Time to Shine

Twin Flames: Time to Shine – April / May 2020

Dear Twin Flames,

As I write this post in early May 2020, it is a time when many countries are in lockdown or shutdown.  This is a time when our trust and belief in ‘divine timing’, and our faith in ‘things beyond what we can physically see’, needs to come forth.  Many twins have been hearing the words, ‘it is time’ but not necessarily understood what that mean.  For some, it is a wonderous time to unite with your Twin Flame.  For many of us, it is a time for Twin Flames (being lightworkers) to turn up our light and shine.

For me, the last 3 years has very much felt like a resting and healing stage to get ready for a important future event that hadn’t happened yet.  Well, in May 2020 it feels like ‘that’ time is now!

Many of you have possibly heard of ‘The Event’, this wonderous ‘flash of light’ that supposedly improves our world for the better.  Well, believe it or not, even though it doesn’t look like what we were expecting, we are in that timeframe now.

Many have thought that the ‘The Event’ would be a single flash.  But, it is instead a multi-year process of illumination and Twin Flames are here to play an important role in spreading the light and helping to transmute the fear that is arising at this time.

Rebalancing: DFs getting more enmeshed in 3D whilst DMs become less 3D focused

Seeking Balance 3D and 5D into GaiaIf you’ve listened carefully to the Twin Flame blogs and teachers over the last 6 months, you would have noticed some changes.  Some DF Twins have returned to old 3D careers, whilst some DM Twins are leaving their 3D careers behind and embracing more of their spiritual side.  It is a bit like Twins have switched 3D and 5D roles.

In actuality, both Twins are working hard to balance both divine masculine and divine feminine energies within themselves and the world.  Just as a pendulum swings widely to one side, then slowly swings slightly less to the other side, before it stops in the middle.

This too is how Twin Flames need to balance their 5D spiritual/feminine and their 3D practical masculine side, to create a new balance and grounded foundation for themselves in the world at this time.   So if you feel you’ve been thrown into the deep-end into something that doesn’t feel good, don’t panic. It is just a time of re-balance.

As lights go on, you see what we previously hidden in the dark.

The Twin Flame community might feel a little weird at this time.  Don’t panic if some Twins Flames you have been following might suddenly seem to be focusing more on the ‘dark’.  In truth they are just focusing their light specifically in a dark corner, so that can be illuminated.  Their messages currently aren’t tailored to you, you are already past this stage.  They are now focusing on the newly awakening broader public instead.

Don’t react in fear. Your path as a Twin Flame isn’t wrong.  These Twin Flame ‘teachers’ are simply showing what is wrong in society so it can be fixed.  The saying, ‘Darkest before the dawn’ comes to mind. When the light of the morning slowly comes and lights up the sky, we no longer need to be afraid of the shadows in the room.

Stick with your gut and listen to those people who still resonate with you instead.

If you haven’t already, it is also time for you as a Twin Flame, to shine!.


‘Corona’ = Illumination

Corona around planetDid you know that the word ‘corona’ doesn’t only refer to the crown, but it also refers to the concentric circles of light seen around a luminous body, such as the sun or moon.

These days in 2020 are a time of illumination; the world is waking up.  And as the veil lifts and other people start to go through the same spiritual awaking that we, Twin Flames, have been going though, we need to be there to support them.

We are now being called:

  • To be compassionate
  • To be loving
  • To hold the frequencies stable
  • And, help millions of realize they aren’t crazy.


As I always say, ‘We’ve got this’.


Keep smiling and spreading love.     So much good will come out of these times.

Twin Flame it is time for you to shine.

Help Illuminate what needs to be changed!


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