Got Twin Flame Insomnia? 9 ways to improve your Twin Flame Sleeping Patterns

Is Twin Flame insomnia something you are struggling with?  Do you have erratic Sleeping Patterns?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.  Most Twin Flames have some sleeping challenges.

Twin Flames experience rather a lot of transformational change going on in our bodies and minds, that happen at different times and stages of our Twin Flame Journey. Often the largest amount of ‘processing’ whether physically or mentally takes place during our sleep time, making sleep difficult.

Today I want to share with you, what has worked for me over the last 3 years of my Twin Flame Journey! (Wish I’d discovered them earlier…)

If you are a Twin Flame waking up at 3am, and struggling to get to sleep with Twin Flame Insomnia, you will be interested in these ‘9 ways to Improve your Twin Flame Sleeping Patterns and Insomnia’


‘9 ways to Improve your Twin Flame Sleeping Patterns and Twin Flame Insomnia’


1.   Create a ‘Twin Flame’ Friendly Sleep Routine


Got an unhealthy Twin Flame sleeping pattern?  Make sure you have a sleep routine that you follow before going to bed.  Creating a step-by-step routine to do daily will help get your body ready for sleep.


  • Slow your mind and body down, for at least an hour prior going to bed.
  • Enjoy a relaxing bath and/or a cleansing meditative shower, taking some ‘down’ time to reflect on the day’s activities before you go to bed.


  • Play with electronic devices or brain activating activities. (In case you aren’t sure this means no aimless scrolling thought though the internet, social media, or your emails prior to bed.) You want the body and brain relaxed so you can fall asleep.
  • Focus too much on your Twin Flame before bed (see point 8 for more details)


Create for yourself (and practice) a dedicated nightly routine and sleeping pattern that trains your body to sleep.


2.   Dedicate a Time to Twin Flame Guidance and Clarity


External Guidance

Twin Flames get a lot of internal and external guidance (ie. synchronicities) on our Journey. As a Twin Flame, if you don’t set aside dedicated time to receive daily guidance during the day, your divine team may decide to give it to you whilst you are sleeping.


To avoid being woken up, try setting aside a time for guidance and messages to come through, prior to going to bed.

  • You might want to schedule a time to sit down and do some journalling or automatic writing to bring ideas and guidance through. I do this as and when I feel guided during the day, and just before I get into bed.
  • Make sure you aren’t too tired to do this, and therefore tempted to skip this process. Perhaps schedule it in your last ½ hour of pre-bed activities, at the latest.  Don’t leave it to the last 5 minutes. 🙂


Personal thoughts

As we also have personal thoughts to review before sleeping, ensure you have some quiet time to mentally review your day and everything that happened prior to bed time, so you can sleep better.



3.   Honor your Twin Flame Body Changes – Keep your body comfortable whilst overheating


Twin Flame body changes and the ongoing transformation required of Twin Flames involves a lot of energy.  Nightly Twin Flame chakra heart openings, and regular episodes of Twin Flame body heat rising can make it difficult for you to sleep. So, it pays to keep your body comfortable whilst trying to sleep.


Create layers of Sleeping Attire and Bedding


My one word of advice – ‘LAYERS’.

Utilize layers, so you can sleep in a way that prevents overheating and allows for rapid cooling. Ideally, sleep in layers of clothing, if you can.

If you are a menopausal woman you will know what I mean.  For all others, ensure your bed linen and clothes you wear to bed consists of easy to change layers that you can add to, or remove throughout the night.

For me, I find the most frustrating things about Twin Flame body changes is my heart chakra overheating overnight, which overheats my entire body.  To cater for this, I sleep with lots of light-weight blankets layers, rather than a single heavy doona or quilt.

I also ensure my sleeping attire opens to the waist for quick cooling.  Some of the blanket layers, I only pull up to the waist, so my top half doesn’t overheat, but my legs still say warm.


Try using a Neck Cooler or Body Cooler

If you live in a hot climate you can get a something called a Body Cooler or Neck Cooler.  You will find some on Amazon, –   (If you want to create your own you will find some instructions at

A Neck Cooler is a tubular, fabric, neck-tie filled with water crystals (like you put in the soil of your garden).  When the neck tie is soaked in water, the water crystals fill with water and expand, giving your neck-tie a cooling effect, until they slowly dry out and shrink down in size again.  I keep my body cooler handy to bed, by hanging it over my wooden headboard, and place it over my heart for a cooling effect when I overhead during the night.

Simple and easy to use.  I find it stays cool for about 3 days, before it requires re-wetting again.  It also works much more effectively than ‘putting a foot out’.

Because my heart chakra overheats first, I find that cooling it down can prevent the overheating of the rest of my body, which takes much longer to cool down, and is much more disruptive to sleeping.


Experiment with Bed Linen and Types of Materials

Please don’t make the same mistake that I did, of assuming my existing bedding material was already perfect for me.  Don’t let previous years’ experiences of how many blankets you need, color your beliefs of how many you need NOW and since discovering you are a Twin Flame.  Your body is changing and so will your sleeping needs.


