Twin Flames:  Self Love comes first…..

Romance?  Or True Love?

Twin Flame are often seen as the most romantic love story ever. But for us ‘Twin Flames’ in the ‘know’, we understand the bigger truth of love. The Twin Flame Journey doesn’t just stop with romantic love, but is about so much more.

The Twin Flame Journey is all about LOVE:

  • Love for Another (your Twin)
  • Love your Yourself (Self-Love)
  • Love for the World as a whole (Compassionate & Universal Love)


Love for your Twin Flame is Eternal

Loving your Twin is easy.  It is automatic, like breathing.

It doesn’t matter where they come from, what they look like, or even what gender they are.

You can’t stop loving your Twin Flame.

You loved them before you even met them, and you will love them for all Eternity.


What about Self-Love?

You are your Twin are ONE.   But, how come Twin Flames aren’t so kind, loving and less judgemental of themselves?

Successfully Loving ourselves, and eventually the world can be a little harder.

Whilst we easily see the perfection of our Twin Flame, we can often judge our self as imperfect or not good enough.

Too much this… or not enough of that.

In reality, though, we are Perfect, too!

We just need to learn to recognize our perfection in our own eyes.

We aren’t meant to look like, and be the same as any one-else.  We are unique for a reason.


Valentine’s Day – starts with loving yourself.

We all love Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to share our love openly with those we care for, especially our significant other, our Twin Flame.

I remember very distinctly the first Valentine’s Day card I sent my Twin Flame. It was cleverly disguised as a ‘Thank You’ card, because it was WAAAAAY TOO EARLY to tell him how I felt.  But his Soul knew was I was saying.  As for his 3D human side, it ‘made his day’.   He also made mine, when he rang me a day or two later to say thanks!  Talk about being on ‘Cloud Nine’.


Receiving love, or being told we are loved by someone that cares for us, brightens our whole world.

Self-love, however, can be more challenging.  Overcoming negative thoughts, old belief systems, and dealing with any body-hate issues.  Usually, no-one ever taught us how to do this, so we need to learn to do this for our self.


Expressing Self Love

How often do we express love to ourselves?

(…And I don’t mean the occasional flowers, dinner out, or lazy bath time.)

I mean verbally, telling our body (and ourselves) how wonderful we are.  That kind of instantaneous, automatic type of adoration and praise, with which we are so quick to complement our Twin Flame.

Why aren’t we doing this for our self?


Remember to Love your Body

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I want to share a set of statements I wrote for those Twin Flames who may perhaps be struggling with body-love issues.

My hope is that these statements may help you to LOVE and respect your body more, regardless of how you THINK you look in the mirror..


Your Twin Flame will always love you and it is time for you to fully love yourself.























From me to you.  Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!

Much Love,

Kristina x


❤️ ❤️ ❤️ PS.  I love you My TF !  – Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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