Attract your Twin Flame

Why you can’t attract your Twin Flame !

I get annoyed when I see people promoting videos, meditations, and webinars on ‘How to Attract your Twin Flame’.

I am a true Twin Flame who knows and has spent quality time together with my Twin.  I know without a shadow of a doubt, that meeting your Twin Flame only happens when time is right, and all the necessary components are lined up correctly.  This is often referred to as Divine Timing.

Divine Timing and Twin Flames

Back when I was 23 and unsuccessful in my quest to find my live-long partner, I was frustrated at the Universe and God.   I kept wondering ‘Where was my Man’? Everywhere around me, people were pairing off, but my ideal mate was nowhere in sight.

Little did I know, but my Twin Flame was a 12 year old... yep, there is an 11 year time difference between myself and my Twin.  He was also living on the other side of the world. Hence, there needed to be a wait in my journey to allow him to grow-up to adulthood.

This is why you can’t ‘manually’ or ‘forcefully’ attract your Twin Flame.

Regardless of how badly I wanted my ‘forever partner’, no amount of Twin Flame Attraction Videos or meditations was going to ‘speed-up’ our Twin Flame Journey.

If you are a Twin Flame (and I didn’t consciously know until after a spending a significant amount of time and some magical mystical occurrences), meeting your Twin will happen when it was supposed to.

The Universe is far, far, better at coordinating things that we could ever be.  Thank Goodness !

Twin Flames go through a reuniting process over a period of time: a series of meetings, time together, and then often time apart. It isn’t like you met someone in a bar, instantly take them home for the night, and then a week later move in together.  The Twin Flame process takes time.

When I was 38 I got to see my Twin (at a distance) for the first time.  It wasn’t until 3 years later that we were introduced and said ‘Hi’.  Our first conversation together wasn’t until yet another 3 years later, when believe it or not, my Twin was now living my country and called me directly one night on my cell phone.

The rest as they say is history.   It is also an example of how Divine Timing can move mountains when the time is right for you and your Twin to get together.

Trying to find your Twin Flame?

What can you do if your Twin Flame hasn’t arrived yet?

Firstly, try and concentrate on yourself, what makes you happy, and enjoy your life full out.  Meeting our Twin happens when we least expect it.

Secondly, stay in a high vibration place.   This way when the Universe is ready to bring you your Twin, you are in a lovely balanced, open, and receptive place. Ready to receive all the love your Twin Flame can send your way.

Hang in there! xx

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