Unsure about your Twin Flame Mission

Unsure about what your Twin Flame Mission Work is?  Don’t worry!

Do you know what your Twin Flame Mission Work is Yet?

As Twin Flames, we hear things about the Twin Flame Mission.

Things like:

  1. You need to discover and work on your Twin Flame Mission quickly.
  2. Doing your Twin Flame Mission work is the key to getting to physical union with your Twin Flame.
  3. You won’t meet your Twin Flame unless you are doing your Mission work.

These are all ‘fear’ based, not ‘love’ based beliefs.

And, it is MY belief that this ‘urgency’ mindset around Twin Flame Mission is wrong, and actually counter-productive to your Twin Flame Journey.

So, if you don’t know what your Twin Flame Mission is yet.  Don’t panic.  😊

My personal advice is:  – Don’t try and rush into your Twin Flame Mission!

To help you understand why I feel this way.  Here are:

7 Reasons Why NOT To Rush Into or Excessively Worry Your Twin Flame Mission Work’…


1. Are You Actually Ready for Twin Flame Mission Yet?

Discovering you are a Twin Flame is a huge time of change and turmoil for you.

You will experience lots of love.  But, the major change will be that the person you used to be, and the person you are becoming, is changing.

This means any mission or business you start or follow at this time, will not be your long-term Twin Flame mission.  You simply aren’t at the right vibrational state yet.

To avoid going in the wrong direction, you may need to slow down your approach a bit.


2. Is it the Right Time for your Twin Flame Mission Yet?

As I mention in my ‘Twin Flames are Superheros in Disguise’ post, Twin Flames are lighthouses.  Twin Flames are here to lighten and improve the planet.  We all get that.

But what you need to recognize is that seeds can only grow in fertile soil.

Our Twin Flame and Light Worker mission will only proceed when the time and conditions are right. That will include our levels of awareness, the community around us, and what Gaia (Earth) is doing at the time.

I talk more about this in my ‘TwinFlames: Time to Shine – April/May 2020’ post, where I explain light workers are currently grounding energies, ready for a big move. Even now, six months later in Nov 2020, life is still very much in turmoil.   We need to find our ‘new normal’, and the world settle down a bit.

If you haven’t got your Twin Flame Mission go-ahead, it may be that your mission might be to start something that the world isn’t quite ready for yet!


3. The Twin Flame Experience involves Deep Healing

Helping others comes with a deep responsibility.  ‘Teachers’ and ‘Healers’ need to ensure their advice comes from a ‘healed’ (rather than still wounded) space.

Five years ago, I knew I was destined to teach people something big, but I also absolutely knew I hadn’t finished learning what I was meant to teach.  (Ohhhh, so frustrating!!! But as a Twin Flame you learn to have patience.!)

People can help others the most, by teaching what they’ve experienced personally.   We empower others, by sharing how we personally overcame a specific challenge or issue, and thus inspiring others to realize they can do the same.Twin Flame Deep Healing

Our deep knowledge truly comes from the heart, as we ourselves have undergone an intense healing journey to come out the other side of our challenge.

Overcoming huge challenges, and these kind of deep healing processes takes time to understand, to action and fully complete.  Twin Flame will need to take time to rest and heal yourself (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually) before you can most profoundly help others.  You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Healer, heal thyself’.

If you wait a little longer before you start your Twin Flame Mission to help others. You will be sharing from a place of greater wisdom.


4. Twin Flame Mission Work is a Progression of Steps

Often, our Twin Flame Mission work isn’t something that we can always jump straight into.

Twin Flame Mission progression of steps

Like career progression, Twin Flames may need to go through several experiences, to gain the insight and knowledge needed to fulfil our mission work.

Therefore, don’t get frustrated if you seem to get involved in a variety of things that don’t seem to connect, or lead in a specific direction. As your conscious level rises, and your connection to the Divine strengthens, they will make ‘big picture’ sense later.  Seemingly going in circles, or doing three completely different things, might be giving you the exact skills needed to complete your Twin Flame Mission(s) at a future date.

