Twin Flame Telepathy

Twin Flame Telepathy: Your Thoughts and Feelings, or your Twin Flames Feelings? (How to Tell!)


Twin Flame Telepathy is real folks.

It can often be hard to tell whether the current thoughts and feelings you’re having, are REALLY ‘Your’ thoughts and feelings. Or, your Twin Flame’s feelings.

Talk about proof of strong Twin Flame Telepathic communication, between you…!.

A quick personal story here..

“I nearly moved house, because my Twin Flame was planning to move.”

“That is how strongly I was hearing his thoughts and believing they were mine”.

It is only AFTER my Twin Flame had moved, and the huge urge to ‘move house’ stopped that I was able to put two and two together, and worked out that those feelings and ideas to move house, had been my Twin Flame’s, and not mine.

It is really, really important to know the difference.


Today’ I want to share some ways on how to tell whose thoughts are whose, given the Twin Flame Telepathy between Twin Flames.

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5 Twin Flame Telepathy Signs that the Thoughts or Feelings -> AREN’T Yours.


Here goes…..

1) The change in your thoughts or moods is VERY SUDDEN.

One minute you have an intention to do something and then the very next minute they completely change. It is almost like a sudden wave or change just flows over you.

2) The thoughts are VERY STRONG or OVERLY EMOTIONAL.

That wave of change, will be strong and emotional.  It may involve fears.   Think of a sudden hailstorm – fast, heavy, and intense.

3) The thoughts are very REPETITIVE.

The thoughts might be deep and very repetitive, as your Twin Flame thinks about something, again and again.

4) The thoughts are not your NORMAL kinds of thoughts.

You might ‘hear’ (or think) thoughts that are different to how you normally think.  It might be the actual words used or phraseology, but it feels different.

5) The thoughts and feelings are OUT OF ALIGNMENT with your present state.

It might be that you are thinking some thoughts you’ve previously had before, but they are now ‘out of content’.  There is no real current reason for those thoughts to be ‘popping-up’ now.


How to Capture Twin Flame Telepathic Communication – Thoughts and Feelings.

Our Twin Flame Telepathic Communication contains really important messages, so here is a great way to capture those thoughts.

A) One way to capture telepathy between Twin Flames is to write them down.

This is often called Journaling.

Personally, I like to use a pen and paper.  There is supposedly a link between the subconscious and writing things out by hand.  As messy my hand writing is, I can easily workout what my words are.

(However, when typing my thoughts out online where my PC has spell-check and highlights typing errors, I find it pulls me back into the mental space of my analytical mind, which I definitely don’t want at this time. So, if you can avoid online tools for this process, I recommend that you do so.) 

Handwriting also uses one side of the brain only, which allows you to get even deeper in your emotions.  I am right-handed, and often scribble my thoughts on a notepad with only one eye (left) open as well, to keep me in the process.

B) Let the thoughts (and potentially tears) flow

What do you write?

Well, you just let the thoughts and feelings flow.  And as you ‘hear’ the thoughts in your head, write them down.

  • Don’t react to or judge them, just write them down.
  • Don’t alter your spelling or change the words.
  • Just get your thoughts down on paper as it just flows.


C) Notice any physical reactions or sensations that come up as you write your thoughts and feelings.

Do you have heart palpitations or touches to your face (aka Twin Flame Telepathic Touch)?

I often find out that one side of my nose starts running like a tap, or a single eye starts dripping tears.  The different side of the body reacts to your female and masculine side.  For me, I resonate with the Divine Feminine (DF), so my left side ‘running’ indicates it is my thoughts.  The right nostril or side running indicates my Divine Masculine (DM) Twin Flame.


D) Practice makes identification of telepathy between Twin Flames easier.

Just follow and write down your train of thoughts as they come.  The more you do this, the easier it becomes to capture, analyze, and then realize whose thoughts they are.

Writing them down along with a date and time, will also give you a great reference point to check back against events and situations in your Twin Flame’s life, at a later time.


E)  De-ciphering whose thoughts you were experiencing.

After you’ve finished writing, review the phrases or ideas in the text you’ve written.

Is it something you would normally say or write?

This will help you identify instances of your telepathic communication with Twin Flame.

  • For example, as a non-drinker, I know that when I write about “romantic strolls hand in hand down a vineyard”, that these thoughts aren’t mine, but my Twin Flame’s.
  • In the same way, I know choosing dark chocolate is my Twin’s thoughts, since I prefer, milk chocolate instead.
  • For any non-same sex Twin Flame Couples out there, if you are writing about love and loss, do your pronouns change? For example, as the female if I start writing and my pronouns change from ‘longing for HIM’ to ‘longing for HER’, then I know my Twin Flame’s feelings and ideas are coming through… So COOL! Huh! 😊


Hindsight is the often best way to identify the owner of the thought

Have you done all of the above, but still not sure whose feeling are whose?  Don’t worry, it can take a while to get a hang of this.  And by a while, I mean months to perhaps even years…  (refer to point 4. Practice make this easier)

Hindsight really helps you, recognize telepathy between Twin Flames as you are no longer under the current ‘spell’ of those Twin Flame feelings or thoughts.

Happy Man Divine Timing

Q. Were they very intense?  Short-lived intense feelings, such as sudden sadness, often come from your Twin Flame.

The intensity of the thoughts are what makes them easily transferable via Twin Flame Telepathy.

Ever had your Twin Flame seriously worry about something, such as test results, visa approval or other important things like that, and you will know what I mean.

I’ve had many anxious days of pacing the floor without knowing out why, only to discover later that my Twin had been soooooo worried about something, that I was ‘sharing’ in his anxiety.  (So nice of me… 😊)  They do say ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’.

Be patient with yourself.  It takes time to identify, and again it might only be in hindsight when you have learnt more about what your Twin Flame was experiencing that that time, that you work out things out.


We’ve spoken about hearing or thinking your Twin Flame’s thoughts or feelings, but what about sharing your Twin Flame’s habits?

What about habits?  Are they yours or your Twin Flames?

Twin Flame Telepathy is not just related to thoughts, feelings, or hearing songs (aka Twin Flame Song Telepathy).

Have you ever considered that some of the tasks you do, or things you purchase, may actually have prompted by your Twin Flame’s habits, or desires, and not your own?.    (Another HUGE Twin Flame Telepathy sign!!)

As an example, a couple of months ago I started regularly buying sushi for lunch.  Now, I am not a big sushi fan.  As I don’t like raw fish, tuna or salmon, I’ve been buying the vegetarian types such as avocado or cucumber rolls. So, my ongoing desire (and pull) to purchase sushi so frequently was really weird for me. Until I worked it out.

I remembered how much my Twin Flame loves Tuna and Salmon Sushi Rolls (I used to buy these for his lunch ages ago).  Talk about True Twin Flame merging.

Talk about another example of how we truly are One Soul in Two Bodies.

In turn, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if my Twin Flame’s chocolate intake has increased… ha ha!


Thoughts and Feelings still got you confused?  Ask your body.

Still confused over whose thoughts are whose?  Yours or your Twin Flame feelings?

Ask your body to confirm whose thoughts they were.

If you aren’t 100% sure whose thoughts are whose, and you need to know, you can muscle test your body (as in Kinesiology) or use a pendulum to find out.

Some questions you might like to ask yourself are:

  • Was this thought of [xyz] coming from [insert Twin Flame’s name]?
  • Did this thought of [xyz] come from me?


Hope this information helps?

Enjoy your Twin Flame Telepathic Connection!


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Thanks so much for listening. Until next time.

Much love,


Kristina x

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