6 Ways to Thrive during COVID Separation – Twin Flame Style

Surviving separation from your Twin Flame can be hard at any time. Now it is even more so, as COVID-19 and enforced separation in many countries, has temporarily halted many Twin Flame re-unions and retriggered the ‘Separation Wound’ for many Twin Flames.  Rather than resist against what is, or spiral into despair, trust in Divine Timing with the understanding there is a much bigger picture behind this all.

How to Thrive during Twin Flame separation

To help you with this, here are 6 ways to stay in a positive mindset and thrive during this current time of Twin Flame Separation.

1.  Twin Flames are never separate

Despite appearances, Twin Flames are never truly separated. One soul in two bodies, remember? Twins are always connected at a spiritual level, and in some form or other, have often shared in each other’s experiences throughout their entire lives.  If you haven’t already seen it, I recommend the movie ‘In Your Eyes’.   This movie shows how a Twin Flame pair shares the experience of a childhood accident, reminding us of the unbreakable strength of our connections.   If you are panicking over this separation, don’t! Instead, just gently remind yourself you are never separate. As Twin Flames you’ve still have a 5D Twin Flame connection.


2.  Focus on your 5D Twin Flame connection

Twin Flames are a spiritual connection first and foremost, so think beyond the human body of 3D ‘person’ that encompasses your split soul/twin flame energy.  Use this time to focus upon and strengthen your 5D connection with your Twin.  If they live alone and are working from home, they may have more uninterrupted time for you to ‘get through’ or connect to them energetically.  If you haven’t already mastered your 5D connection, try mentally reaching out, gently stroking their face, and giving them a gentle hug sent in love.  Your Twin Flame should receive this communication from you.  If you are quiet and a meditative state, you may feel them energetically respond back to your love and touch, regardless of where they are located in the world.


3.  Visualise your ideal life

Take advantage of this ‘inside’ time to focus internally on what you really want your ideal life to look like.   Use the respite from outside distractions (friends/movies/entertainment) etc, to get in touch with you and what you really want from life going forward.

  • What do you enjoy or love about being in ‘lockdown’?
  • What have you learnt about yourself during this time?
  • What would you like to keep from your ‘old’ working life?
  • What would you like to permanently get rid of?

If you have a bucket list, start writing down all the new things you really want to do or experience in future, either on your own, or with your Twin.

For me personally, being in lockdown has really triggered a desire to travel overseas and visit old and beautiful historic places, a longing I know my Twin Flame shares.

Why don’t you write down what you want to experience, so you can make it a reality soon?


4.  Focus on love (not fear or separation)

If you are lucky enough to be isolating with your greater family, be grateful for the time you have together with your parents, partner or kids, depending on your situation. If you are isolating with people you would rather NOT be with, this is still a great time to practise staying present, and acting with compassion and awareness in whatever you do.   If you are ‘awake’ enough and watchful, it can be a wonderful time to witness how your own Spiritual ascension journey (and corresponding increase in vibration) has had a positive impact on your family members.  Act with compassion towards everyone including yourself. These are tough times and none of us are perfect, so no judgements.


5.  Remember to love yourself

This enforced isolation and change in routine can be tough on you, so schedule some ‘me’ time.  As an introvert who ‘recharges’ my energy by alone time, I’ve been loving this ‘quiet’ time.  But after many weeks, even I am feeling restricted by my inability to go for some retail therapy and window shopping. I often find myself lifting and stabilising the vibrations of the public whilst wandering though shopping centres and/or airports.  What fills up your cup?   Try and doing something nice for yourself!


6. Send positive energy to your Twin

Your Twin may be struggling being at home by themselves, especially if they are in karmic situations that haven’t yet completed.   Take some time (ideally when they aren’t working) to send them an ‘rampage’ of energy appreciation.

  • Have a photo album of your Twin Flames’ photos on your PC or phone, and telepathically tell your Twin Flame what you love about them in each picture as you view it.
  • Mentally review and re-live some of our favourite times with your Twin.
  • Have a positive and uplifting telepathic conversation them as you go about cleaning out your house.
  • Or you can even record some voice recordings on your phone telling your TF how much you love and appreciate them (keep the energy high) for the next time you see or speak to them.

Whatever you do, stay positive.  As the old saying goes –  “This too shall pass”.


Twin Flames are part of a much a bigger picture….


There is a bigger picture. Whilst it can be tempting to just focus on your own personal challenges, and / or fall into ‘poor me’, don’t forget there is a bigger picture (and reason) here at play with the Corona virus.  Even being temporarily separate from our Twin plays an important role. While some TFs are physically distanced at this time our heart charkas are still connected.  Twins in different physical locations are creating brilliant lines of love and high vibration energy between two points, lighting up the world.  The pure unconditional love and energy shared Twin Flames’ can’t help but lift the planets vibrations.  So, stay positive Twin Flames, and shine.


Time for a bit of fun…

Do you know which latitude or longitude you and your Twin are lighting up? Check out you and your Twin Flames location’s coordinates using Google Maps.  (When you click on a location and it should state the latitude and longitude in a popup box).  My Twin and I are on the same longitude (degree and minute, almost to the exact second).  What about you?

You’ve got this!… as I tell all my coaching students.  Hang in there!

Much Love,

Kristina xx

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