For example, I’ve lived in the same place for 19 years, and I’ve just had the first winter ever WITHOUT needing 3 heavy woolen blankets, a 80% down doona, and an electric blanket TURNED ON at night. Now, in winter instead,  I only need 2-4 cotton light weight blankets, and an additional summer-weight doona for the coldest winter month. My electric blanket never left the cupboard.  By changing the order (ie. weight & breatheability) of the blankets closest to my body, I discovered it is easy to adapt to temperature changes in the seasons.   (My country doesn’t do central heating).


Had I ever believed it would be warm enough without my huge heavy quilt and blankets?  No, But I am.   I really wish I had discovered the secret of using LAYERS earlier.  I struggled for 3 years, before I released how much my body chemistry had changed as a Twin Flame, and eventually became more open to changing my belief systems about what bedding and sleeping attire I need to sleep.


Sleeping with your Twin Flame (or other partner)

If you are sharing a bed with your Twin Flame or another person, you might need to be a little more creative so you can both sleep comfortably at night.


Rather than both of you sharing exactly the same blankets & donna, I recommend a layered approach.  In winter, you might like to have a light-weight common layer of blanket(s) on your bed, closest to your body, that you both share (double/queen/king size).  On top of that you might then prefer different layers of warmth, for which you could each have in a TWIN (ha-ha) or King Single (Twin XL) Size for your side of the bed.  This way you can manage your own body temperature in a way that is less disruptive to your partner.  You might have 4 lighter layers, and they might only have 1-2 heavier ones.  This way you are both happy, temperature wise, and can still snuggle under your shared bedding.


Experiment with Body Positions

**This sounds really kinky, but I’m talking about Sleeping Positions.  **

If you can find out which part of your body overheats first, you can experiment with body position, and discover which body positions help you cool your body, best.


Apologies for the visual…but as a female with breasts, lying on my side when my heart charka overheats is not a good body position (unless I place my body cooler against my chest).  Laying on my stomach, also traps the heat, but lying on my back works well.   You will all need to experiment with what works best for you.


Overheating may occur differently for a male body as they generally warmer in their upper body. In this case, lying on their side may be cooler, than the back or stomach.


4.   Accept, don’t fight your Twin Flame Insomnia – waking up at 3am


When we come up against periods of Twin Flame insomnia, it can be very frustrating. It is easy to resist and try to ignore what is happening, but the kindest thing we can do for ourselves is to accept it.  Don’t fight against your inability to sleep when these Twin Flame Insomnia episodes happen. It is what it is. Don’t fight it or toss and turn.


Instead, get up ‘temporarily’, until you feel very sleepy again.

  • Do something quiet. Even it is only to watch part of your favorite DVD or light weight comedy.
  • Avoid anything overstimulating including the News or social media
  • Maybe do a 7-10 minute guided meditation.


Don’t fight your body.  Trust and go with the flow.

I draft most of my blog posts (including this one) by pencil and paper between 1 and 3am.  It can be very frustrating at times, but that is often some of my best inspiration comes through.


5.  Learn empowering Self Hypnosis Techniques


Ever heard of counting sheep as a sleeping technique?  I recommend you learn how to use self-hypnosis techniques if you really need to get to sleep at a particular time.  I use it often.


Here’s what works for me…


With each breath I take, I mentally say to myself as I lie in bed:

  • “With each breath I take, I am falling deeper and deeper asleep.” Or
  • “With each breath I take, I am feeling more and more relaxed”. Or
  • “With each breath I take, I am feeling sleepier and sleepier”

Next thing you know you will be waking up around your normal waking time.  (Yes, you will still hear your alarm, and wake up on time too…)

Please take the time to learn to do this, and practise it often. You will be grateful that you did.


6.   Learn from your Twin Flame Clairaudience & Twin Flame Telepathy – Capture the Song Lyrics


Twin Flame pairs share thoughts and songs via telepathy or clairaudience.

At night time, the singing you hear in your head as a Twin Flame in the early stages of the journey can be deafening. Like listening to an orchestra or a radio station on loud, it is not conducive to sleeping.  So how do you cope?

Recognize that the songs you hear in the middle of the night carry messages from your Twin Flame in the lyrics. Make sure to capture them…and NO, you won’t remember them in the morning.

  • Grab a notebook, have it by your bed, and write down the lyrics you hear.
  • Later when you get up in the morning you can use the lyrics to find out the song. Often it is the couple of lines of the lyrics that you hear (or mishear) that ARE the message – NOT the entire song.
  • Writing them down so you don’t forget, will help your body to release the song and help you sleep.

NOTE:    If you hear a song in your head and instantly burst into tears, make sure to write the song down with the date and time in a diary. Something important has just happening in your journey (or is about to happen) and you will want to mark the date down so you can refer to it later. 😊

If the singing continues after writing down the lyrics, and some nights it will, try the Self Hypnosis, mentioned in Point 5 above.  Correctly done, self-hypnosis CAN put you to sleep even whilst the singing is still occurring.


