Still in Twin Flame Separation Pain?  Lets re-think

We all hate being separated from our Twin Flame.  But, if you and your Twin Flame have been apart for a while and are still experiencing Twin Flame Separation pain, then it might be the time to challenge your mindset around Twin Flame Separation.


Twin Flame Separation is about Healing YOU!

Are you aware that Twin Flame Separation is a time of personal healing?

It is a time to focus on YOU.  NOT your Twin Flame….. and definitely NOT on what you feel you might be missing out on!

I won’t lie.  It takes a *LOT* of Twin Flame Work and Self-Healing to get to this point.  But, believe it or not, you can actually enjoy Twin Flame Separation (and ease Twin Flame Separation Pain) when you decide to view it more positively.


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Twin Flame Separation is only a temporary ‘Stage’.  Not a Forever

Always remember that the Twin Flame Journey is a process, and it is the *TRANSFORMATION* that happens to you, as part of this Twin Flame Process that is the most important thing… not your desired final destination.

As you:

  1. Do the Twin Flame Work
  2. Learn to Love Yourself more
  3. Surrender and go with the Flow
  4. Let go of control and trying to ‘enforce’ situations
  5. Stop being overly attached to HOW things ‘MUST’ (in your mind) occur
  6. Stay a space of ‘Unconditional Love’ towards your Twin Flame (& yourself) ie. not criticizing or judging:

You will find a sense of PEACE descends upon you.


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Move towards feeling connected

Like the Flowers, Trees, Birds, Butterflies and Bees, you will relish being outside in nature and enjoy absorbing the all-encompassing warming feeling of the SUN, and the sense of ‘Connectedness to All’ that being out in nature provides.

As Abraham and Esther Hicks say you will be ‘Tuned in, Tapped in, Turned on’.

A Leo Astrological Sun Sign myself, I’ve always equated the SUN, as a beautiful representation of LOVE SOURCE ENERGY. Emitting, enveloping, and energizing everyone and everything, that its magnificent light and warmth touches.



Feel your Twin Flames’ Energy, even when you aren’t physically with them

Twin Flame Separation can be tough and even physically painful when you want nothing more than to be with your Twin Flame.

Nevertheless , KNOW – ABSOLUTELY KNOW – that you are extremely loved.

  • Whilst outside, feel nature embrace you.
  • Feel the 5D love of your Twin Flame, and more importantly feel the Love you have for yourself and humanity.

Time with your Twin Flame is always amazing.  However, just being with yourself and enjoying each moment, is just as good.

This ‘time-out’ or ‘time-away’ is simply you getting prepared for the next step together with your Twin Flame.


Feel into the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new…

Twin Flames always have an unbreakable spiritual and energetic connection to each other.  You can never really be separated.

When you can get to the level of feeling ‘ONENESS with all that exists outside of you’, know that your own healing (and ultimately Twin Flame Separation) is nearly done. 🙂


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Chin up, put a huge smile on your face.   😊 Life is good and only going to get BETTER!



Much love to you and your Twin Flame.


Kristina. x

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