time for the Divine Feminine Twin Flames to stand up and assist their Divine Masculine Twin Flame Awakening.

Be the anchor, holding them steady as they go through their awakening at a speed that will astound you.

There may be some false starts, and maybe even some runner and chaser energies, some push and pull.  They may appear and then temporarily leave (perhaps even ghost you) a couple of times until it all settles down.  You are each others’ Twin Flame after all.  🔥🔥

But, don’t panic, react or retaliate.  Put your ego aside, and take the higher path.

It will all be worth it, to hold a fully healed Twin Flame (forever) in your arms. 😍


Hang in there.  You can do this.

Much love… and hugs

Kristina x

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