7.   Twin Flame Body Sensations – (Twin Flame Burning Sensations, Body Heat, and Tingling Sensations)

Twin Flame Body Sensations such as accelerated heart beats, body shaking, and ‘running energy’ can all interrupt our sleep.  We might shut our eyes and calm our thoughts, but our bodies feel like they are running a marathon race, or being overrun or eaten by ants.

What should you do?

  • The best advice I can give you, is to get up and have a bath. Overrun the sensation with a new one & hopefully the physical feelings will disappear.  A bath can ‘drown’ down the body sensations of Twin Flame Body Shaking, intense waves of Twin Flame Body Heat, or ongoing Twin Flame Tingling Sensations across your body.
  • Placing a hand over your heart area in acknowledgment of your accelerated heart beats, can help reduce their severity. As mentioned earlier, you can also experiment with changing your body sleeping position (side, stomach, back) to make heart palpations less noticeable.  Sleeping on your side can make the heart palpitations feel more intense.
  • If sleeping with your Twin Flame, experiment with how you touch them (or not) whilst you sleep.
    • Does a spooning front to back position, reduce the body sensations? Or does it intensify them?
    • Is face-to-face sleeping better?
    • Perhaps both of you lying on your back with just your hands clasped works best.
    • Experiment, so you have an idea of which sleeping positions work you for both best, during periods of high Twin Flame Body Sensations.
  • Since you are a sovereign, multidimensional being, you can also ask your Divine team to turn down the volume, or somewhat mute those physical feelings so you can sleep.



8.   Avoid Concentrated Thoughts of your Twin Flame whilst trying to sleep.

I feel my Twin Flame missing me!  Can you?

Early on in your journey, our Twin Flame is often our first, and last thoughts of the day, and also top of mind when we wake up in the middle of the night.  This is the universe’s way of ensuring we are paying attention to our Twin Flame connection, and continue to focus on our Twin Flame Journey as a top priority in our life.

Thinking intensely of our Twin Flame, however, opens up our Twin Flame Energetic connection to them, and adds even more feelings and stronger heart beats, which is what we are trying to quieten down, so we can sleep.

If you are feelingly physical symptoms that are too strong at night, I recommend you try and avoid thinking of our Twin Flame (unless you are with them in person).   This might reduce some of the bodies symptoms.

If you haven’t yet read it, you might also want to check out my blog post, “My Twin Flame Wakes me up at Night.  Does Yours?



9.   Be aware of other Twin Flame Ascension Physical Systems (ie. Brain rewiring)


A Spiritual Awakening and the Twin Flame Journey share some common symptoms.

Not all Twin Flames are aware of this, but the Twin Flame Journey involves a spiritual awaking/kundalini awakening experience, as well as the alchemical Soul merging process you are undergoing with your Twin Flame.  This means you don’t only feel physical symptoms related to your Twin Flame, but also physical symptoms that occur as during the body ‘upgrade’ part of spiritual awakening.

Learning about Spiritual Awakening and its physical symptoms, can help avoid many Twin Flame anxiety attacks.  You aren’t going crazy!   Spiritual Awakening/Ascension and Twin Flames are just two little known processes rarely mentioned in mainstream circles.


Brain re-wiring

The further you proceed along your Twin Flame Journey, the more aware you will become of your multi-dimensionality.  This means you will feel external Universal events, such as solar flares, full moons, and other energetic events more strongly. You will also be more ‘aware’ of internal changes within you, such as changes to the ‘wiring’ in your brain.

Whilst this can occur any time of the day (feels like brain fog), it is most annoying and noticeable at night time because it can prevent sleep.

If you ever had the feeling of your brain ‘being used’, and not turning off, but it is weird because you are really not thinking of anything, then you’ve experienced what I am talking about.

You might have some brain re-wiring happening.   I like to explain it as like a computer with an antivirus program scanning your hard disk drive, and using a lot of processing power in the background. When this occurs, you might not have enough brain power to do tasks, read or really think about anything, but the ‘background activity’ is too noisy to sleep.

Your body is re-wiring your brain and erasing all old beliefs etc.  This will happen many times over the years. Don’t fight it.  It will eventually quieten enough that you can sleep.

Zentangle patterned coloring image

Your goal, when this is preventing you from sleeping, is to stop tossing and turning, and instead get up and do something mindless until it is complete.  (NO –  Not social media or PCs)

What are good examples of mindless activities?  Things that are sedentary and don’t require a lot of brain power or thinking.

                  • Color in a Mandela, or Adult coloring book
                  • Do some Mindless Doodling or create Zentangle patterns.
                  • Play solitude (old-fashioned version with playing cards). You can even try and build a house of cards.
                  • Or, go the self-care routine, and pamper yourself a short relaxing pedicure or manicure – leaving smelly nail polish for another time.

To make up for the lost sleep, hopefully, you can plan a longer sleep-in the morning, or a short lunchtime nap later in day.




Good luck with all these suggestions. I hope these tips help you, as much as discovering them has helped me.

If you want some more personalized assistance, check out my Services page, or my Twin Flame Courses (free and paid).

Hang in there! You can do this.

Kristina. X


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Please excuse any typing or grammatical error in this blog post.  As a recovering perfectionist, I am trying to learn that ‘imperfectly published’ is better than ‘never finished’.

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