5. Your Twin Flame Mission needs to FEEL RIGHT!

Not knowing what your Twin Flame mission is, or what direction to at least start in, can be very frustrating and dis-empowering.  I know, I’ve been there.

If this is you, don’t aim for any urgent or major commitments, just yet.

But, I can tell you that you are far more likely to find your Twin Flame Mission by trying (and possibly failing) at a few things. This allows you to discover what feels best.

Most of our lives we choose things analytically, or from a fear-based stance.  We often go with what will make the most money, or give us the greatest prestige.

As we grow into our Twin Flame potential however, that analytical approach needs to change.  We start to live less in our head, and more in our heart.

  • We KNOW we are doing the right things, by how they feel.
  • When we are in the Right Place, doing the Right Things, it FEELS right.

Try things out, volunteer and see what feels right.  Work out what it is that lights you up.

Another important reason for trying things, is that once we start moving forward, it gives the Divine a chance to direct your actions much more easily, than when you weren’t moving in any direction at all.



6. Twin Flame Souls are always following their Missions (Yes, we have several)

People often assume that we only have one Mission, a bit like a full-time job.  There is also a common belief that you can’t start you Twin Flame Mission until you are in Twin Flame Physical Union.

But the truth is our Soul is always following some kind of mission that was planned for this earthly

incarnation.  You are never, not following Mission.

As a Soul, and a Twin Flame, we have multiple ‘missions’:

  • Our Souls’ Individual Growth in this Incarnation
  • Our role as a part of our Soul Group
  • Our Light Worker tasks
  • Our Individual Twin Flame Mission
  • Our Combined Twin Flame Mission together with our Twin Flame

Don’t panic if you aren’t with your Twin Flame in physical union yet.   All is good.   You may not be doing your combined Twin Flame Mission yet, but you will be carrying out your spiritual Twin Flame Lightworker mission, which I talk more about below.


7. Spiritual Mission of Twin Flames

Spiritual Mission of Twin Flames

Our Twin Flame Missions aren’t just 3D focused or physically focused.

As multi-dimensional Beings we are our doing our mission even when we are least aware of it… in our sleep.

So even if you are frustrated by a lack of clarity on how to physically express your mission in the world.  Take comfort in knowing that part of your Soul is deeply in mission, regardless of what your physical (human) part is doing.





Two huge missions that Twin Flames are involved in at this time, include:

  1. As part of a Twin Flame pair, you will be helping to stabilize or anchor your Twin Flame’s energies. I discuss this more in my post  ‘Twin Flame Awakening: Is your Twin Flame awake yet’.
  2. In 2020 and beyond, a large part of the Twin Flame mission 2020 is standing strong and steady, anchoring in energies to assist with Gaia’s ascension.   Every bit counts.
    • As the world awakens in 2020 and people go through the ‘Dark night of the Soul’, it is the work of Twin Flames (and other light workers) to stand strong and hold the energies.
    • Having been through this ourselves as Twin Flame’ already, it allows us to stand tall and shine light and love to others as they go through tough times.
    • We hold the space for, and believe in the capability of others, until they can believe in themselves – Unconditional Love!  😊


Bottom line – Your Most Important TWIN FLAME MISSION WORK is HONORING YOU!

Your most important mission as a Twin Flame, is to :

  1. Do what is best for you.
  2. Listen to your inner guidance.
  3. Increase your ability to listen to spirit.
  4. Follow where your heart leads.
  5. Always act out of LOVE.

Expand these capabilities & you will absolutely ‘hear’ your call to Twin Flame Mission when the time comes!

(Are you enjoying my work, and finding it helpful?  I would love to hear from you. 😊  You can drop any feedback here….!)

Kristina. x


If you are experiencing challenges in your Twin Flame Mission and what assistance? As a qualified Life Purpose Coach, I may be able to help.   I offer a variety of one-to-one coaching options which can be viewed at Twin Flame Coaching Packages.

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