Divine Timing Watches Twin Flame Journey

How to actively use Divine Timing to see more of your Twin Flame…

Frustrated by Divine Timing?

Did you know that you aren’t as powerless in your Twin Flame Journey as you might feel?

When you know how to, you actually can work in co-creation with Divine Timing, and use it to your advantage in your Twin Flame connection.

Lack of control over Divine Timing can be frustrating

As Twin Flames, we all too often can fall into the space of feeling a victim to Divine Timing.

We meet our Twins, and suddenly our life falls apart, and we lose control over our entire life.

Divine Timing is touted as the answer, yet our perceived lack of control can be dis-empowering and often leave us feeling hopeless and helpless.

As humans, we often forget that being part of a divine orchestrated process, is ALWAYS going to result in a much better outcome that what we could think of from our more limited level of consciousness.

Divine Timing isn’t the enemy

Today I’d like to share with you how you can use divine timing to your benefit.

There might be ‘SET’ times when your journey requires you to be apart from your Twin Flame. But, NEVER FORGET, that the universe is always conspiring to bring you and your Twin Flame together.

Ever been in the situation where when your Twin Flame walks into a room, the only spare seat that your Twin Flame can sit on, is the one beside you?  No matter how you or they might resist or want to be elsewhere – when you need to be together you will be.  Trust Divine timing – it always conspires to help.

How I have been able to work with and use Divine Timing in my Twin Flame connection

There are at least two occasions in my Twin Flame connection, where I have literally asked (and been successful in getting) Divine Timing to work in my favour.

I share them here, so you can learn to do the same.

EXAMPLE 1:  Asking Divine Timing for a ‘Do-Over’ after a missed meeting with my Twin.

My Twin and I worked for the same company.  On this particular day, I walked in the main office door and took one of two possible paths to get to my desk.  Caught up in my thoughts, I ignored my intuition (which said take the RIGHT path), and instead I took the LEFT.  As I arrived at my desk and turned around, I caught sight of my Twin’s back in the distance as he was walked towards the doorway I had just come through.  He was walking on the RIGHT path my intuition had suggested I take.  But because had I ignored my intuition and had walked LEFT, I had missed my chance to see and talk to my Twin…..   Aargh!!!!

Angry at myself for ignoring my intuition, I asked stubbornly requested the “powers that be” (Divine Timing) for a Do-Over.  I wanted to see my Twin!!  There had obviously been a plan for me to bump into my Twin (or I wouldn’t have had the intuitive thought about walking on the ‘Right’ path) so I asked (..OK, ‘seriously demanded’) for another chance.

Desperate to see and connect with him, I very quickly walked/sprinted to the other side of the floor where I could double-back and approach the main door from another angle.   When I got to main door, the foyer was empty, and all the lift doors were shut. I was certain I had missed my Twin.

Devastated, I paused to catch my breath, and much to my surprise a minute later, the main door opened and my Twin Flame and a colleague walked through. OMG!! Whilst I had been positive I had missed my Twin (I had had to travel 20 times the distance that he did) Divine Timing had delayed his exit out that doorway until I was in place!!!.

Needless to say, both of us were very happy to see each other.  We had a very short chat as he waited for the lift. I even got to give my Twin a quick much needed hug, that made his day (and mine) so much better.   Thank you Divine Timing! ❤ ❤ ❤

EXAMPLE 2:   Asking Divine Timing for more time with my Twin on a day when I had already seen him

My Twin and I both happened to be attending an interstate meeting for our company.   Attending the same meeting, we actually sat in the same room for 30 mins, but other than a quick hug &  a ‘Hi, How are you?‘, we hadn’t been able to talk. Work commitments had kept us in different places for at least three weeks, so I was desperate to just spend some time with him, and check how he was doing.

Later that day as I left the building to go to the airport, I tried to find my Twin, but I couldn’t.   So when I got to the airport, I sat in a cafe near the security check section in the hope I would see him walk past (Oh, so 3D of me).

Forty minutes later, after feeling very frustrated, I  remembered the powerful 5D connection that we share.  So, I simply declared to the “Powers that Be” (Divine Timing), that I would like to see more of my Twin Flame today and to please ‘make it happen’.

Note: By this time, I was very much in a mental state of surrender and acceptance – “if it is meant to happen it will”.

In this 5D mental space, I  realised that I didn’t need to purposefully position myself in a certain location (that is 3D manipulation) for it to happen, because divine timing can deliver the most amazing synchronicities.

Getting up, I left where I was and went up to my Airlines’ Loyalty Lounge.  My Twin Flame has greater airline status and would have been in the special ‘Executive Lounge’ area.  Still, I looked around the normal lounge area for him, just in case he was talking to someone.   About 5 steps past the doorway to Executive Lounge, another colleague stepped out on the way to catch his plane.  Spotting me, he asked,  ‘hey did, I want access to the Executive lounge as [Twin name] was there?’  Of course, I said Yes.  WooHoo!  Thank you Divine Timing, I was getting to see my Twin Flame after all.

My Twin was both surprised and delighted to see me.  We only had a 30 minutes semi-private chat, but it was so marvelous to see and talk at length for the first time in over 3 weeks. ❤ ❤ ❤



Happy Man Divine Timing

Why asking Diving Timing for assistance work for me!

In both these examples, I asked Divine Timing for help in getting to spend a bit more time with my Twin, and actually got a conversation with him, that I otherwise wouldn’t have got.

Why did it work?… and this is key to take note of!

These were days that had already been earmarked by Divine timing for my Twin Flame and I to meet or interact. I just managed to lengthen and improve the quality of those meetings.


How NOT to use Divine Timing

  • You can’t force Divine Timing you bring you and your Twin together before it is time for you to re-meet.
  • You also can’t use it to force something not good for yourself or your Twin.


How to use Divine Timing for yourself

  1. Next time you see your Twin Flame at distance, or don’t get the level of conversation or physical contact that you would like, ask your Divine Team for some more time with your Twin, and leave the exact details on how that happens up to them.
  2. Keep a journal of your Twin Flame Journey, and write down what happens.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised on how much the Universe and Divine Timing supports you on the path to Twin Flame union.

Wishing you all the Best !

Enjoy the extra time with your Twin …xoxo

PS. If you want to read more abut how Divine Timing has influenced my Twin Flame Connection, read here…..

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